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The Greatest king of Cholas (Season - 1)

Aadi Thirunaal (Chapter -1___Episode - 1)

By Rio slothPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
The Greatest king of Cholas (Season - 1)
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We invite the Audience to take a journey with us for a while on the river of imagination in the flood of primordial time. Let's put one hundred years to the second and go back to today nineteen eighty-two years ago.

Aadi Avani month is Tamil months. It begins in the English month of Mid-July and ends in Mid-September.

In the southern part of Tirumunapadi country between Thondai country and Chola country, 2 km west of Thillai Chitrambalam, one Lake Look Like An Ocean. The Lake is called 'Veera Narayana'. It is 1.5 km long in south north and 0.5 km wide in east west. With the passage of time its name has been corrupted and today it is known as 'Veeranathu Lake'.

Anyone who sees in the month of Aadi Avani, when the new flood flows and the water stagnates in the Veera Narayana Lake, is our forefathers, cannot help but feel proud and amazed at the great things they have achieved in their time. Did our forefathers only do what was in their own interest and the interests of the people of their time? Didn't they leave the motherland doing great deeds that would be beneficial to the thousands of generations that would come after them?

On the evening of Aadi eighteenth day of Monday, a young warrior riding on a horse on the banks of the Veera Narayana lake, which was as wide as the sea. He belongs to the Vanar clan, famous in the heroic history of Tamil Nadu. His name is 'Vallavarayan Vandiyathevan'. His horse, exhausted from a long journey, was walking slowly. The young warrior didn't care about that. Veera Narayana lake had captivated his soul.

On the eighteenth day of Aadi all the rivers of the Chola country touch both banks and flow. Water from those rivers used to fill the big lakes and touch the top of the banks. Water comes from the river called North Kaveri by the devotees and Kollidam by the general public through the channel and drains into Veera Narayana Lake has turned it into an ocean. The water flowed through the seventy-four passes of the lake and provided water resources for a long distance around the lake.

Farming and Planting testis dosinium with that lake water. The peasants who were plowing and the peasant women who were planting were singing there in sweet music. Vandiyadevan, who was listening to all this, was driving his horse slowly. He was counting it to see if it was true that the lake had seventy-four passes since he got on the shore. 1.5 years after he came to the shore of that great lake he counted seventy water passes.

Wow! What a huge lake it is? How long? How wide? Isn't it possible to say that all the lakes built during the reign of the Pallava kings in Thondai Nadu are small puddles in front of this lake? Prince Rajadithar, the son of Paranthakan of Madurai, used the water that was wasted from the North Kaveri to the sea and mixed with to create the lake like sea did it? Did they complete that action too? What a great scholar he must have been? Who is his counterpart in heroic masculinity? He mount an elephant and fight in the battle at Thakolam? He killed by fighting and carrying the sword of his enemies on his chest? That is why they got the name of 'Thunchiyadeva on the elephant' and reached the heroic heaven?

These Chola clan kings are amazing! They are as much in valor as they are in virtue. They are the best in virtue as well as in piety. Vandiyadeva's shoulders swelled as he thought of his privilege of friendship with such Chola kings.

TO BE CONTINUED............

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