God vs Science

Why do people assume they are secular?

God vs Science

Science, it is the very cornerstone of our modern age and something that is intrinsically tied to our future on this planet. The wonders of the universe are vast and beautiful and leave me in awe with each sight I behold. When I witness the beauty and wonder of the cosmos I feel it not in my mind, or my heart but in my very soul like a long lost memory.

Belief, like science, is just as important to our future and the understanding of who we are. To me, science doesn't negate my faith and my faith doesn't preclude me from thought or reason for why they reaffirm each other. This I know is not the most popular opinion on the planet as voices from each side of the argument cry out for secular attitudes because they are afraid that one will cancel the other out. In my humble opinion, science is the how and God is the why and you cannot answer a question without first asking it. While religion seeks the why science tries to explain the how and both are necessary to figure out why we are here. All of us are here clinging to this globe hurtling through space in search of ourselves and a greater understanding of the world at large. Some seek to understand this through belief and others through reason but belief must be tempered by reason and reason must be challenged by faith for both are necessary. Belief gives us the ability to imagine something greater than what we see and it pushes science and reason to reach those greater heights.

When I see a picture of a supernova I am reminded of the division of a cell and I see the universe as a living being in both its beauty and wonder. Like the division of a cell brings life so does the death of a star just on different scales, both equally as beautiful. The very fact that the matter that makes up you and I and the device that you are reading this on were born long ago in the dying heart of a faraway star is beautiful. Those particles traversed the infinite expanse of space and came together and broke apart again and again like a cosmic dance until they formed our planet, the water, the land and then us, is something so profound that I can't help but believe that this is somehow directed. We are made up of stardust, miracles made up of particles to quote a great singer.

Quantum mechanics itself raises more questions than it answers and the wonder of it all is mind-boggling to me. Perhaps one day we will be able to scientifically quantify everything and perhaps we will even discover God in the equation. My true belief is that God is found in those moments of wonder and beauty and science leads us to experience more wonder and beauty than anything else I have experienced in my short life.

I do not have all the answers nor do I even know all the questions but I know God exists in these small moments and the large ones and science is the road map to an understanding of God and ourselves. When we separate the one from the other we diminish both and we lose a part of that beauty and wonder that forces us to look up and dream. We are the universe experiencing ourselves. Science and belief are intrinsically tied and either should not be excluded from something as simple as ego or cognitive dissonance. Expand both your mind and your soul.

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