'Horizon Zero Dawn' Developer Teases DLC Expansion - What Could Fans Expect to See?

'Horizon Zero Dawn' has had incredible success, and fans can expect to see phenomenal features in a DLC Expansion.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Developer Teases DLC Expansion - What Could Fans Expect to See?

After selling 2.6 million copies globally, I think it's safe to assume that Guerrilla Games' first open world game has had incredible success in the few months that it's been available. Horizon Zero Dawn is the best-selling new first party IP launch on the #PS4 system to date, and it has given Sony and Guerrilla Games an incredibly promising future.

Part of that promising future has been confirmed by Guerrilla's director, Herman Hulst who when asked about the games success had this to say:

...this is only the beginning of Aloy's story and our exploration of the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, with the team already hard at work on an expansion to the story.

Now, Hulst's word are incredibly intriguing to countless fans because it leaves a lot up to the imagination because it means that we could likely see some new content very soon with the team already working on the expansion.

But the question that just begs to be asked is; what's next for Aloy and the world of Horizon Zero Dawn? Here's what I think, oh and obviously there are some *spoilers ahead*, so tread carefully. Let's start with how the game ended before we work our way into where the studio could be taking the phenomenal game.

Does Aloy's story end in 'Horizon Zero Dawn'?

After the completion of the final mission in Horizon Zero Dawn, there is a certain post-credit cutscene that left some players frustrated, but others like myself find it intriguing. If you've completed the game and watched through the cut scene you witnessed the shocking aftermath of your battle with Hades.

After the dust settled, Hades' body is being poked by a curious onlooker only for for it to jump from the core and speed across the sky. For a moment we are left to wonder where in the world the entity could be racing off to in such a hurry. Yet, mere moments later we discover that Hades is soaring toward a familiar figure standing on top of a barren rock ready to catch it.

That figure is Sylens. Yes, the very same man who has been a guiding force through a majority of the game; from helping you find the master override for Hades to saving you from the Sunfall arena. Sylens has been tracking and guiding you through the ruins of the old world for most of the game, so it's curious why he would be standing there waiting to catch Hades after he had been such a a major influence in defeating it.

What could an expansion to the story look like?

An expansion out of the final battle would give some players a way to dig further into the mysteries of the destructive AI programming as well as the 'masters' behind it. A story expansion would have a nearly limitless arena to explore in terms of continue filling in the mysterious endgame scene.

An expansion would likely pick up right where the cutscene left off leading Aloy on another journey deep into the ruins of old, pursuing Sylens. This expansion to the story would make more sense if it led Aloy to a new, undiscovered portion of the 'known world.' This new world could introduce a new breed of AI as well as a new culture to discover.

A main story expansion would also change up the dynamics of how studios produce DLC content. The normal DLC often includes a side story that gives backstory or explores a new side of the main character. Just look at what Final Fantasy XV is giving us with their DLC packs, Episode Gladiolus allows players to control the previously non-playable character and opens new sections of the world and new side quests to gather unique weapons. The same can be said for the remaining episodes Prompto, Ignis & Comrades.

If Guerrilla Games takes on the challenges of genuinely continuing the story rather than creating a side-mission style it could be a revolution to the way we play games like this. The DLC's would become much more enticing, especially with a story as vibrant and immersive as Aloy's tale in Horizon Zero Dawn.

How could 'Horizon Zero Dawn' expand beyond the 'known world'?

Likely, as I stated earlier the first DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, we'll be taken on a journey that reaches beyond the known borders of the world that Aloy lives. With Sylens intent on knowing more about the 'masters' and being so integral in Aloy's quest to uncover the truth - he will have traveled far beyond where Aloy currently is in order to get his answers.

The DLC will have to expand the known world to at least one area that has yet to be discovered. And if Guerrilla Games is smart, they'll incorporate a new area in each DLC as it releases; quite possibly telling the rest of the story as fans ponder what could be and what's next for the now beloved heroine.

Expanding the map into a new portion of the world could introduce us to a likely much more advanced race of humans who have gone beyond even Sunfall and the Carja. A new nation beyond the mountains that hide the Banuk could take players deep into a seemingly different adventure as the whole dynamic could shift. We could lead Aloy into this new world only to discover that this new nation has even more secrets hidden deep beneath the surface.

The possibilities are nearly endless for Guerrilla Games to expand the lore and world of Horizon Zero Dawn, and this is an incredibly exciting time to be a fan of the new first party IP that Sony has helped develop.

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