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Live Through This: May 2020's New Moon in Gemini

On Friday, May 22nd, 2020, at around 1:38 PM EST, we will have a New Moon at 2'04 degrees of the chatty, intellectual sign of Gemini. Here's what to expect.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
"Everything Always Returns to Her" by Brian Kirhagis

What is a New Moon?

A New Moon represents the beginning of the lunar cycle when the moon is conjunct the sun and invisible to the human eye. New Moons are a good time for fresh starts and new beginnings. It is a good time to start a new project or make a radical change. It's also a good time to find clarity on what you want, and release what no longer serves you. The effects of a New Moon generally last for about two weeks, up until the next Full Moon.

With the New Moon in Gemini, we can expect new beginnings related to communication, learning and the exchange of information.

It may be helpful to think back to what was going on in your life during the Full Moon in Scorpio or the Full Moon in Gemini six months ago, for certain themes may be repeating themselves.

Whatever intentions you set now should come into fruition by the time of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th.

Those with any personal planets or angles between 0 to 10 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) will most especially be affected by this New Moon.

"Castor and Pollux, The Heavenly Twins," by Giovanni Battista Cipriani (1727-1785, Italy)

New Moon in Gemini 2020

The constellation of Gemini represents two twins; the heads' of each marked by the stars Castor and Pollux. Both are named after twins in Greek Mythology who were spawned by the princess Leda, seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan on the night of her wedding to the King of Sparta. Castor, a human, was the son of Tyndareus, King of Sparta, skilled in horsemanship, as well as the arts & sciences. Pollux, on the other hand, was a demigod, the son of Zeus, possessed with immortal strength and great skill in boxing. Despite their different parentage, the twins were inseparable and went on many exciting adventures together. They were so inseparable in fact that when one twin, Castor, died, Pollux pleaded with Zeus to die with him. Zeus agreed to let them spend half of their time in the underworld, and half their time in the Heavens, where they were immortalized by the constellation, Gemini.

The myth of Castor and Pollux highlights Geminis duality but also it's drive for connection with others that is often overlooked. Neither Castor or Pollux could bear to be alone without the other. While each twin possesses their own skill, they both represent two parts of the same whole. Each opposite, dark and light, good and evil, Heaven and Earth, depends on the other to function. The quest for immortality is another theme common to the myths of this constellation and can be seen in the eternal youthfulness associated with the sign.

The New Moon's most major aspect is it's trine to Saturn Retrograde at 1'50 degrees Aquarius. Whatever projects we start or goals we set now may start out slow but will likely be lasting and enduring. The Moon's trine to Saturn indicates feelings of stability and security, while the Sun's trine to Saturn brings an attitude of responsibility and resilience, as we remain optimistic that our hard work will ultimately pay off. The Sun's trine to Saturn is a symbol of strength and vitality. Because Saturn is located in Aquarius, this trine might especially affect projects related to the community at large. Things have been chaotic, since the coronavirus hit, but this trine suggests that we'll come out of it stronger and more stable than ever.

Love in a Time of Corona: Mercury conjunct Venus Retrograde in Gemini, square Neptune in Pisces

The Gemini New Moon is also accompanied by a lot of Gemini energy. Mercury and Venus Retrograde, making a conjunction at 20 degrees of the sign, indicating flirtation and a pleasant exchange of information with others. Mercury conjunct Venus is generally said to be a good time to express your love for someone; since Venus is Retrograde, it's an especially good time to reach out to someone from your past. It's a good time to make amends with someone if there's been a conflict. This aspect indicates a peaceful solution to any disagreement.

But with Mercury and Venus Retrograde in Gemini square Neptune, however, at 20 degrees Pisces, there is also a potential danger of miscommunication, especially in regards to our intimate relationships. There might be deception; be careful of who you trust, especially people you've just met on the internet and may not really know yet. Neptune is the dissolver of boundaries and is said to weaken the immune system; be careful of meeting up with anyone, or going out in general, considering our circumstances. There might also be self-deception as a result of our own idealization and wishful thinking. Often, in love, we see what we want to see rather than what is. Plain old misunderstandings are also common, so be careful to communicate clearly and listen carefully as well.

Meanwhile, Mars at 6 degrees Pisces is making a sextile to Uranus at 8 degrees Taurus. This indicates action of a spontaneous and playful nature. It increases our urge for fun and excitement and a healthy sense of freedom. It also indicates creative solutions to our problems.


The May 2020 New Moon in Gemini highlights our quest for health and eternal youth. The close trine to Saturn is a safe and stabilizing influence, symbolizing strength, vitality, and community re-building. Meanwhile, Mercury conjunct Venus Retrograde in Gemini, as well as Mars' sextile to Uranus, brings a liveliness and a communicativeness missing from previous Moon phases. It is especially good time for making amends and confessing our love, although the square to Neptune warns of potential deception and misunderstanding. The overall message, highlighted by the trine to Saturn, and Gemini's myths of immortality, is that no matter what challenges come our way, we will get through this. We will get through this together.


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