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Baby Reindeer - Netflix Series Review

'Baby Reindeer' confronts the unsettling realities of stalking, assault, and survival.

By Marielle SabbagPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Before you run away, think about the consequences.

Based on true accounts, Baby Reindeer is a 2024 Netflix series. Donny is stalked and harassed by a woman named, Martha. She consumes his life, flooding his social media and ruining Donny’s image. Frightened by this woman’s predatory behavior, Donny must take action if he wants his life back.

Baby Reindeer is a haunting and striking series that viewers have feverishly talked about for its heavy content. I binged the series in a week. Be warned, this series is not easy to sit through. I had to take a deep breath after some episodes. In this eerily crafted series, Baby Reindeer confronts the unsettling realities of stalking, assault, and survival.

Richard Gadd did something that no other person could have done. He boldly wrote and starred in his own account about his stalker nightmare. I hope doing this series has given him closure. For him to endure the horrific events in a media outlet is a brave undertaking.

Donny has endured several mistakes and nightmares. Before you judge him, think about a similar situation you’ve had. Donny lets the situation escalate too far, losing opportunities and connections. In the series' most powerful episode, Gadd lowers the gates and bears vulnerability during an emotional monologue.

As Donny’s stalker Martha, Jessica Gunning succeeded in her depiction of an unpleasant mentally ill woman. Martha’s behavior is unnerving. She is manipulative and you never know where she could be. Donny takes pity on the woman who never stops with different forms of torture. Gunning did a remarkable and effective job.

The supporting cast includes Nava Mau, Tom Goodman-Hill, Michael Wildman, Danny Kirrane, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Amanda Root, and Mark Lewis Jones. Each character’s involvement in the situation is important in Donny’s routes.

Baby Reindeer is a raw and often uncomfortable watch. It’s a sad and heartbreaking story of what Donny undergoes. Each episode is a lot to take in. This series speaks the truth something real. My heart swelled with emotion when Donny confessed to his parents concerning an ordeal that may hurt their relationship.

Baby Reindeer is brutal. That’s what the truth is sometimes. It’s disturbing, bleak, and dark. Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but not without several roadblocks and hiccups. To make you feel the stress and fear, all the claustrophobic close-ups of the characters' faces are effective. You also don’t feel safe when Donny walks alone at night.

One of the most striking aspects that Richard Gadd reflects is its honesty. By sharing his story, Gadd encourages others to break their silence and seek help. This series encounters complex emotions, from fear and confusion to anger and despair. Gadd’s narrative focuses on vulnerability, inviting viewers to witness his journey of redemption.

Since the release of Baby Reindeer, the series has had a lot of conversations. It has also garnered negative feedback from real people involved with the case. It’s not a good idea to communicate with anyone. It’s best to leave people alone and watch the series as is.

This series is not for everyone. Thankfully, each episode is a 30-minute duration. Any longer than that in the episodes were overdoing it. I have to warn you, be cautious of watching this series. Scenes that portray stalking, rape, and assault are not easy scenes to watch.

I’ll leave viewing Baby Reindeer up to your comfort level. It’s an unsettling and effective watch that requires a conversation about feelings if a similar situation has happened to you. We need to share our stories.

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Comments (1)

  • The Dani Writer3 months ago

    A pretty detailed review. Based on what you've shared about the series and as sensitive as I am, it isn't something I would watch but I've lived with having a stalker and did the mega-healing necessary to return to my level of functionality again. The adage song by Bob Marley is apt here, "Who feels it, knows it." Thank you very much for writing and sharing your story!

Marielle SabbagWritten by Marielle Sabbag

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