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A Dog's Heartsong

The Dog; no nobler being

By David Louis StanleyPublished 6 months ago 13 min read
Lucy and Millie

A Dog’s Heartsong

1. share Love Golden Pure.

My brother died on Friday; calm, serene;

a fine man, gone too soon, I miss him still.

His dog lay near his feet, a perfect scene.

Her presence brought a calm, and always will.

My father died on Monday; proud upright;

he said good-bye, his rules in full effect.

Yet, he too bowed, to dimming of the light,

I loved him so, my heart ‘ere long be wrecked.

Our puppy died on Sunday; perky, quaint,

fierce brave true. Floppy ears, a paddlefoot;

we held her and we cried, a mournful plaint.

Rend apart your heart, share love golden pure.

It tears at your soul, doth the love endure.

2. no Nobler Being

The dog; no nobler being breathes extent.

Who else so full of love and courage raw?

Doth need more proof of sapient ascent;

the moment dog reached out with canine paw?

Lick your face when your visage is dirty?

Hearken when the world is dark and bleak?

Snuggle when you’re not so snuggle-worthy,

and fain yip in joy, a kiss upon one’s cheek?

Who else wouldst be such a fine companion?

Always game to frolic; to chase a ball?

Chase their tail with such complete abandon,

and with their dying breath, still come to call?

My goal in life is simple and it’s free,

to be the soul my dog thinks me to be.

3. the Gift of Melancholy

The gift of melancholy has my dog

‘ere, she’s a fine companion of the night.

She knows that dark and silence are not fog.

It’s when one sits, and contemplates one’s plight.

Her eyes, mirror many years of wisdom,

her pale eyes, echo Buddha’s lotus pearl.

Her blue eyes, glow with many years of calm,

her soft eyes, grasp the knowledge of the world.

Her head rests, nestled ‘side mine in the gloom.

I share my heart, she listens and she knows,

in unsaid conversation ideas bloom,

from each, a vast unspoken kinship grows.

I sit zazen and stare into her eyes.

Our minds unite, yet only I will cry.

4. underfoot

My dog is found, quite often, underfoot.

She’s taught me I must always take a look,

before I take a step, reach ‘round to put

bits leftover into our pantry’s nook.

She’s my ever-helpful kitchen buddy;

dart-quick to pick up scraps upon the floor.

She nuzzles ‘gainst my legs, always cuddly,

I stop and scritch the head that I adore.

When I forget to look, I’ve learned to leap

o’er the back of my dearest fuzzy friend.

I hop, then curse and laugh, and I will weep

when my old Lucy moves to her blessed end.

Our pets’ lives, they are doled out in mere spoons,

as if born first light; then gone by first moon.

5. forever in Dog’s Debt

A lamb fresh born, nestles in shepherd’s arms;

arm cradles neck, the other ‘neath the tail.

She will not let the lambkin come to harm.

For lo, these weeks, faint lamb will thus be frail.

My pup, my Lucy, is borne the same way

each eve as we ascend the stairs to sleep,

Scale gently as we end the fray of day

and lie abed, we wait for Hypnos’ sweep.

She’s warm, curled snug against my back’s faint curve.

Her legs run, within the verge: dog world dream.

She snorts, snuffles, chasing nocturne squirrels.

I pat her heaving ribs; how real it seems.

My eyes, they soften, lest thee I forget,

so short our time, forever in our dogs’ debt.

6. a Love so Pure

No love so pure has ere left human hearts

as love that takes root deep within our pets.

For nothing canst e’er pull us apart

from those creatures, we shall not forget.

Our pups from childhood still live within;

they dwell, yet be long past these forty years.

You’ll ne’er forget your puppy’s grin

or how your dog wouldst pine to scritch her ears.

Shakespeare doth not wrote of love so pure

that comes ‘tween all good people and their pets.

Unrequited, yet no one seeks a cure;

a rare love, with feelings bold; no regrets.

Our pets, they hold our hearts for evermore;

‘til our souls, too, wash up on heaven’s shores.

7. live Large Within our Hearts

“Always, shalt thou live large within my heart,”

said I to my dog yester evening.

Strong bonds, they doth bind us, ne’er will we part,

I thus promised to her, faith believe me.

At night, she nestles firm against my spine.

Her legs, swift a’twitching as doth she dream.

Fain, I wish I could ease into her mind,

A moment, please, why do my dog’s eyes gleam?

Pets are with us only for one hour,

their lives flash by our own as blows the wind.

That is why their love is a rich flower,

bursts bright as stars, and then, their light is dimmed.

In paws of fur, our pups cling to our souls.

And in so doing, our pets make us whole.

8. she is Old.

My dog wet the bed last night. She is old.

Hips are sore, her back twisted, she is old.

Lucy snuggles firm ‘gainst my back, she’s cold.

She’s nestled there for 16 years, all told.

The urine smell, ‘twas quick to fill the air.

A warm, damp, acrid pool wet down the spread.

My Lucy, more than friend, I did not care.

Not moment one did I wish she’d flee the bed.

You’re always safe when you’re within my arms.

A warm, wet nose snug in my elbow’s crook.

You comfort me, ne’er will you come to harm.

Wide eyes, my heart swells upon your look.

I know you won’t be with me for ‘ere long.

That’s why, in our short life, you do no wrong.

9. I Sob with Joy

We walk so slowly now, my dog and me.

We pick our steps; a fragile, eggshell tread.

Blink! a bolt of lightning, the years doth flee.

“Hey, wait for me!” leash flying, I oft said.

Where once she thundered on, dirt clods flying,

now she trots and teeters, with frequent pause.

Where once glued to my hip, her faith undying,

now she sits and watches: Why? Just because.

She needs my help to clamber ‘bout the stairs.

I hold her in my arms, gently. Tightly.

For fifteen years, she’s tended to my cares.

Deep asleep, she snores, it happens nightly.

One morning soon, she’ll not wake beside me.

I’ll sob with joy at life shared, so lovely.

10. a Dog’s Heartsong

Our dog patrolled her yard for one last time.

In vain, she tried to chase the birds away.

For years, a robust, canine gait sublime,

is now a stumbling frail at close of day.

We held her close and said one more good-bye.

No bad will happen when you’re in our arms.

She shivered, then went limp. We closed her eyes.

Now, our dog will nae ever come to harm.

Her coat was damp with our fresh-fallen tears.

We held her near for minutes lasting days.

One last time, we scritched fuzzy, well-loved ears,

kissed her; and sent her off through teary haze.

The souls of dogs are righteous; pure and strong.

Your soul be healed; please heed your dog’s heartsong.

11. epitaph

A dismal calm now drapes o’er my abode;

ill-fitting, and in need of much repair.

Where once our Lucy’s love doth overflow,

home now resounds with echoes of despair.

Our pets live lives in concert with our hearts.

Their gift? To love with all their might.

Our pets’ love trots unfettered from the start,

flames a’gleam as a torchlight burning bright.

They fill our hearts with endless love and bliss.

Who amongst doth claim value of such care?

They ask upon return the smallest kiss,

perhaps a minute in your favorite chair.

Pets make us better e’er than we can be.

In our pets’ eyes, our virtues can be seen.

12. where is The Other Dog?

“Where is the other dog who once lived here?”

my Millie asked of me the other day.

“she was much kind, and always of good cheer.

I sense she’s gone; she never would’ve strayed.”

“The other dog, she taught me how to dog:

to chase and romp and dig under the snow.

From her I learned one ought not lick the frogs

and all those other things dogs ought to know.”

I held wee Millie’s head between my palms,

to explain that all living things must pass.

But to Millie, no talk of death could calm,

“She was my friend, dog friendship’s nae surpassed.”

“Could I return Lucy to the living?”

Life, My Millie, is ne’er so forgiving.

13. a Bark

There was a bark, I looked down at the floor.

It was Millie, her dog-eyes looked at me.

“How are things?” she asked, “in your human world?”

“You seem tense, getting tenser by degrees.”

How much I wish, Mill, that I was a dog.

A canine life would make my life complete.

No nonsense sucks you down into the bog,

How I envy you, you who have four feet.

“No doubt, a dog’s life looks all well and good.

Yet, much depends on humans where we dwell.

Now you, you love a dog as people should.

For many other dogs, it’s living hell.

For dogs, our lives are brief, one aim in mind;

to show our humans what is meant by kind.

14. a Love Ne’er so Pure

Is there anything like a puppy kiss?

What’s sweeter than when your pup blinks your way?

A doggy wriggle in your lap’s total bliss.

Your pup’s pawing at your feet makes your day.

Your dog standing on your chest is their delight

at having someone in their life who is just right.

Why else would they bring you the odd dead mouse,

a sign that no one else matters in their house.

No one’s so glad to see you as your dog.

It’s a love that ne’er will be found so pure.

A blinding bright love, to cut through any fog,

a love that strong, a love ‘tis utterly secure .

A house is not a home without a pet.

Our small friends; we are ever in their debt

15. the Years in Dog

How do we count the years in dog? Fifteen.

Five thousand. Four hundred. Seventy-five.

Those number all the days from which we glean

the kindness of dog’s hearts whilst they’re alive.

Perhaps that’s why the dog’s heart overflows?

Abiding deep devotion for our touch,

pups will overlook our flaws, I suppose,

and that is why we love our dogs so much.

Rare human worthy of such reverence,

“You are my biggest world’ says your pup’s eyes.

Might you look inside and see evidence

that your wise dog has judged your soul to rise?

Seek out the crannies of your heart just your dog knows

for those places are the moments where your spirit glows.

16. I Smelled my Dog

Last night, I smelled my dog in bed with me.

This could not be, she’s been gone for a month.

But still, I swear I smelled her four wet feet,

the kibble and the scraps she ate for lunch.

Her scattered fur still floats above my bed,

it floats and puffs as a dandelion strewn.

In sun’s glare, her fluff surrounds my head,

at night, her tufts soar on, circling the moon.

As a madeleine drew Proust back in time,

again her doggy scent doth make her real.

Whence ‘ere we cuddled tight, our hearts wouldst chime,

once more, her breath is all I want to feel.

A life with such a pup is Avalon;

a pathway short, one glad I traveled on.

17. the Empty Crate

The empty crate that sits beside my chair;

the spot where once my dog laid down to sleep,

is now a place whence sometimes I might stare,

and find my pup alive, and my heart leaps.

A steadfast pup, and faithful to her core.

A trusted friend, e’re glad to see my face.

Her eyes, they said, “Je t'aime, je t'adore.”

Always, she filled my heart with gentle grace.

Her crate sits empty, and her bed as well.

She’s gone now, and will be forevermore.

I stare in grief, my eyes begin to well.

I call brava, and wish for an encore.

All lives must end. Our dogs are gone too fast.

Their hearts immense, the love they hold is vast.

18. the Love of Dogs

One month ago today, my dog passed on.

I miss her still; I’ll miss her all my days.

In time, I will accept that she is gone,

I gaze out, clouded by grief’s gauzy haze.

I see her spot upon the couch, I cry.

I see her spot upon the hearth, I weep.

I see her spot upon the rug, I sigh.

I see her spot upon the bed, and sleep.

The love of dogs is pure as spirits high,

a lustrous glow unmatched by human soul.

That is why I canst ever say good-bye;

my dog’s heart is more worthy than my gold.

Our pups are with us just a short sweet time.

And that is why, each day of theirs? Sublime.

19. they Hold Us Closer.

Our pups, we hold them close, they hold us closer.

We are their world, we’re all they’ll ever know.

In truth, we are their life’s composer,

and that is why, their hearts on us bestowed.

They walk beside our hip, they glow with pride.

This person here, dogs say, this person’s mine.

They rub my head, I sleep at their bedside,

No other dog’s so lucky, not one canine.

Is there another dog that plays so well?

That chases after balls with so much glee?

There is no better home for dogs to dwell,

no better place for dogs to ever be.

Dogs give their hearts and trust so intensely.

Humans, we should learn from them immensely.

20. Lucy, for One More Day

Please send my Lucy back for just one day.

An extraordinary friend, kind and fair.

She led the life we all wouldst fain portray;

a life of joy and warmth for all to share.

Her visits to the aged made them grin.

She bounced around the room as if a tot.

Luce reminded them; joy was found within,

it comes not in a box, nor something bought.

I miss her; with longing, desperate heart.

We shared as one, an essence, none so pure.

She stitched me up, when e’er I came apart,

our bond eterne, no link could be so sure.

I oft ask: How did I become so blest;

a dog like Lucy made our home her nest?

21. the Dog’s Fine Soul

When your lover leaves your life forever,

guts spilt upon the pillow, chest torn apart.

Who else can nestle ‘gainst you whenever,

as you take time to heal your shattered heart.

Within a dog’s fine soul, they must stay true

Your dog will ne’er desert you when you’re crushed.

Dogs see far deep within, past eyes of blue,

and snuggle tight against you when you’re hushed.

Friends listen well with sympathetic ears,

yet dogs will always let your pneuma soar.

No human soul will ever feel so near,

within a canine heart, your faith restored.

No love is bigger than a good dog’s heart;

No act can tear such sacred love apart.


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Thinker of thoughts who gets stuff done.

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Three books in print.

Never miss a chance to do good.

I write sonnets.

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