The Cornucopia

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Fan-Fiction of Suzanne Collins' 'The Hunger Games'

The Cornucopia

Part One – Fame and Fortune

Today is finally the day; this is the first year that I can be in the Hunger Games. Here I am standing in the assembly with everyone I grew up with at district four. I had to take a moment to let it all sink in. Being here at this assembly is what I have been training for my whole life. So many days of long training and so many broken bones. There is no way all of that hard work was for nothing. I looked around me and saw Marki Rossel fiddling with the buttons on his shirt. He was probably afraid of being chosen; he was always a scaredy cat. I’m not afraid like Marki. I’m stronger than he is.

“Alright, lets start with the ladies. Any volunteers?” the hostess spoke.

“Me!” a voice screamed as I saw Ritney Sparks elbow her way through the crowd. “I volunteer for tribute!” Ritney shrieked again. I knew her because I have seen her training in the gym at the combat academy.

“What’s your name, dear?” The hostess asked.

“My name is Ritney Sparks,” she said this with a huge smile.

“How old are you?”


“Welcome to the 74th annual Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favour!”

The crowd clapped and cheered. I wanted attention like that… “And now for the strong men, any volunteers?” The hostess asked. I felt like jumping, I could volunteer. I looked at Finnick; he was starring back at me shaking his head no. He gave me a look only a mentor could give. I know he told me to wait until I am 18. But I didn’t care; I can do this.

“I volunteer for tribute!” I screamed.

I felt a smile rise on my face; I had finally volunteered for the Hunger Games and will come back famous and rich. My mother would be so proud. I walked up to the stage while remembering what I need to say. ‘My name is Tyberiius Claun, I am 12 years old and I have been trained by the great Finnick Odair himself.

Part Two – A Golden Dress

Dear Diary,

Everything has been so exciting, just like I had always imagined it would be. My favourite part is when fans cheer for me. Rittney ended up being a lot nicer than I thought she would be. She told me stories about when she hurt herself training, she even broke her ribs once. I didn’t think she would get hurt in training, I thought it was just me. Yesterday was the chariot entrance into the games. The room looked smaller on my father’s TV.

I didn’t really like the chariot outfit, but I know that Rittney did. We were painted all silver and given matching silver tunics. Ritney was given a crown to wear with real giant pearls in it. She took one of the pearls off of her crown, even though we were told not to. I won’t tell on her, she can keep the pearl if she wants to. It’s from our district anyway. I know because Rittney told me that pearls only came from district 4. It makes sense because district 4 is the only district with access to an ocean. I remember that from class.

I saw the most beautiful woman at the interviews. She was wearing a golden dress that you could see through in the stage lights. I had never seen anything like it before. I tried to speak to her but words wouldn’t come out. I later learned her name is Glimmer and she is from district two. She will be in the arena with me. I hope I can save her and be her hero. I know that only one person can leave the games, but I will let her get really far so at least she will get a good place. I want to get to know her more in the arena. I want to talk to her.

I’m so glad I volunteered to be in the Hunger Games, I am having such an adventure here in the capital. When I get back I can tell all my classmates what it is like.


Part Three – Blood Bath

Here I am, standing in the tube. Ready to be launched into the arena. I’m so excited to be on TV. Everyone is watching, even mother. I know I will be OK because I scored an 8 out of 10 in skill. Finnick said I have lots of sponsors because district 4 wins a lot. He also told me to grab to a small weapon and aim for knees. He said it’s because I’m one of the younger people in the arena.

“10, 9, 8…” A bodiless voice is yelling over the arena. Counting down to when we can leave our platforms. Looking around I saw I was in a forest, facing the cornucopia. It looked the same as the cornucopia from last year’s games.

“7, 6, 5…”

The count down is moving quickly… I can do this. Looking around I see the others getting ready to run. All of them are starring at the items surrounding the cornucopia. I see all of the shiny swords right inside the cornucopia. Right in the centre is a big gold scimitar… gold like Shimmer’s dress. I want it.

“4, 3, 2 ..”

“I can do this.”


Running straight for that gold sword, I know I want it... I don’t care how far it is. I can see everyone else stopping for items on the way, but I’m brave enough to go right to the centre. Almost … there. I have it! I can feel a huge smile on my face well I grab the sword and swing it around. Just a couple practice swings. A large scream came from behind me. Turning around I saw blood, more blood than when I broke my collar bone. Glimmer was stabbing a blonde girl repeatedly. The screaming ached and continued. I just wanted it to stop but it wouldn’t. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t. The screaming stopped as Glimmer puller her bag right from her hands. There was blood and a smile on Shimmer’s face as she looks at Ritney. Ritney is swinging a double-sided axe at the man from district 2. He knocks her onto the ground before she can even stand a chance and he takes the axe from her. He swings the axe up. “NO!” Rittney screamed. He swings the axe down and sliced her left leg. She is screaming… she just keeps screaming.

I can’t do this… I want to go home… I want to be anywhere but here…

I can’t do this!

I felt my knees buckle as I fell to the ground watching the same man turn to the guy from district 6 and strangle him with his bare hands.

This isn’t fun anymore… I should never have volunteered for tribute. No one should be here in the game at all. No, I should have grabbed a small weapon and ran. Just ran away from the cornucopia. Ran away from the blood bath.

Looking behind me I see a much smaller sword, reaching for it I see a shadow cover me… it’s him. The man who cut off Ritney’s leg. Run, I need to run… I started crawling away as I watched his shadow lift its arm. Wet, I’m wet. My chest is wet. Its blood. My neck, it’s bleeding. All I see is grass …and a bright light.

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