Healing the Collective Unconscious: May 2020's Full Moon in Scorpio

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On Thursday, May 7th, at 6:45 AM EST, we will have a Full Moon at 17'20 degrees of the mysterious sign of Scorpio.

Healing the Collective Unconscious: May 2020's Full Moon in Scorpio

On Thursday, May 7th, at 6:45 AM EST, we will have a Full Moon at 17'20 degrees of the mysterious sign of Scorpio.

What is a Full Moon?

A Full Moon occurs when the sun is opposite the moon, representing the peak, or climax of the lunar cycle. Throughout history, Full Moons have been known to cause unexpected events, and strange behavior. Because the two luminaries are in opposition to one another, Full Moons are known to highlight any opposing forces or polarities in your life, such as the balance between self and the other, the balance between the masculine and feminine, and the balance between work and home.

Full Moons are also good times to reflect on where you are in life, and where you are headed. While the period between the New Moon and the Full Moon is a time for setting (and achieving) goals, the period between the Full Moon and the next new moon is a time for letting go. Full Moons can also bring about climactic events, and awaken us to powerful truths and realizations. The effects of a Full Moon usually last about two weeks, until the new moon comes along and starts a new cycle.

The Full Moon in Scorpio (opposite the Sun in Taurus) highlights the balance between security and risk, intimacy verses self-preservation. When we keep to ourselves, we are safe and secure, but to develop meaningful and intimate relationships with others involves vulnerability & it involves risk.

It may help to think back to whatever intentions you set around the New Moon in Taurus for they should be coming into fruition at this time, as well as six months back to the New Moon in Scorpio. Certain themes may be repeating themselves. Whatever thoughts or intentions you plant now should come into fruition by the New Moon in Gemini on May 22nd.

Check your natal chart to see which houses Taurus & Scorpio fall into. This will tell you more about how the Full Moon will affect you personally.

Those with personal planets or angles between 12 and 22 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will most especially be affected by this Full Moon

May 2020's Full Moon in Scorpio

A sign associated with secrets and magic, the Full Moon in Scorpio may be considered by some to be one of the most powerful times of the year. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it will be an easy time. Scorpio is a fixed, water sign, ruled by Mars, the planet of action and confrontation. The Moon, however, is in it's fall. Like the Sun in Taurus, the Moon is about comfort & stability, but Scorpio strips away all that.

The Full Moon in Scorpio strips away the stability of the material world. It strips away all the false comforts we use to distract ourselves. What's left at the core is truth, pure truth, and often this can be painful. All of the hidden memories we've suppressed, all the feelings that we'd rather not acknowledge, come floating up to the surface, and in a Mars-like fashion, we are forced to confront them. It's intense, and overwhelming, but ultimately, healing. When we're aware of ourselves, when we're aware of the source of our suffering as well as any toxic traits we ourselves may hold, we are given the power to transmute it. We are given the power to transmute that pain, that suffering, that toxicity, into something positive, something beautiful.

The Full Moon in Scorpio's most important aspect is it's trine to Neptune at 20'22 degrees Pisces, increasing our sense of spirituality and connection with others. Feelings of empathy, compassion, and psychic connectivity are heightened. We may also be more sensitive, more emotional, than usual. We may be locked in our homes but rather than having feelings of separation, we feel at one with each other, as it's something we all have to go through together. It is easy for us to find the deeper meaning behind everything now, and we may have very vivid dreams. If we practice any religion, or engage in any spiritual practice, we may feel more connected to it at this time

The Moon is opposite Mercury at 20'23 Taurus. Our feelings may seem to be at odds with our thinking at this time. However, the Sun's conjunction to Mercury makes communication easier. Our thinking is clearer, and the sextile to Neptune, shows our thinking is more imaginative as well. The Sun's conjunction to Mercury can yield important and vivid insights. Our communication style is softer, more considerate. If we can take the time to consciously pinpoint what we need and feel, it is a good time for putting our emotions into words.

Meanwhile, Venus at 21'11 degrees Gemini, about to station Retrograde on May 13th, will be squaring Neptune at 20'22 Neptune. It is possible that we could meet at a soulmate at this time, but we should be careful not too view things with rose-colored glasses. If we overidealize the person we care for, it may only wind up hurting us. Things may go sour, when Venus goes Retrograde, even if only temporarily, or maybe, when Venus goes Direct, we'll find out our partner or crush wasn't who we thought they were. Fated and spiritual connections at this time are likely, and that is a beautiful thing, but we also need to be careful not to chase after any illusions. We can't be investing too deeply into what not's real. Make an intention to only allow what is true and genuine to come into your life.

Mars at 26'04 degrees of the humanitarian and revolutionary sign of Aquarius is trine the North Node 29'46 degrees Gemini, bringing about karmic events relating to the collective fate. This aspect might help awaken people to the changes we need to make as a species and inspire us to fight for important social causes.


Things might seem to get worse before they get better, but ultimately, this Full Moon is a positive one. Knowledge is power, and the Full Moon in Scorpio will expose any deep, dark, secrets that lie beneath the surface. This may be triggering. The Full Moon may intensify our suffering temporarily, but only so we can heal from it. While it may be difficult, the Moon's opposition to Mercury pushes us to find the language to describe how we feel, so that we can talk about it. The Full Moon's trine to Neptune in Pisces shows us that this Full Moon will affect us on a very spiritual level. This isn't merely personal but it exposes the wounds hidden within the collective unconscious, as we begin to feel more connected to each other, realizing that we are one.

Kaitlyn Maura
Kaitlyn Maura
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