Brian Anonymous

I have tons of opinions that change constantly. I watch a lot of movies and play video games. 

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There's No Point in Getting a Drone License in Canada
3 hours ago
So, I was thinking of getting a drone for taking interesting videos of different events and parties that I frequent. Up until June 1, 2019, it was legal to fly a drone without a certificate. You also ...
My Review of 'Pet Sematary'
2 days ago
With the popularity of IT, Hollywood knew they had to hit the iron while it was hot. I probably know exactly what was going on in their minds when they chose Pet Sematary as their next Stephen King re...
We Don't Mean It but We're All Big Jerks
6 days ago
Not all of us can be saints. In fact, I think we're all jerks and we don't even realize how bad we are until we sit back and reflect on ourselves. We'll notice that we display an alarming amount of il...
The Uncertain Future of Fashion
7 days ago
I would say that fashion is never going to die but there are a lot of trends happening today that kind of make me concerned for the future. One of those trends is the fact fact that the Internet has g...
Life Can Be as Difficult as You Make It to Be
7 days ago
Everyone has it hard in some way. Yes, even rich people have it hard sometimes even though their problems might be way different from ours. We all stress we all have happiness in some form. What is it...
Never Use Cash Advance from Your Credit Card
8 days ago
I get it, taking cash from your credit card can be extremely convenient. Credit cards are becoming accepted wherever you go, but sometimes we still need to pay by cash. I find that, in North America, ...