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A Creative Heart

by Dani Banani 14 days ago in love

How I share my love with unique dedication

A Creative Heart
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Brainpower has always been the most important type of power to me. Knowledge is everything to me (I'm a Ravenclaw) and finding ways to expand on my perspectives and understandings of the world as I know it is a peaceful passion I practice daily. It helps fulfill my need to gain more understanding, especially when it comes to humanity itself. When my emotions react in a way I cannot immediately understand, I review situations and compare them from different angles. If someone is hurting, I push myself into how everything they are experiencing must feel for them, and I validate their feelings through compassionate summaries of what they have shared with me. I would call it my most creative activity because each person I come across who I choose to help is an entirely different personality; I spend time learning that personality so I understand how to approach it and achieve results. I have harbored a passion for communication for the majority of my life; it always felt like an understanding worth having, as I learned early on that words and delivery were vital to effective discussions. Words are our most powerful type of magic to use, and I always did want to be a witch.

Essentially speaking, spreading love is my creative activity. My passion that disconnects me from the hate in this world is the love I can put back into it.


As nearly all of us can relate on, I have felt emotions I never care to experience again, and I chose to make it my mission to eliminate that experience for as many people as I can. Where I could not eliminate an emotion, I tried to give an understanding space to allow people's feelings to be felt without remorse. I believe humans are allowed to feel what they need to feel before they can move on, and my goal is to achieve that for them in the safest way possible. It makes me feel good inside, and the help I can provide is what I love most. I do not do this for bragging purposes, nor do I discuss personal incidents that I have helped with. I have no interest in going into this type of field professionally. It is just something small that makes my day feel like it moves along with more positivity.

Imagine the change in my world when my daughter was diagnosed as autistic with cognitive and speech delays. Life has to change when your child is diagnosed with different needs than the rest of her family, and accommodations had to be made. There was a sudden flurry of appointments, therapists, evaluations, questionnaires, paperwork, and so on. A lot of people were put on hold while the focus of my daughter's success became the priority.

Beginning a structured routine was vital to her progress, and it became quite the stress reliever for the family when my daughter was used to specific events at specific times. As we grew together with her diagnosis, I was happy to discover my own comfort in our routine, and I found myself utilizing my creative skills in helping people to help my daughter more effectively. Spreading love, creating comfort, and providing an accepting environment were passionate concepts to me, even more so for a child I birthed. Thus, my daughter's diagnosis furthered my ability to help others because of how much effort and education was vital to creating the comfort zone she needed and learning how I could change my own lifestyle to fit that. I had spent my life helping neurotypical individuals, but her presence in my life expanded my grasp of humanity, providing the right kind of education I needed to be at my best.


My daughter has spent her short little life teaching me where to put my emotions and where they are ineffective (reminding me what is important and what can wait), with a carefree spirit and less interest in things others would spend too much time worrying about. In return, I further my passion of helping by learning from her while providing her with the safe comfort zone she deserves in a difficult world we face. We work as a team, we overcome obstacles together, and I get to share with the world what I learn from her so more autistic and neurotypical people can coexist without discomfort or misunderstandings.

That's not to say it's the perfect form of peace. The work we put in to succeed can be devastatingly draining, and the life we live is nowhere near perfect. I am not at peace as often as I wish I were. However, peace cannot be appreciated unless we experience the balance of the more difficult moments. The greatest thing I can put my effort, critical thinking, compassion, and time into can have flaws because that will never take away from how much it means to me to live a life like this.


The best thing is, there is never a moment you stop learning, and I am guaranteed to have access to my brainpower and perspective passions for the rest of my life.

I also love to write as a peaceful activity, and sometimes my articles or stories end up being so frustrating I end up considering throwing my Chromebook. Skyrim is my favorite X-Box One game, but I can tell you of at least seventeen times that my controller's life nearly ended in irritation with the game (but to be fair, those games are so unfair sometimes.) Flaws exist in everything, but that doesn't make them any less peaceful, and dedicating my creativity to something like sharing love and acceptance is my favorite type of flawed enjoyment. It costs nothing, and it feels pretty awesome.

I love to love, and that is my favorite thing to do.

Dani Banani
Dani Banani
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Dani Banani

I write through the passion I have for how much the world around me inspires me, and I create so the world inside me can be manifested.

Mom of 4, Birth Mom of 1, LGBTQIA+, I <3 Love.

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