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Michelle de Nostradamus' book, Les Prophetes, that was written in 1555, with 942 Predictions, most of which have already been fulfilled.

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Let's select Just a few that might be of relevance in our current age.

The sixteenth-century Mars mission.

Michelle de Nostradamus was a French astrologer who became well-known during his time because, you guessed it, many of his predictions came true. Although it's still unclear if his predictions from long ago were accurate or the result of pure coincidence, people at the time accepted him and he became well-known for them until the day of his death. Nostradamus also left behind a book called Les Prophetes in which he made 942 predictions, many of which came true. For example, he foresaw both the moon landing mission of Apollo 11 and the ruthless reign of Adolf Hitler and even the COVID-19 pandemic. All these he talked about in the book which he published in 1555.

What makes Nostradamus even more unique is that many of his prophecies are expressed as poetry.

In that very book, Nostradamus said that by 2023, celestial fire will descend upon the royal building when Mars' light disappears. As of right now, Elon Musk and NASA estimate that it will take until 2029 for humans to set foot on Mars, but Nostradamus foresaw that the first manned mission would occur much sooner and that whoever goes there first may suffer the misfortune of explosions or aircraft crashes. Since 2023 is still a long way off, we can never be certain when a breakthrough or dangerous situation will occur.

The British royal family

Queen Elizabeth II is now deceased, as everyone is aware. May God bless her memory! But prior to her passing, she was regarded as one of the most adored empresses in history and held the record for the longest reign in British monarchy history. Sadly, the United Kingdom had a significant loss in 2022, and the British royal family was left in shock after her passing. Not long after her passing, Nostradamus's Les Prophetes book shattered numerous sales records due to its high demand.

Initially, it was rather perplexing how a book could have such a strong connection to the Queen's demise, but the truth is that Nostradamus's prophecy was not too far off.

But Nostradamus didn't stop there. He also foresaw that she would be succeeded by a king whom the populace would quickly depose, and that king would be succeeded by a man who was never expected to be king. As you recall, we previously mentioned that Nostradamus published his book sometime in 1555, so it's unlikely that he had any idea who Queen Elizabeth was or how long she would rule. Nevertheless, he accurately foresaw her succession, since as we all know, she was succeeded by the 96-year-old King Charles III, who, if all goes according to plan, will be succeeded by Prince Harry, who is currently outside the United Kingdom.

The fact that Prince Harry has already resigned from his line of succession and that his brother, Prince William, is now in that position makes this event completely unexpected. However, if Nostradamus is to be believed, Prince Harry will still be crowned King even though we will have to wait until the future to find out.

Earthly cannibals

Let's review Nostradamus' prophecies for this one. Nostradamus predicted in his book that a pandemic resulting from either war or climate change will cause a collapse in the food supply chain in 2023. Some specialists on prophecy claim that this particular prophecy was directed at the conflict in Ukraine. As everyone is aware, Putin has severely restricted food exports from the nation that is ravaged by conflict. As a result, food prices have skyrocketed in Ukraine, and many people are living well below the poverty line. If Nostradamus is correct, then humanity will have to start devouring one other like cannibal in order to survive.

While there have been no reports of such incidents in Ukraine as of yet, some factions believe that Nostradamus was alluding to the Horn of Africa, where a forty-year drought has caused severe food shortages and political unrest. Of those in the region, 36.4 million people are estimated to be hungry, and nearly 21.7 million are in need of food assistance. Although famine has not yet been officially declared in these regions, it is predicted to strike in 2023, so it's possible that Nostradamus was correct on this one.

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