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From Plot to Characters: The Ultimate Review of The Mother of the Bride

A Comprehensive Review of The Mother of the Bride: Is It Worth the Hype in 2024?

By Hridya SharmaPublished about a month ago 4 min read

Ever wanting to escape in the picturesque beauties of nature while aimlessly wandering in the darkness with no mobile phone or a torch, sounds like a morbid plan without thoughtful execution behind it. While it is a celebratory year as this year is marked as a renewal of the cherish of romantic comedies with movies like Anyone But You, Idea of You, Players and many more, Netflix's most recent romantic comedy released in the week of Mother’s day, The Mother of the Bride tries to sell the second chance romance in the exotic location of Phuket, Thailand, yet its formulaic plot and half baked characteristic execution makes it dull and cliched. Let's dive deeper into the nuances of the plot.

What is the movie about

Emma Winslow, who works at Discovery Resorts in London, receives a marriage proposal from her boyfriend RJ. She is concerned about how her mother Lana will react, as they are very close. Emma surprises Lana by announcing her plans to start her own business with Discovery's sponsorship and get married in Thailand. Despite initial reservations, Lana supports Emma's decisions. Lana's past relationship with Will, RJ's father, resurfaces, causing some tension.

Lana is concerned about RJ potentially hurting Emma in the future. Lana faces challenges with the wedding planning due to Camala's focus on promoting specific brands. Lana and her friends from Stanford have some mishaps during a game of pickleball and a skinny dipping incident, leading to tensions with Camala. After a falling out with Emma, Lana reconciles with Will and they have a heart-to-heart conversation on the beach. Emma feels guilty for scolding Lana and is urged by RJ to apologize. Will and Lana disappear briefly but are found by a resort employee and brought back to the hotel. Lucas notices their behavior and offers his support to Lana. At the rehearsal dinner, Lana overhears Will talking to someone named Katrina and expressing his love for her. This causes Lana to have doubts about their relationship. Emma notices her mother's odd behavior and has a heart-to-heart conversation with her. The wedding ceremony goes smoothly despite Lana's emotional state. Lana avoids catching the bouquet, but Will catches it for her. Will confronts Lana about her distance and reveals his proposal, which she eventually accepts after some hesitation.

The commercialization of privacy on social media platforms.

Emma, a lifestyle influencer, has landed a lucrative deal with a big company to promote their resort in Phuket, Thailand by showcasing her wedding. The film focuses on Instagram shoots and dress fittings but misses the opportunity to delve into the economic implications of selling personal moments for profit. Instead of a sharp critique of the commodification of life, it ends up being a light-hearted take on balancing work and personal life. Only Tasneem Roc's character, Camala, brings some humour to the story as the eccentric brand manager.

Inadequacy in character evolution

The groom in the film is extremely underdeveloped and feels like a background character. The audience is given vague information about his background and relationship with the bride, but it is not enough to understand why they are getting married or what they see in each other. The lack of depth in his character leaves many unanswered questions about his role in the story. The movie feels formulaic and predictable, with moments of creativity that briefly elevate the suspense. However, the calculated plot points make the energy level drop quickly, as we can easily predict what will happen. The conflicts and crises in the film are underdeveloped and do not hold the audience's attention. The movie even ends early, with a choreographed dance sequence added to extend the runtime.

The dynamics between the couples in the film lack depth and intricacy, resulting in quick and superficial resolutions that fail to evoke strong emotions or convey the gravity of their choices. While the addition of a gay couple is a positive step, their characters are underutilized and primarily serve as tools to further Lana's storyline rather than being given depth and development.

Impressive cinematography but film overuses love triangle trope

The opulent and extravagant backdrop serves to highlight the superficial and unsubstantial nature of the storyline. Despite lacking originality, director Mark Waters manages to infuse a touch of sincerity in the film's overarching theme of perseverance and eternal optimism towards achieving a fairy-tale ending. The visual artistry in Waters falls short of its predecessors, lacking the emotional depth seen in iconic scenes from films like "Mean Girls" and "Freaky Friday." While there are moments of beauty, such as a sunset dance and scenic drone shots, they fail to resonate with the audience. The attempt to create a connection through a lively soundtrack and picturesque imagery falls flat, and the addition of a cliched love triangle only detracts from the overall impact. Despite being a highly successful professional who oversees a prestigious laboratory, she finds herself in a comical predicament when faced with her ex and a charming doctor, portrayed by the charismatic Chad Michael Murray, who happens to be shirtless for a good portion of the film.

This juxtaposition of her confident career persona with her bumbling and endearing moments of vulnerability adds a delightful touch to the storyline. This film offers a unique blend of elements, combining the charm of an unconventional love triangle comedy with a touching mother-daughter narrative and a study of maintaining physical fitness in middle age. With seasoned actors like Shields and Bratt leading the way, the film navigates through Bernheim's predictable dialogue with grace, tapping into the potential for a more emotionally resonant storyline. Additionally, the presence of Wilson Cruz as Bratt's ripped brother adds an extra layer of intrigue to the mix. This film is sure to appeal to a wide range of audiences, offering a mix of humour, heart, and thought-provoking themes.


In conclusion, it is important to consider these final reflections. The ‘Mother of The Bride' possesses a range of endearing qualities that are unfortunately overshadowed by her tendency to avoid causing offence, often leading to overly detailed explanations and simplistic situations. While a charming and lighthearted tone is appreciated, there is room for deeper exploration and development of these likeable characters in our story.

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