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The Story of Him

by Alison 8 days ago in relationships

Part Two: Alison (Anon)

The Story of Him
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I know. I know. After reading that last post, you're probably thinking that I'm a horrible friend. If only you knew how Jamie and I met. That's a story for another time. Now, back to the story.

As time progressed, Jamie and I had become more playful. Especially, when Sally was around. We found it fun to sneak around. We started hanging out more. We started feeling the sexual tension immensely Halloween Night. I had finally convinced Jamie to come out to party with us. Little did we know, that night was going to be the start something sexy, complicated, and dangerous.

Sally and I started the day sorting out our group Halloween costumes. We were all supposed to go out and get Dinner before partying the night away. Jamie asked me if he could come and I immediately said yes. We met up at the place we were supposed to eat. When I got to the door, they immediately stopped me and said "Miss... There's a four hour wait". Frustrated, I turned around and saw him driving down the block in his black mercedes. His curls were falling into his face and he was wearing a black nike tracksuit. He parked his car to come out and meet me where I was standing. He hugged me deeply. It was different.

Jamie and I wound up taking his car to meet Sally and her friends at the mall food court close by. We eventually met up in the mall parking lot. We started taking pictures in the warm sunset. His golden skin glistening in the sunlight. I couldn't help but take pictures of him. I could feel Sally getting jealous, but I didn't care. Soon after our mini photoshoot, we went to eat, and left to go to set up for a Halloween Party at my house. While Jamie was trying to help me set up, Sally and her friend were being pessimistic about the whole situation. It got to the point where I just cancelled the whole thing.

We finally found a party to attend. We all decided to take one car, so we all hopped into Sally's car. There were six people in a five seater car. Jamie subtly grazed my hand. I could feel the tension between us increase with every touch. He placed me on his lap. I could feel him through his sweatpants. He placed his hand on my thigh. I could feel him pulsating. I started getting wetter and wetter with every pulse.

Finally, we arrived at the party. He kept pulling me aside to tell me how he wanted me. I told him "We shouldn't. We would hurt Sally." After that, we all went home. It was a crazy night, but telling it in full detail would give away my identity. If this blows up, we wouldn't want that just yet.

The next day, he asked me if I wanted to go to run a few errands with him. Of course, I said "yes". He picked me in that Black Mercedes wearing a sleek all black suit, with the top buttons of his button up undone. I got into the car. He looked deep into my eyes, placed his hand on my thigh. "Hi" he said with his warm smile. We headed off to Walmart to pick up a few things. We pulled into the parking lot. He parked his car.

I could see how hard he was getting just by looking at me. He said "I'm sorry. I just have to wait a bit before we go in. I'm so sorry". I said "it's ok". We kept exchanging looks. I started to feel his bulge. It was hard as a rock. He started to rub me in a way that made me feel like electricity was running through my body with every touch. I got on top of him. I started grinding on him as his pants slowly slid off.

To be continued...

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