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Statues are Bad!

Marble Sculptures Are Now The Bane Of The Weak

By Halden MilePublished 3 months ago 3 min read
The Lee Monument, Standing Since 1917. Shrouded in Plastic.

It seems that everywhere in America these days, statues are coming down. No matter what is going on, it seems those poor statues are taking the heat. There have also been outcries about Michelangelo's David being offensive!

Yet, for this article, I am focusing largely on statues in America.

Why are the statues of Confederate generals now suddenly a problem? The statues have been there forever. Only now are people calling for the removal of the statues. This is very confusing considering. These monuments to Confederate generals have existed for over a century.

For example, the Robert E. Lee Monument, which was recently removed on July 10th 2021, was previously erected in 1917. In 1997, The Lee Monument was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Why weren't there calls for the Robert E. Lee Monument to be removed then? How come nobody protested once the Lee Monument was added to National Register? Even in the 2000s, the Robert E. Lee Monument was still up and nobody once complained about it.

Today, anything pertaining to the Confederate monuments is now seen as a problem for everyone. This also includes the names of famous Confederate generals. In fact, many American military bases happened to be named for Confederate generals. How long until these names are a problem? Time will tell.

These Confederate statues and names have been around for ages. When did people decide to become upset over something that has existed for over a century? It is of the opinion of this author the reason there is a sudden desire traces of the Confederate monuments.

Oh wait, it gets even better! Now it does not end with the Confederate statues or names either. Why stop there? Some people are now calling for the removal of statues featuring American presidents as well.

On November 22th, 2021, New York City Hall took down a statue of Thomas Jefferson. Interestingly enough the Jefferson statue had been up since 1883. Yet, it was never a problem until the 2020s. (NOTE: Even if Jefferson himself was a slave owner, he nonetheless believed in gradual emancipation. Jefferson also foresaw the American Civil War by at least three decades.)

Also, that same month, the American Museum of Natural History called to remove a statue of Theodore Roosevelt. Though it stood since 1940, the Roosevelt statue had been removed because of it design. The design in question depicts a Black and a Native American walking beside Roosevelt. Why was this considered by a few to be problematic?

Now there is some glimmer of common sense in all this. When the American Museum of Natural History removed the statue of Theodore Roosevelt, at least it was not destroyed. Rather instead, it was relocated. Today the Roosevelt statue will now stand in front of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in North Dakota.

If anything, since statues of Confederate generals and American presidents are being taken down, why stop there? How about we take down every single statue in America as to not offend anybody. Considering that in the 2020s, everyone finds a reason to be offended. For whatever purpose, a person or group will always complain and shout about something they find distasteful. Perhaps it is best just not do or say anything.

One can only ponder how long is it until the Statue of Liberty is taken down? It sure leaves a lot to the imagination as to why anyone would want to remove Lady Liberty herself. Yet, give anyone; especially if they are a Leftist, any reason to be upset over anything, before too long even Lady Liberty will be seen as offensive. Imagine the outcry from Americans all over if that were to happen. Yet, considering how much GenZs dislike America, its only a matter of time.

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