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My Suggestions for PokemonGo 2.0

Features and Edits I would like to see in Pokemon Go

By Steve BrewerPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - December 2021

A year ago I was reintroduced to Pokemon Go by my now ex, while our relationship did not last until the end of 2021 my appreciation for Go did. In January I posted a list of suggestions I had accumulated for the game up until that point.

Almost a year later I have accumulated more suggestions and have decided to post a new article. Before we get into the article I do have some disclaimers:

1. This is a follow-up article to a previous article. I do encourage you to read my original article and list of suggestions by clicking the link below:

My Suggestions for Pokemon Go - Original Article

2. These are suggestions based on my opinion. You may feel differently about what I suggest and that is okay! We all have different opinions and they are bound to not line up on occasion.

3. I am sure others have suggested these. With how long this game has been out I would be surprised if these suggestions haven't been made already. So if any of these are retreads of suggestions others have put forward please understand that this was unintentional.

4. This article will not be a slam piece or have any demands I have of Niantic. Again, these are suggestions and should not be taken as more as polite suggestions.

Selecting Wait Time in Raid Wait Rooms

This is something that has been KILLING me since I wrote the original article. Why do I have to wait two minutes every time I do a raid?

For a game about walking this baffles me, especially with One or Three Star Raids. If I am out walking and see a raid, I want to do the raid and keep moving. I don't want to wait two full minutes before I can even get into the raid where I have to keep an eye on the game to make sure I don't miss the start of the raid.

My suggestion is rather simple, the game should allow us to select if we want to select our team and enter the raid right away or if we want to select a wait time so we can send invites to friends and give them and other nearby players the wait time to join us in the raid like normal.

Outfit Prizes for Turning Type-Badges Platinum

I never paid attention to the Type-Badges until the All In 151 mission required them all to be Gold, I then cursed Niantic for their stinginess with Dragon and Dark Types as it took me forever to get those badges into the gold.

While I know the catch bonus is the bonus for the badges, it would be nice if we could have something that shows off our accomplishment. This is where the outfits come in.

Each badge and type would give the outfit of a famous trainer who utilized that type, with the outfit unlocked when you complete the badge.

Dragon would be Lance, Steel would be Steven Stone, Poison would be Koga, Electric would be Lt. Surge, Water would be Wallace, etc.

Better Rewards for Mega Raids

Honestly, the entire raid reward system is a bit confusing to me. I am not sure if it wasn't updated when the Level 2 and Level 4 Raids were phased out but the reward intervals seem odd. 3,500 experience for Level 1, 5,000 experience for Level 3, then 10,000 for Level 5 and Mega Raids?

And I know, the Mega Energy is supposed to be the reason the experience is the same between Mega Raids and Level 5, but this seems like a bit of a flimsy reason to me.

To me, the best reward system is to do an even tiered system. 5,000 for Level 1, 7,500 for Level 3, 10,000 for Level 5, and 12,500 for Mega Raids. This will give slight bumps that will evenly space out the different level raids from each other while not breaking the game at the same time.

Better Tiered Rewards for Beating Go Rocket Grunts, Rocket Leaders & Giovanni

This one always annoys me, you defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader, your prize? A bunch of healing items and maybe an egg. And that's it.

The prizes you get for beating the Rockets should increase as their difficulty increases, and should not be limited to potions and revives when it comes to the leaders and Giovanni.

Grunts: A Single Reward slot, either Super Potions or Revives

Leaders: Three Reward slots, the first being Revives/Hyper Potions, the second being TMs, and the 3rd being Evolutionary Items

Giovanni: Five Reward slots, the first being Max Potions, the second being Max Revives, the third being Elite TMs, the forth being Evolutionary Items, and the fifth being either another Elite TM or Evolutionary Item.

They will still give the components and eggs as they normally would. I feel the item rewards could be improved with what I described above being an example of what they could do.

So those were my new suggestions for Pokemon Go, please be sure to read my original article My Suggestions for Pokemon Go to view the original set of suggestions I made at the beginning of this year. Also, be sure to share this article to help me reach more people.


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