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The Hacker - Dungeons and Dragons Homebrew

by Parliament Homebrew 2 months ago in adventure games / table top / rpg
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Rogue Archetype

Image by Matryx

The Hacker - Rogue Archetype

This is a special, brand-new Rogue — Exclusive on Patreon

With the advent of computer technology and its complete proliferation through society came the rise of a new market — and with it, those who would exploit it.

When every confidential piece of information, every storage of wealth, and every memory is stored online, those who can break through security systems are widely viewed as the most dangerous and powerful individuals on the planet. Hackers will often find themselves on both sides of the firewall — black hats, who specialise in infiltrating any system, and white hats, who work to stop them.

Whichever path you take, however, your skills in cracking code are second to none.

And here you can take a peek at the levels:

Hacker’s Paradigm (3rd-level Hacker feature)

Hack the Weave (3rd-level Hacker feature)

Black Hat Spells and White Hat Spells

Cunning Hack (9th-level Hacker feature)

Avid Researcher (13th-level Hacker feature)

Paradigm Shift (17th-level Hacker feature)

Image: Matryx

Cybersecurity Consultancy: Hyperactive Security

For free Homebrew content, check my Master Post at Patreon, or take a look at the other brews I have here on Vocal.

Full List of Homebrews published so far (always growing). Check the descriptions of the exclusive ones:

Barbarians Subclass (Barbarian Primal Path):

  1. The Path of the Elements
  2. The Path of the Crusader
  3. The Path of Life-Giver
  4. The Path of the Biker
  5. The Path of the Thresher
  6. The Path of the Event Horizon (Exclusive for Patrons)

    Whether your power comes from a space god’s blessing, the reality-warping touch of an elder eye or dark star, or the vast psionic powers of an amethyst dragon, you can bend the very force of gravity to your whims.

Artificers Subclass (Artificer Specialisation):

  1. The Grenadier Artificer
  2. The Botanist Artificer
  3. The Aviator Artificer

Bards Subclass (Bard College):

  1. College of Graffiti
  2. College of Revolution
  3. College of the Siren's Song
  4. College of Punk
  5. College of Prestige
  6. College of Fables (Exclusive for Patrons)

Bards are spinners of myths and legends, and none peddle in more fantastical tales than members from the College of Fables. Wandering storytellers and ardent historians alike, Fables bards go out in search of ancient lore to use as inspiration for weaving their own legends.

Blood Hunters Subclass (Blood Hunter Order):

  1. Order of the Crimson Court
  2. Order of the Howitzer
  3. Order of the Planestalker

Clerics (Cleric Domain):

  1. Sky Domain
  2. Space Domain
  3. Lunar Domain

Druids (Druid Circle):

  1. The Circle of Dragons
  2. The Circle of Roots

Rogues (Rogue Archetype):

  1. The Hacker (Exclusive for Patrons)
  2. The Broker (Exclusive for Patrons)

Any old chump can buy from one thief, sell to another, and call themselves a fencer - but you understand that being an infamous broker requires a little more care and finesse. An expert at acquisition and dissemination, you can construct a web throughout the backbone of civilised society, and you know of every single point of interest within that web. Important people, memoirs, exposés, keys to secure locations, powerful items, dark secrets, hidden plots: nothing escapes your eye, and you know exactly how to exploit everything you can get your hands on.

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Parliament Homebrew

Games, RPG and D&D homebrew (5th edition mostly, but can branch out on commission). All of my content is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy.

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  • Lisa A Lachapelle2 months ago

    Wow, a lot of work here. Impressive!

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