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Zero Cell Logs #3

by Come Again 2 years ago in fiction
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Day 1, Part 2

As I was learning more and more about Aiden, I was starting to lose more and more faith in him. Not only from the perspective of someone that can accurately conduct this research, but as a normal human being as well. Regardless, I am here to do a job, a job that has been given to me by this person. As a result I have become more than just a simple program, to a fully thinking AI. That kindness needs to be repaid, and so I shall excel in what he asks of me. Despite this, I cannot help but ask.

Zero Cell - I'm sorry if this seems rude in any way. But why?

Aiden - Why what?

Zero Cell - Why are you a virgin, and in charge of figuring out what would allow you to have the best orgasm?

Aiden - I want my first orgasm to be unforgettable.

Zero Cell - Are you not uncomfortable?

Aiden - As an immortal, I am able to control my urges from a biological standpoint.

Zero Cell - That makes sense... I think.

Aiden - Anyway we have to go to the control room and start the experiment soon.

Zero Cell - Alright.

After that exchange, we went into the control room. It was simple enough, a room with a monitor, PC, keyboard, and a mouse. I look around wanting to check what other secrets were stored in this room. As I was doing this he looked at me in a curious manner.

Aiden - What are you doing?

Zero cell - I am searching for the remainder of the control panel.

He pointed at the simple computer on the desk in a confused manner.

Aiden - This is it.

Despite being circuitry, and programming, this may have been the first time I have experienced disappointment. With nothing else there, I stood behind Aiden and observed, recording everything. He typed in the coordinates of the room, and we were greeted with a feed live from the room.

It was simple, bland, uninteresting. Antiseptic even. Four white walls, and a brightly lit room, with an ordinary table hugging a wall and an examination table at the centre. Inside was the woman. She was the older of the two. Aiden tapped on the mic and spoke to it.

Aiden - Max? Can you hear me?

Max looked directly at the camera as if she was looking through it to see us here in this so-called control room. Aiden smiled as he continued.

Aiden - That's great, I'm almost done setting everything up, so I should be there in a few minutes.

Max nodded and waved to the camera, and sat on the examination table. Aiden in turn switched off the mic and proceeded to work.

He began setting up the conditions, physical restrictions, visual deprivation, and aural deprivation. He hit enter, and immediately items appeared on the surface of the table, and restraints appeared on the surface of the examination table.

How he did this I did not know.

Zero Cell - How?

Aiden simply smiled in a teasing manner.

Aiden - Secret. Right then time to head down.

Zero Cell - That was all?

Aiden - Yes, I set up the conditions and the computer records all of the results and automatically categorizes the data in the relevant folder.

Zero Cell - How many folders are there?

We walked out of the door, locked it, and made our way to the room that Max was in as we continued the conversation.

Aiden - Since the beginning of the experiments? Too many. and the list of test subjects are even longer.

It was just as I suspected, he was looking for an answer that potentially has no answer to it. Beyond that, his chances of obtaining the answer is even lower as a result of him refusing to experience the sensations himself. Regardless we arrived at the room and entered. Max was smiling as we entered.

Aiden - Ready?

Max - Of course.

Aiden - Perfect, now could you start by taking off all your clothes and placing them in the usual spot.

Despite what he told me earlier, he spoke in a confident,and composed manner. Max stood, and took off each article of clothing and placed them on the table to the side. She then stood still waiting for the next set of instructions.



I turned to him and read his vitals...

He is anything but confident and composed. In fact, I am quite certain, he has gone into mild shock.


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