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The Story of Him

by Alison 10 days ago in relationships

Part 1: Alison (Anon)

The Story of Him
Not actual couple, but you get the idea

It all started September 20th. He had been in a situationship with my best friend at the time, Sally. Her and I reconnected recently throughout the Black Lives Matter protests. We were texting one day, while she was doing the deed with a boy I once knew. She had texted me after asking if I wanted to play a game of pool with them. Of course, not knowing what was to happen soon after, I said "I would love to".

He walked into the Pool Hall wearing a grey sweater, white tee shirt, black sweatpants, and black crocs. I pointed out how him and I had been matching as I had also worn the same bummy outfit. His name was Jamie. He looked at me, smirked, and grabbed a pool stick. He chose me to be on his team. We played a few rounds where I quickly learned how competitive he was. Mind you, I wasn't very good. While we played, he still kept the same level of flirtation he originally had with Sally. We later won the game and split off. This continued for a few weeks.

One day, Sally said she wasn't going to meet us until later that night. Jamie decided that he was going to teach me how to play pool. We quickly became just as flirtatious as when I met him many years ago. He soon told me he told Sally about what he thought about me in the nights prior. He felt as if he wanted me, but couldn't pursue the idea. I asked why and all he could say was "Sally".

Fast Forward to a few weeks later.

Jamie is married. A crucial detail I should have stated at the beginning.

I know how that sounds but, that's a story he would have to tell you himself.

Jamie and I would sleep over Sally's basement almost every night. The only time he would go home was to “deal” with his wife. His words. Not Mine. Jamie had committed many counts of adultery which, soon after telling his wife, would lead to seperation. But, we'll get to that later. Jamie and I became very flirtatious.

One night, Jamie was laying on the couch, where the three of us had slept. He laid his head upon Sally's lap. He had moved his leg from laying on my leg, to laying right beside my crotch. I thought to myself "does he know what he's doing?". Right as I finished my thought he started moving the heel of his foot closer and more firmly. I thought right then and there, this is it.

Now, Jamie and I had already had a growing sexual tension from the moment we first reconnected. This is where my story jumps around, so bare with me.

He started rubbing on me, I acted like I hadn't felt a thing, but I knew he could feel how wet I was through his socks. After, a while. He just... stopped.

We woke up at 4am. He dropped me off at my parents house, like we did every morning, and he went off to work.

The next day, he decided to lay on my lap. He's done this many times before, but this time was different. He put a blanket over himself. I had been wearing loose fitted pajama pants that night. Jamie started rubbing on my feet, then slowly up my leg. He finally reached what he was looking for. He could feel how wet I was just from him simply guiding his hands up to his sweet pot of honey.

He started rubbing softly. He looked up at me for a moment and laughed softly. He continued. This time more vigorously. It was as if he knew what I liked without me saying a word. Finally, he finished. I played with his hair for a while until he finally went to sleep. Two hours later, we were back to our routine, again.

To be continued...

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