5 Things Women Can Do to Keep Their Men Interested Long Term

It is difficult just getting past the 1st date these days but how do you keep your partner wanting a lasting relationship with you?

5 Things Women Can Do to Keep Their Men Interested Long Term

Why do some women seem to have great experiences with men while others are constantly back out in the dating pool once again?

Learn from your past experiences and take the messages to heart:

  • What didn’t work?
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • Did you ignore your gut and not listen to those red flags that were waving away in front of you?

It is very important that you “own” the truth as to why something didn’t work out for you; and that goes for all aspects of your life. Being honest with your self is the biggest stepping stone to real happiness and longevity in a partnership.

If you seem to be in a repetitive stuck pattern with men that don’t seem to work out, try these 5 steps below to help keep your next partnership in a strong place.

Here are 5 important things to keep your man coming back for more of you:

Allow your man to be a man.

The cavemen days might be over but men still want to bring home the buffalo “so to speak.” They have testosterone for a reason and need to be able to be a strong guy in a relationship. It is a good thing to be independent ladies but do not push away or squash your man’s masculinity because you are always trying to prove a feminist point. Men still need to be wanted!

Ask them to do things to help you. We tend to do a lot of things ourselves and then get frustrated with them for not helping us. Do chores together or ask him to teach you how to fix something. Show interest in his accomplishments inside and outside the house. I don’t know about you ladies but I love seeing a man wearing his tool belt!

Validate & Appreciate Him!

When your guy does something for you that is kind or thoughtful, thank him and tell him how special that made you feel. If he makes you coffee every morning or does the dishes every night, let him know how much it means to you.

Taking his sweet ways for granted is deflating for him. (You know how you feel when he ignores something you did for him.)

We all need validating as it makes us want to continue making someone happy. This starts in childhood when we are applauded by our parents or teachers for even the simplest of achievements. It is encouragement to do even more next time!

Take Pride in your Appearance.

Men are very visual creatures which can make some women feel very insecure. “Is he attracted to her?"

Rather than wondering if that is the case & becoming jealous of other women, why not keep him attracted to you instead? He was interested in you when he met you, so wouldn’t it be a good thing to keep up that appearance like the first time when you caught his eye?

Don’t become complacent and use the excuse that he should love you no matter what. Yes, we all change over the years and put on a few pounds here and there but it doesn’t mean you can’t maintain some sexiness with a little effort.

He doesn’t need you to be a size 6; he just needs to know that you care and are still excited about him too! A little lingerie or a new hairstyle goes a long way!

Sex is Hugely Important!

There is nothing as exciting as passionate sex in the early stages of meeting a new partner. Wowza!!

Unfortunately those fires don’t always stay lit and over the years there can be nothing but ashes left as a memory of those head banging days of multiple orgasmic lust.

NEVER let your sex-life be the last priority regardless of how busy your life is! I cannot stress this enough as it is one of the biggest reasons relationships dissolve!

If you have to set up a "sex date night" as a reminder; do it! Send him some naughty texts over the day or meet him at the front door after work in nothing but your stilettos. Be creative! It is OK to get a little out of your comfort zone once in awhile. I promise you won’t be sorry you did.

I know a lot of women do not like performing oral sex but you really should try get over that. There is a reason men made Steak & BJ Day March 14th on their calendar! Go ahead and Google it!

Ladies; they really don’t care if you can cook trust me!

Be Fun and Interesting to be with!

  • Being a little adventurous and playful will keep your man interested as he will look forward to coming home and seeing you every day.
  • If you become predictable, stuck in a monotonous routine, or not willing to try new things, your relationship may eventually fizzle due a boring state of complacency.
  • Go watch his baseball or hockey games and ask him to participate in something you enjoy as well. You’ve heard the expression: “People who play together stay together.” This is a true statement!
  • Doing everything separate in your partnership is not a great idea as it eventually pulls you in opposite directions romantically as well!

Having a few different interests is important in keeping your individuality but having nothing in common is a recipe for disaster.

In Summary

A reciprocated effort between a couple is what makes a relationship last throughout the years. When one person “checks out,” it is may be only a matter of time until it is over for good.

Men are really pretty simple and quite easy to please for the most part. Women can be little more complicated but... hey guys, we come with a lot of extra hormones that you men don’t have to deal with!

Never give up on who you are as a woman or your own personal interests once you meet that wonderful guy. Don’t come across needy or put him on a pedestal because you are so happy to be in a relationship.

A woman who has a full life is a great catch, because when she is ready for a relationship she wants a man in her life she doesn’t need one; which allows him the freedom to be himself too.

He doesn’t have to worry about you every minute and enjoys spending time with you because you have many interesting things to add to the partnership.

When you live a diverse life you have lots to talk about! There is seldom a dull moment which contributes to fulfilling conversations and great communication; which also allows the relationship to keep growing upwards in a positive direction.

It's not as difficult as it seems to keep the fires burning for years to come, but both people have to do their part in rekindling the flames. It's not a one person effort but by implementing the 5 steps listed above, you will have a better chance of keeping your love flourishing.

The little things matter.

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Lifestyle Talk Show

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Susan McCord
Susan McCord
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