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Social Distancing: April 2020's New Moon in Taurus

by Kaitlyn Maura 2 years ago in astronomy
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On Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020, we will have a New Moon at 3'24 degrees Taurus. Here's what to expect.

What is a New Moon?

A New Moon represents the beginning of the lunar cycle when the moon is conjunct the sun and invisible to the human eye. New Moons are a good time for fresh starts and new beginnings. It is a good time to start a new project or make a radical change. It's also a good time to find clarity on what you want, and release what no longer serves you. The effects of a New Moon generally last for about two weeks, up until the next Full Moon.

With the New Moon in Taurus, we can expect new beginnings related to our sense of security and stability, our belongings, self-worth, and our connection to the environment.

It may be helpful to think back to what was going on in your life during the Full Moon in Libra or the Full Moon in Taurus six months ago, for certain themes may be repeating themselves.

Whatever intentions you set now should come into fruition by the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th.

Those with any personal planets or angles between 0 to 10 degrees of the mutable signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will most especially be affected by this New Moon.

New Moon in Taurus April 2020

Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, depicting a bull. It is associated with self-preservation. Taurus influenced individuals are often slow, steady, and careful in their decision-making, wanting to know they'll be safe and secure before making a commitment. The sign of Taurus is also deeply connected to the material world, meaning that this New Moon could help many of us to realize that we are not separate from our greater environment. If environmentalism seems like an abstract concept to you, if you could care less about the plants and animals, at least care about yourself, your family, and friends, because when the climate is out of whack, and resources are scarce, you bet it's going to affect you personally.

In Greek mythology, the sign of Taurus symbolizes the form taken by Zeus to seduce Europa, the Phoenician princess who hopped on the bulls back as he took her to the Island of Crete. According to Babylonian mythology, however, the bull was sent by Ishtar to the hero Gilgamesh to kill him after rejecting her advances. The sign of Taurus is deeply connected to the feminine, particularly the Goddess Venus, and myths of seduction, and rejection. With this in mind, we can expect this New Moon to spur on feelings of desire and loneliness.

The New Moon's closest aspect is it's square to Saturn, the great malefic, at 1'41 degrees of it's home sign, Aquarius. As much as I like to keep these articles positive, this New Moon in Taurus, and the days leading up to it, are likely to be very depressing for many of us. Instead of getting out needs met, something may seem to be blocking us from getting what we want. Saturn in Aquarius is very much representative of governments, political groups, the people at large; so many of us may feel the influence of the government or another large institution interfering with our personal lives. It could be a result of social distancing due to COVID-19; the disconnection to others may be getting to people's heads, making us feel so lonely and isolated that we can't stand it anymore.

The New Moon is also conjunct Uranus at 6'24 degrees Taurus. This could inspire people to act out in ways they normally would not. This aspect often indicates unexpected changes, and rebellious behavior. It increases our hunger for freedom, and our thirst for excitement, and we might find ourselves restless and bored. It could be that many of us get fed up with our new way of living, and rebel against the guidelines and restrictions surrounding the pandemic. Many people might forego social distancing guidelines to party and spend time with lovers and friends, putting themselves at further danger and risk. On the other hand, however, it could inspire many of us to fight for more positive social change.

On a more positive note, the New Moon in Taurus is also trine the South Node at 00'37 degrees Capricorn, and sextile the North Node at 00'37 degrees Cancer. These times may be hard but they are best used as an opportunity for spiritual growth. Because it is trine the South Node, the upcoming New Moon in Taurus is an especially good time to release what no longer serves.

Once again, love will get us through these harsh times. Venus at 15'00 degrees Gemini is closely trine Mars at 16'10 Aquarius. This aspect could bring partners closer together, as communication is strong. I would say it's a good time to schedule a date night, but based on the other aspects and a knowledge of our current climate, unless you live together, I'm going to strongly suggest that you better keep it a Skype date.


The New Moon in Taurus, an Earth sign very much at home in the physical realm, will help many of us to realize that we are not separate from our environments. However, the square to Saturn in Aquarius will cause hardship, stress, and depression. Many of us may get fed up with the isolation and loneliness sprung onto us by social distancing. The conjunction to Uranus in Taurus warns us of the potential risk and danger we may face if we rebel against these guidelines, as many of us may be driven to. The trine to the South Node tells us that we will do well if we use this as a time for spiritual growth, particularly letting go of bad habits and ridding ourselves of things that no longer serve us. Meanwhile the trine between Venus and Mars indicates that love is in the air, and will help us get through these harsh times.


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Kaitlyn Maura

My name’s Kait. I would define myself mainly as a truth seeker. I write about a lot of things, primarily astrology, religion & spirituality, relationships and social issues.

Website: https://www.astrologybykait.com/

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