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Sexuality is an element that plays an essential role in both women and men. In addition to being vital, it also allows you to flourish and have better self-esteem. Impotence in the sexual domain is also considered as one of the factors leading to the deterioration of the image that those who are victims of it have of themselves. However, these sexual dysfunctions have much more important causes, especially in men.

Erectile dysfunction affects many men these days. When it concerns a man, the latter can see his erectile function weakened, and the sexual satisfaction of his partner questioned. This disorder, which prevents men from having strong erections and maintaining them, can have several causes. Starting from physiological reasons such as taking Kamagra Oral Jelly Sildenafil and Cenforce 100mg Sildenafil or treatment and their side effects, there are many so-called psychological causes.

Indeed, at some point in his life, the man may face difficulties in his activities or his life as a couple—problems which, if not resolved, can cause the person to fall into anxiety or depression. Psychological causes can cause erectile dysfunction.

Psychological elements are generally considered necessary in the pathogenesis of sexual dysfunction, but it is difficult to explore these factors with standardized tools.

The last few years have been marked by significant progress to help men better understand their sexual physiology. These are high-end innovations combined with extensive research that has replaced traditional treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Understanding and diagnosing the causes and symptoms of erectile dysfunction is, therefore, more comfortable and faster these days. So it is, therefore, more comfortable with making the differential diagnosis of a disorder such as andropause and making the link with erectile dysfunction.

It is a set of physiological signs relating to the decrease in the production of testosterone or other hormones in men over the age of 45. It is interesting to look at this little-known andropause mechanism and to see the real impacts on a man's sexual life when it occurs.

The mechanism of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can cause some discomfort in men pushing him to experience individual psychological states. The affected man may thus be under severe stress or fall into a daze or lack confidence.

The main sign of erectile dysfunction is the difficulty for the man to obtain and keep a dynamic and robust erection during the sexual relations with his partner

The correlation between depression and erectile dysfunction

It has been found that the majority of cases of depression can slow down the relationship with the partner. This is because the person with depression tends to isolate himself and to maintain no longer relations with his partner, who consequently feels rejected and begins to feel frustrated.

Other times, sexual dysfunction is simply due to the use of antidepressants, which can affect performance under the covers.

A major depressive disorder is not only characterized by low mood and lack of energy, loss of interest in most activities, sleep changes, changes in appetite, feelings of guilt, and a self-assessment.

There is indeed a correlation between a man's depressive states and his sexual performance. Between the tense worries of everyday life, family pressures, married life, and its routines, the man may no longer know where to turn. There are also various pathogeneses linked to sexual disorders, as well as the difficulties caused by the use of different pharmacological treatments. Regarding the clinical tangles between the mood of the depressed person and the drop in his libido, the correlation is very relevant. Depression acts on a man's sexual life causing various disturbances, in particular, that of erectile function.

The fear of disappointing your partner

During sexual intercourse with his spouse, the man can be invaded by the desire to satisfy his partner highly. At this point, he can be won by so-called performance anxiety so that he fails to measure up. This behavior is often frequent in young people who discover sex for the first time. It is, therefore, one of the psychological factors of erectile dysfunction. Many men much fear this difficulty in ensuring as it should be during this relationship. It must be said that it can make a man from now on undesirable of women.

Fear of a soft erection

The man, who is nervous, depressed, or anxious, fears about his capacity to obtain reliable and rigid erections. It is difficult to understand not to last too long in bed as these erections are weak. The moments of sexual intercourse are for him absolute suffering as he can no longer satisfy his partner.

This anxiety can be accentuated by the reaction of the partner, who, not satisfied, looks at her man differently. The latter can squarely plunge into more deep-seated anxiety or even depression. This will further accentuate his erection-related disorders when this situation may be merely reversible.

Attenuation of sexual desire

Living as a couple is a long process that both partners must learn to manage, especially sexual relations. These are more common at the start, and it will get smaller as the years go by. This weariness, which manifests itself by a lack of sexual desire at the level of the woman, thus becomes a routine, thus causing a real problem at the level of the erectile functions of the man. This lack of desire will cause a rarefaction of sexual intercourse. Therefore the man risks losing confidence and self-confidence, worse yet fell into a recurrent depression. What does not participate in better strengthening the erectile function of man?

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