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My Review of "Transformers (2007)"

I remember this being my favorite of the Michael Bay Transformers but does that still mean it's good?

By Brian AnonymousPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Transformers (2007) was an unexpected movie to say the least. Back when it first came out I never thought they'd actually release a live action version of the Transformers. Yet in 2007 they actually did the impossible. Many of us that grew up with the franchise in the 80s were kind of mortified by the live action adaptation because of all the changes that they made.

For some reason I remember thinking that the movie wasn't bad. Of course back then in 2007 those were state of the art special effects and sound effects. Revisiting this movie almost 20 years later I wasn't sure what my opinions would be on this one.

The movie starts off with the introduction to this kid Sam. He's a goofy high school kid trying to get a nice car so he can impress girls. Basically a stereotypical teenager in those times. He's trying to hawk his grandfather's exploration relics from the turn of the century at his class presentation. It's a little weird but it kind of sets the mood for this movie.

Little does Sam know that his grandfather actually discovered something quite big back in the day. Something in the relics that Sam is selling is actually the key to finding this treasure. Of course no one finds this out until later on in the movie when things start to get revealed.

Despite Sam's failed attempts at raising money for his car, his father eventually helps him buy a new car anyways. Again, there must be something in the air because the car that they get is actually an alien robot in disguise.

When the bad robots eventually discover that Sam has the key to the treasure they eventually come after him. Sam's car calls on his buddies and they reveal themselves to Sam as heroes trying to protect the world. Yeah it's a hard stretch of the imagination but just go with it. This is supposed to be a popcorn blockbuster movie.

It really shows how it's a blockbuster movie. Even close to 20 years later most of the special effects are still pretty impressive. Even the audio in this movie are outstanding. Everything is dynamic and in motion at all times. It's rare to find still moments other than the many slow down moments to glorify certain scenes.

This movie was made to target young males at the time. You can definitely tell with the dialogue and the very childish humor that get thrown at us. There are quite a lot of private region jokes in this movie and it feels very off by today's standards.

I found that there is definitely a weird tone change throughout this movie. There are parts where they would like to make serious but then the zaniness comes in and totally throws the movie to a totally different field. I could have lived without the whole sector seven portion of the movie though I know why they put it in there. They could have used another methods to get everyone to get together in the third act.

There are some pretty intense and very impressive action sequences in that third act. When they go into war it is all out war and you can't help but be impressed with some of the visual effects that they did back then.

Overall, I think I kind of aged out of this movie. It's meant for a much much younger male audience and I have matured outside the demographic. I initially had nostalgia to watch this movie again and halfway into the movie I realized it was a big mistake. Nostalgia will not help you keep interest in this movie unfortunately. I still say this is probably the best of Michael Bay's Transformer movies though. Still it's not good enough for me to give it a great score. I have to give this one a 4 out of 10. It's not enough for me to recommend this to anyone even if they were nostalgic for this franchise.


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