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saleh (AS) part2

The miracle of the camel's exit

By Abo godaPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
The miracle of the camel's exit

God performs the miracle and creates Saleh’s camel from the rock

So Salih, peace be upon him, said to them: If this verse comes to you, you will believe. They said, “Yes.” He said, “Gather the people.” So call the people on the promised day. Salih, peace be upon him, called on his Lord, and the earth shook and the rock split before their eyes, and from inside the rock emerged a huge she-camel, one of the largest they had ever seen in their lives. Indeed, the largest she-camel in history. History: One camel was drinking enough water for an entire village, and she was pregnant in her tenth month and was about to give birth, according to the description they described.

He set the conditions for them and said: This is a camel that has a drink and you drink on a specified day. You drink one day and she drinks another day, and any harm that happens to the camel will befall you.

That is, do not assault the camel, do not prevent it from water, and be careful not to touch it. When people saw this miraculous sign, the people were divided. A few of them believed and followed Salih, but most of the people of Thamud remained in disbelief after they saw the sign with their own eyes.

Prophet Saleh warns the people of Thamud not to harm the she-camel, otherwise torment will occur

After the miracle they requested came to them and they saw it and were wronged by it, even though it came to them as they described, they persisted and were wronged. The camel gave birth, and the boy came in her shape. They were milking her and he was walking behind her, but there was no magic, but she lived among them for a long period.

The she-camel remained among them one day, drinking from the well and taking what they needed from the second day. When the second day came, the she-camel and her son came to the well and drank all day long. While she was drinking, they milked her and drank from it, and it was enough for them all. It would have been a blessing if they had believed, but they disbelieved, and they debated about the matter. They said that the people should leave us. They follow Saleh and this camel, which lasts a whole day without touching water. We must wait for it. If it walks, the sheep and camels flee and disturb us. Let us get rid of them. They met and consulted and chose a man among them whom the historians mentioned, who is Qadar bin Salif bin Ja``.

The people of Thamud are planning to kill the camel of the Prophet Saleh out of fear for their king

Thamud called Qadar and they succeeded with him in killing the camel. Therefore, Qadar was not the only one who did it, but rather the matter was agreed upon.

God Almighty says: So Thamud called their friend, the one who barrens the she-camel, Qadar ibn Salif, to barrify the she-camel, urging them to do so. - And his saying (so he took the drug and became barren) says: So he took the she-camel in his hand and barren her.

The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, says: “He is the most wretched of the first.” God mentioned him in the Holy Qur’an. He is Qadar bin Salif, barren of a she-camel, and he is Uhimar Thamud. This man was dear among them, honorable among his people, a relative, and an obedient leader.

9 young men agree to kill Saleh’s camel with Qaddar

He brought another friend of his and they agreed to kill the she-camel. Then he and his friend had a gathering of wine and corruption with a group of his friends. They were 9 people who consulted about killing the she-camel, and they agreed to help him, and they consulted with the people and supported them in that.

God Almighty tells about the tyrants of Thamud and their leaders who were calling their people to misguidance and disbelief and denying Salih, and their situation led to the fact that they slaughtered the she-camel, and they intended to kill Salih as well, by spending the night with his family and killing him in a rage, then saying to his close relatives: They did not know anything about him. And they are truthful in what they told them, even though they did not witness that. God Almighty said: (And there were in Medina), meaning: the city of Thamud, (nine rahats), meaning: nine people, (they are making mischief on earth and are not reforming.) But these people prevailed in the matter of Thamud. Because they were great among them and their leaders.

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