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Super Natural

This Ain't A Review Of Supernatural

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 12 months ago Updated 10 months ago 3 min read
Jensen Ackles (left) and Jared Padalecki (right) portray the series' main characters, Dean and Sam Winchester


I have a lot of series queued up or recorded to watch and every time I start watching one Fiona says that she wants to watch it so I can't until she is ready. I did manage to get through series three of "Killing Eve" and "Fleabag" and came out alive so all is good on that front, but I looked for something else to watch.

"Picard" and "The Expanse" on Amazon Prime were both excellent and were definitely not Fiona's thing (we are currently co-watching the car crash TV of "Succession" so darkly funny and brilliantly scripted, "Britannia in which David Morrissey does absolute bastard perfectly, violent historical fun, "Better Call Saul" and many more, so we share a lot of TV watching but when I finished "Picard" I was looking for something else.

I started "The Shield" which is good but then halfway through series two Amazon decided that they were charging for it.

I had heard a lot of good stuff about "Supernatural" but wasn't too sure.

When I looked at it there were 327 episodes over 15 seasons. No TV show lasts that long apart from soaps so I thought I would dip into episode one.

This is what I found, you may think differently.

This is the Wikipedia entry that tells you a lot of details about the series.

Supernaturally Drifting

I really wasn't sure in the first episode when I saw Dean and Sam's mother incinerated by a vicious demon. Throughout this short observational piece, I will try to avoid spoilers but hope to convince you, if you don't know it, that it is actually worth your time.

In the beginning, I got the impression that it was taking standard horror scenarios and monsters and building the episodes around that, and while I am fine with the horror genre I did not see it holding my attention for fifteen series and it still may not. My friend Alison gave up on it at some point and there is an episode called "Jump The Shark" (a reference to when a series loses it from when Fonzie "jumped the shark on his bike" in "Happy Days") but I am almost at the end of the series after this aired so it didn't lose me.

The thing that is keeping me with the series is the relationship between Dean and Sam, it is almost a two-hander with whatever they have to deal with providing the focus and direction for the episodes.

I am almost at the end of series five and so far we have seen Dean and Sam deal with Angels and Demons, Devils and Old Gods as well as traditional supernatural beings.

The fact that there are another ten series to go for me takes away the jeopardy factor, sort of, that is all I will say.

It does really blur the lines between what and who is good and what and who is evil, it is anything but black and white and there are lots of grey areas.

Throughout the series, Dean drives a black 1967 Chevrolet Impala which he refers to as "Baby". Having been passed down to him by his father (John), it is Dean's most prized possession

The car is striking and a wonderful permanent fixture even though it does go through some serious scrapes.

Episodes clock in at around forty minutes and I usually watch two at a time (I don't really binge-watch) and even when the episode looks as though it is going to be rubbish, very often there is some major thing lurking in the background that will make you go WOW!!


As I said, this is not a review as such but just some observations that may interest you, and if your interest is piqued, then dive right in.

I did and have not regretted one second of it.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran12 months ago

    I have no idea how to find time to work, write, read, go for walks and watch a tv show. You're definitely Superman!

  • Jasmine Aguilar12 months ago

    I have been enjoying Supernatural so far! A friend recommended that I watch at after I admitted to him that I've never watched it before. I think Sam and Dean's personalities compliment each other very well. I like Sam the best because I find him the most relatable. Dean to me is more edgier out of the two.

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