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by Fakhar Abbas 4 months ago in humanity
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Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Today, man has fallen into the depths of moral degradation. Today's man is becoming a threat to humanity. The only goal of today's man is personal interest. He has become completely deaf to humanity. Today, humanity is in danger at the hands of this man.

I have always had a dream that is still just a dream that seems to have very little chance of coming true, but I still pray every day for that dream to come true. I am trying to rekindle this dying flame of humanity on my own.

I see a dream and what I see in my dream is that the rotten wall of caste, color, race, state, nationality has fallen from the world. From East to West and North to South the only thing which is shining is the Sun of humanity, with the light of which everything is illuminated. There is a calm and peaceful atmosphere among people. I see that the borders between the Asia, Europe, Africa and America have vanished. I see that a black man has become attached to a white man with a human relationship.

As my dream deepens, what I see is that all evil has been removed from this world, the people killed in World War I and II have returned to the world, their children, their wives are welcoming them. All the people who have been swallowed up by the fires of war are coming back on beautiful rides, among them are the dead soldiers of Japan and the dead civilians of Great Britain, among them are Germans, Italians, Americans, all coming together, acting like brothers estranged for years reunited.

I dream that weapons have disappeared from the world, the arsenals have been replaced by factories to save humanity from starvation, the atomic bomb has been replaced by the atom, and it is being reformed only for the welfare of humanity. All conflicts have ended, the world has turned into a cradle of peace.

A Human World Government has been established in the whole world. It is a human government in which only humanity has priority, whose only center and axis is the welfare of human beings. Free from discrimination, it is a government in which a black man lives in a white man's house, in which the distinction of race and color has disappeared, and man has become attached only to the relation of man to man.

I dream that every human being is free and breathing in a free atmosphere, no one is forcing him to adopt any particular religion or creed, man is enjoying his freedom and no other human being is forcing him. Not criticizing him based on his theory.

I see that in this world, the respect of women and the men are seen on the basis of equality, in this the woman is also as respectable as a man, and no one's rights are being denied in this society. There is no ruler and no enslaved, no rich and no poor everyone is enjoying the equal status of life.

I see that children are going to their schools, only one education is being imparted in these institutions and that is education to serve humanity. Instead of passing out doctors and engineers, they are creating human beings and those human beings later become professionals in different fields of life just to serve the humanity. There is only one compulsory education in these institutes and that is humanity.

I see that everywhere there is peace and harmony, everywhere there is harmony and brotherhood, everywhere there is prosperity and progress, humans and humans are everywhere, and human beings are also those in whom humanity has taken the place of the heart. I see that every human being is busy in helping other humans. The capitalist system has ended in the world and the difference between the rich and the poor has ended. Every person who earns is devoting it to others. I think this world has converted to heaven.

When my eyes open, I am shocked that this is still the same world with wars and conflicts, this is the same world with the same conflicts of colors and races, and this is the same world with the differences of country and nation. This is the same world in which the oppressor is the ruler and the oppressed is subjugated, in which the poor are being exploited by the rich, in which killings are going on in the name of color, caste and religion. This is the same world where thousands of people are dying every day because of hunger. This is the same world where women are raped. This is the same world where men are killed in wars and children are abused.

I am very disappointed to see this and think that I wish I had not woken up from this dream and if I had, then this world would have turned into my dream world. So I pray to God to either take this dream away from me or change this world to my dream world.

I think that it is better to change this world into paradise than to ask for heaven, with your actions, with humanity, with love, with sacrifice, with compassion and kindness. And I have been waiting for a long time for interpretation of this beautiful dream. May God give it an interpretation.


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Fakhar Abbas

"Thoughts can't be shown but written."

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  • Zafar Abbas3 months ago

    Such beautiful writing this is. I appreciate your talent. 🙌

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