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Dialga, Bringer of the New Year and Its Pokemon Team

A Pokemon team built for New Years

By Steve BrewerPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

I love Pokemon, I was six when it was introduced here in the U.S. and quickly got into it along with all my childhood friends. My sisters still tell me how I would always take over the tv each night when the show came on and would sit and watch it.

I still have love for the franchise to this day and love to come up with Pokemon teams based on themes. So far I have published articles based on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas, links to which are below, now it is... time... to make a New Years' team.

The theme I have selected for New Years is time itself, with Dialga the legendary Pokemon of time being the main component of the team. Each member of the team will represent different eras in time and will be chosen according to the theme and how their typings balance each other.

As always, before we get into the article I do have some disclaimers:

  • This team is meant to be an in-game team and not designed to be competitively viable.
  • I normally do not use legendaries or mythical Pokemon on teams but will use Dialga and no others on this team.
  • This list will be the Pokemon on the team only, no moves, natures, abilities or items will be mentioned.
  • This list is meant to be a theme with my selections being based on said theme.

Also before we get into the New Years team I do have teams themed for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Christmas:

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With all that out of the way let's move into the New Years team!

Dialga, the Pokemon of Time and the symbol of the Pokemon World's New Years celebration. Dialga is the embodiment of the Beginning of Time which is why, unlike my previous articles, I have opted to start the list with Dialga instead of saving it for the last Pokemon I discuss. It is through Dialga time flows making it the best choice for a holiday centered around time.

The first Pokemon on Dialga's New Years team is Camerupt, the representation of the Primordial era of the Earth when it was nothing but lava, volcanoes, and barren rock. While I very nearly chose Macargo for this slot I did opt for Camerupt instead because Camerupt has access to the Solid Rock ability which helps mitigate its weaknesses. Plus, Mega Camerupt becomes a literal volcano which is 110% AWESOME!

The second Pokemon on Dialga's team is Aerodactyl, the living dinosaur, and representation of the Prehistoric age when the world was little more than meat and teeth. Tyrantrum was my original choice for this spot, but Aerodactyl is the OG dinosaur Pokemon that still stands in terms of power. Aerodactyl's Flying typing also helps to prevent the team from having three Pokemon that are weak against Ground.

The third Pokemon on Dialga's team and the representation of the Historic age when all of our recorded history has taken place is Escavalier. A Pokemon that is a literal knight in shining armor whose typing helps bring balance to the rest of the team while only giving a quad weakness to Fire which is taken care of by the previous two entries. Aegislash was a close contender for this slot, but I felt Escavalier's typing better balanced the team.

The fourth Pokemon on Dialga's team and the representation of the Future is the OG Rotom. I honestly never cared for the Rotom Appliance Forms and the OG Rotom being a bolt of pure plasma makes it the perfect embodiment of what future technological advances could bring. Plus it still has its Ghost typing, which is my favorite Pokemon type making it even better for this spot.

The fifth Pokemon on Dialga's team and the embodiment of the End of Time is Grimmsnarl. A hulking, dark monster of a Pokemon whose typing best represents the End of Time. We see the End of Time as a dark event that will end our world, but it is within the natural order of all things that had a beginning to come to an eventual end. Both these aspects are reflected in Grimmsnarl's Dark and Fairy types respectively.


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Steve Brewer

Certified movie nerd with concentrations in Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.

Also an avid hiker, camper, racquetball player, cat dad, and loving uncle/godfather.

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