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Unpleasant Surprises

Chpt. 01 - “Genesis Shock”

By Noor MohammadPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
Unpleasant Surprises
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I've distanced myself from everyone, and the weight of broken relationships bears heavily on me, a relentless erosion of my self-esteem. Despite my desperate grip on the fragments of laughter and beautiful thoughts, it's as if my patience finally gave in. The haunting separation from my own family, all for the sake of fleeting friendships and brotherhood, leaves a deep scar. Anything new only entices when it remains untouched by selfishness. In this journey of disbelief, I had companions aplenty, and every moment, every chapter shall find its place in my diary, their stories etched with truth. Only the names will be concealed, a veil of respect for those who reside in my memories.

Let's start from my childhood, a time of innocence and ignorance. In school, I carried the weight of childhood plumpness with ease, where eating, sleeping, studying, and playing blended harmoniously. My academic prowess shone bright, occasional stumbles notwithstanding. School friendships, those unforgettable early-life adventures, painted existence with newfound beauty. Yet, this idyllic perception crumbled as the harsh realities of betrayal set in.

His name was Sadbir. To shield him from the clutches of school seniors, I pleaded with him not to venture to the designated danger zone. Sadbir, with a facade of bravado, remained an enigma to me. Occasionally entangled in brawls and skirmishes, I didn't share a strong bond with him, but that day, I extended my hand in help, for we were classmates. Trouble brewed between him and the seniors, and they sought to teach him a lesson. In my attempt to warn him, our conversation unfolded like this:

Noor: "Sadbir, do not come here. The seniors intend to confront you today."

Sadbir: "What? Who dares challenge me?"

Noor: "Seniors. Please, stay away."

Sadbir: "I can't hear you well. I'll call you back."

Little did I know, his last words concealed a different intention, one I'd grasp later. I clarified my message and urged him not to come. Despite this, he defied my advice, and his arrival was not the issue; the real betrayal occurred when Sadbir played our recorded conversation for the seniors.

Sadbir: "Seniors, heard about the plan to confront me? I'm perplexed! You said that you will only talk to me face to face but now I hear you intend to beat me!"

Seniors: "Who told you that?"

Sadbir: "I have proof."

He played the recording, sealing my fate without even asking me about its contents. Why? Because winning the argument with the seniors was paramount. His victory came at the cost of my trust. The seniors left with a silent, seething anger towards me.

Sadbir walked away, wearing a self-satisfied grin, his heart rejoicing in selfish triumph. He never turned back to me, and even today, the mere sight of him stirs a cauldron of hatred within me. That day left an indelible scar on my soul.

"BETRAYAL" is the the most evil act which breaking of trust between close friends or allies, often through dishonesty and disloyalty, causing emotional harm and a sense of betrayal. The Damages that we face due to these are -

1. Trust Issues: Betrayal can make it hard to trust new people.

2. Emotional Distress: It leads to intense emotional pain.

3. Self-Doubt: You may question your judgment and self-worth.

4. Impact on Other Relationships: It can harm current and future relationships.

5. Isolation: Some withdraw from social interactions.

6. Difficulty Forgiving: Forgiving can be tough.

7. Loss of Faith in Friendship: You may become cynical about friendships.

8. Changes in Behavior: People may become more guarded.

9. Long-Term Impact: Effects can last for years.

Remember that? --Sadbirs Saying - "Well listen, I can't hear you. I'm calling you again" - Basically he hangs up and starts recording and calls me again, taking all the information from the beginning so that he can record my every word and give it to the seniors as evidence that will explain that I am guilty.

I felt very bad that day. I still can't forget the behaviour of Sadbir. Since then I have not been able to maintain a good relationship. Even looking at him even today arouses hatred.

And Now,

"I've evolved into a sentimentally vacant individual"

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  • Alex H Mittelman 5 months ago

    Very interesting! Good work!

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