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by Fakhar Abbas 2 months ago in humanity
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“No moral value is greater than humanity.” Kurt Vonnegut

Humanity is a feeling that keeps a person connected to a person. If this feeling is lost, then the society, the nation, the empire will be destroyed. Humanity means a human must be respected without any distinction of religion, nationality, colour and country. In the eyes of humanity, every person in the world is respectable because he is a human being.

“No moral value is greater than humanity.”

Kurt Vonnegut

Humanity has also been taught in the world of religions. If it is said that the humanity is a common heritage of all the humans in the world, then it will not be wrong in any way. The secret behind the development and progress of nations is mutual respect and this is the most distinctive feather in the cap of that nation. Many nations and societies in the world have become enviable only because they respect only the golden principles of humanity.

Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and all other religions of the world have taught humanity. If there is anything that creates a difference between humans and animals, it is only respect for humanity. All religions teach humanity, but despite this, humanity is lacking in the world. It is the human who is oppressing other human beings. Man is the oppressor and man is oppressed, man is the ruler and man is subjugated, man is the friend of man and this is the enemy. They are afflicted with sufferings and it is man who cures these sufferings.

If we talk about the beginning of man, when he was living in the forests, then he felt the need that he could not live in that conditions of life, he felt the need and help of other people in carrying out the affairs of his life which played an important role in the development of a society and feelings of love respect and affection for their fellow human beings. But nature has innately placed a spirit of humanity in man, in its respect for humanity is naturally inherent. The feelings of love and respect were further promoted, which strengthened the humanity. The society started giving more respect and status to those people who will have more feelings of love and compassion for humanity and other human beings.

If we look around, it will not be difficult to understand that humanity today is not the perfection it should be. In our society, human rights violations, murder, adultery and character assassination are common even a man does not avoid taking the lives of other human beings. Human society has become a victim of religious, political and social division and a society is not ready to recognize the people of another society as human beings, it considers everyone except itself to be astray from the straight path and also accepts the right to take its life. Leaders of different religions and nations have an important role in the promotion of this inhumane thought. They are sowing the seeds of such hatred that this fire is enveloping the whole world. The whole world is suffering from insecurity, terrorism, hatred, selfishness and child abuse, rape, and domestic violence and these have be common in our society.

“World belongs to humanity, not this leader, that leader or that king or prince or religious leader. World belongs to humanity.”


Today, the whole world is in a state of war, one nation is on the claim of subjugating another nation, one country considers another country as a threat to itself and it does not hesitate to kill thousands of millions of people of this country. The world has seen great wars, in which millions and millions of people have lost their lives, but nothing could be achieved. Despite all this, we are still walking on the same path, we have not learned any lesson from this humiliation of humanity.

We are still on the verge of taking the lives of other human beings with the force of guns. Even today the world is being thrown into the fire of wars. A powerful country is attacking another country for its nefarious motives and destroying it. Humanity is sleeping in a dark room. From Asia to Europe, Europe to America and America to Africa the whole world is burning in the fire of wars and hate.

If we want to establish peace in this world, humanity is the gateway by which this world can regain its lost peace and tranquility. If the human rights are kept in mind, once again the atmosphere of peace can be established in the whole world.

There is an urgent need for the development of respect for humanity, religion and nationality. There is a need for moral and social reform of human beings that will enable them to consider it their duty to respect other human beings.

“The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane.”

Mahatma Gandhi

It is only humanity, due to which the discrimination of color, caste, country, nation and religion can be eliminated. Humanism is the only ideology that can gather all the people in the world at one point and make this world the cradle of peace.


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