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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Beginner Nurse

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By Paul GriffithsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Beginner Nurse
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Regardless of the field for which the recruitment specialists organize interviews, the main criterion according to which the employee is made experiences, that is why beginner assistants who have not worked before are, most of the time, avoided, which is wrong.

Currently, novice nurses can provide important benefits to the institution where they work, so human resources specialists need to know these essentials before calling them for an interview and making the final decision.

Here are 4 reasons why it is advisable to hire beginner nurses:

1. They spend more time with patients

Nurses who have just finished their studies are more attentive to their patients and usually spend more time with them, as opposed to more experienced nurses who only supervise patients or work closely with physicians who create treatment plans for patients.

In the case of beginner nurses, the desire to learn as much as possible and to put into practice the theory in school motivates them to work for a long time in the hospital, together with the experienced medical staff, therefore, when needed, they will do overtime.

Dismissed nurses are also more attentive to patients and have the patience to give them time and to observe their health during treatment.

2. They have basic theoretical notions

The lack of experience is compensated by the theoretical notions newly acquired by the novice nurse. Even if the experience is important, any novice nurse can put into practice what they have learned in class, so the theoretical part is essential.

During nursing school, general rules are taught to help the student complete his tasks in a hospital. These rules are out of context and can be applied universally, so a novice nurse will fit in any hospital, in any ward, and her decision-making skills will be progressively improved.

3. They adapt more easily

Beginner nurses focus on tasks and will strictly follow the activities they have to carry out. They are not used to a certain program and it will be easier for them to integrate into the hospital staff and accept the rules imposed.

Although experience makes the difference when a nurse faces certain unforeseen situations, those who have never worked in a hospital before will be able to adapt and help their colleagues using the knowledge learned in school.

4. They demand a much lower salary

An experienced nurse will always want a high salary, and at the interview, this will be the main reason why she will accept or not a job. Usually, such candidates will be reluctant and authoritarian in the job interview.

Compared to them, a novice nurse will be happy to work in the hospital and gain experience, so the financial part will be less relevant at first and will accept a minimum wage. Thus, as a human resources specialist, you will communicate more easily with such a candidate, and the success of hiring the right person will be greater.

Any recruiter needs to know that a novice nurse, even at the beginning of their career, will be able to assess the patient's needs and provide medical support, check vital signs and prepare a chart for the doctor or nurse who will diagnose the patient, and these must be the main requirements.

According to these aspects, it is advisable for rectors not to give up inexperienced candidates, but to try to give the beginner the necessary time to demonstrate that he can easily learn the practice in nursing.

Money is important, don't you think? When it comes to hiring personnel, I always preferred to discover young talents that are eager to develop new skills and to grow alongside the company.

This profile does not have experience, but their enthusiasm will bring a good vibe to the team and this can lead to better results.


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