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Magearna, Mother Christmas of the Pokemon World

A Pokemon team built for Christmas

By Steve BrewerPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

When I first made my Halloween team I already had ideas for a Christmas Pokemon team, and now that we are in December I wanted to release the Christmas team as my geeky way to celebrate the holidays.

For those who missed my previous articles on my teams for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday I encourage you to read the full articles to understand my choices for them. The links are below their pictures.

But first...

As always, before we get into the article I do have some disclaimers:

  • This team is meant to be an in-game team and not designed to be competitively viable.
  • I normally do not use legendaries or mythical Pokemon on teams but will use Magearna and no others on this team.
  • To help use Pokemon from as many different generations I have limited my selections to a maximum of one per generation.
  • This list will be the Pokemon on the team only, no moves, natures, abilities or items will be mentioned.
  • This list is meant to be a theme with my selections being based on said theme.

Also before we get into the Christmas team I do have teams themed for Halloween, Thanksgiving & Black Friday:

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Click here to read the full article for the Thanksgiving team

Click here to read the full article on the Black Friday team

With all that out of the way let's move into the Christmas team!

The first Pokemon I chose and the most obvious pick for this team was Abomasnow. After all, what is Christmas without a Christmas tree? I see Magearna utilizing the Pokemon found around the North Pole to help her, Abomasnow being the abominable snowman and Magearna's most stalwart defenders.

Abomasnow is a part of the Ice-type core of the team and one of two on the team to have the Snow Warning ability which starts Hail as soon as it enters the battle.

The next Pokemon on the team and the second member of the Ice-type core of the team is Walrein. I love its pre-evolution Spheal and often used them on my Hoenn play-throughs when I did not choose Mudkip as my starter. Its Thick Fat ability helps control the team's Fire-type weakness while its defenses help bring extra bulk to the team.

Walrein inhabits the shorelines of the Arctic and rescues any sailor who tried to reach the shore or raises the alarm should a ship manage to traverse the rough ocean and land.

The third Pokemon I chose for the team is Kingdra which I am sure will cause some of you to scratch your heads. Kingdra's typing helps to balance the weaknesses of the team while providing an excellent counter to the pesky Fire-types used against it.

For the theme of the Arctic creatures that help Magearna by defending the Pole Kingdra lives in the oceans around it and creates whirlpools and large waves to deter even the bravest seafarer.

The fourth team member and the final member of the Ice-type core is Alolan Ninetails. I chose Ninetails for its Snow Warning ability to help it, Abomasnow and Walrein wreak havoc with the weather boost and to go with the theme of Christmas.

In the Arctic, Ninetails inhabits the forest around Magearna's workshop and they serve as both messengers and scouts for her.

The final Pokemon I picked for Magearna's team is the newest Pokemon on the list, Wyrdeer, the Hisuian evolution of Stantler. I started the list with the Christmas Tree Pokemon, I knew I would have to include a reindeer or there would be angry letters in my inbox.

Wyrdeer patrols the mountains of the Arctic and yes, it also pulls Magearna's sled.

For the Christmas legendary/mythical Pokemon I toyed (bad Christmas pun) with several ideas including Articuno and Regice but finally decided on Magearna.

A toymaker who is an actual embodiment of a toy? Have to appreciate the beauty of it.


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Steve Brewer

Certified movie nerd with concentrations in Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.

Also an avid hiker, camper, racquetball player, cat dad, and loving uncle/godfather.

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