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5 Reasons to Love a Gamer

by Angela Derscha 6 months ago in list

They leave savepoints on our hearts.

5 Reasons to Love a Gamer
Photo by Mark Decile on Unsplash

Whether they admit it or not, most people love video games. I know the subject is controversial, but hear me out. They allow us to escape from our reality. Sometimes it just becomes too much, you know? Stress, bills, jobs, quarantine, relationships, and social media flood our minds with constant anxiety and negativity. But video games make all of that float away on fluffy clouds of cotton candy. And you know what’s better than playing video games? Finding someone to play with! Falling in love with someone that has the same interests as you is rare and wonderful, so it’s important to embrace it.

Despite all of the negative media surrounding video games in general, having a gamer in your love life is an absolute blessing. In fact, I’m going to list the reasons to keep love your gamer partners day after day.

5. They are not afraid to show emotions

Whether it be anger from getting shot by an enemy, afraid of a snarling monster that’s going to eviscerate them, happy they finally got that rare item drop, or sad that their favorite character s destined to die, and they can’t do anything about it, gamers are not afraid of expressing themselves! And that’s a good thing, I promise. Keeping emotions bottled up can cause adverse health issues and mental anguish that lasts for decades, so be supportive of your partner’s outbursts.

4. They are loyal and dedicated

You won’t find a more loyal partner than a gamer. Yes, sometimes they are difficult to handle, but if they can spend six hundred plus hours on Pokémon trying to fill in the Dex, over four hundred hours leveling up thirteen characters with different builds and stats, you can be sure that your lover will be loyal and dedicated to your relationship. By comparison, it's much more important, so don't worry! As far as loyalty goes, they know their habits can be a lot to handle, but also know that you love them regardless.

3. They have good taste in food

It may surprise you, but gamers have good taste in foods. Because of their habits and lifestyle, they don't have a lot of time dedicated to making complicated, experimental foods, so it's essential to have things that are tasty around. Sometimes it's breakfast sandwiches; other times its oven-ready lasagna; either way, it's yummy. Quick and easy-to-make meals are go-to items but also reasonably easy-to-cook dinners for both of you to make together are more important. My man loves steaks, freshly cooked veggies, and chunky, mashed potatoes.

2. They admire your beauty

It sounds cheesy, but it's true. This person has seen the most gorgeous/handsome characters imaginable and has married a few of them online, but your beauty is far more vital to them. You are their partner, their life, their love, their everything! You might be sitting there drinking strong coffee, hair unkempt, wearing pajamas, but to them, you are a vision of attraction. You mean more to them than any NPC on a game. Feel confident in your physical appeal to your sweet gamer.

1. They know how to use their hands

Whether its playing games, doing projects around the house, cleaning, moving things, or more...intimate bedroom activities, our loving gamers are always willing to help out. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all! Being cooperative with your partner is essential for a healthy, productive long-term relationship, so always be willing to compromise with them. Sometimes, it's good to get perspective on things because if you focus too hard on them, it makes things difficult.

This isn't part of the list, but I feel like it's important to mention. Your partner is your everything, so treat them well! I assure you they will reciprocate those feelings and efforts. Especially in these crazy times, we need our support system. We need each other now more than ever.

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Angela Derscha

Twitter @angied7592. Long time lover of literature. Obsessed with adorable animals and coffee I spend my days playing video games with my brother and fiancee. I got a medium account too check it out.

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Angela Derscha
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