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The Party

There's No Place Like Home

By ijePublished 12 days ago 22 min read

Lord knows I didn't want to go to this party, but he insisted. He always insists and the introvert in me always resents him for it. Not that I don't enjoy a good night out; I love the energy in the atmosphere on a night like this. The light scent of my perfume and his cologne forming a perfect blend throughout the bedroom as we get dressed. The way this beautiful fragrance follows us to the car and seems to fill the whole vehicle. How it seems to instantly dissipate at the very moment he drops the top on his convertible. The stars filling the sky so much that I can't help but look up and get lost in them. The cool air gently brushing against my skin before he even turns on the engine.

His hands on the steering wheel. I know it's weird in a fetishistic way but I can't help but look at his hands. They always just look so good. I literally scream inside my head for him to touch me on a regular basis, and never more so than when he is driving.

I feel amazing; this night is amazing, but all I want to do right now is stay home, cuddle, and fuck. I won't say that to him, though. The last thing we need right now is another argument. Things have been a bit tense lately, and as much as I missed him when I was back in my hometown of Virginia, part of me thinks that I moved out here to Colorado a bit too prematurely. I just didn't anticipate how much of my life would change, and how quickly the biggest parts of myself would seem to get lost in the biggest parts of him.

"I think I forgot my phone." He said, patting the chest and side pockets on his denim jacket. "I have it." I opened up my mini bag, looked down into it's nearly empty body, and picked up his phone. "Oh, good. Hold on to it for me." He said as he pushed the button to start the car. The hushed sound "Doin' Time" by Lana Del Ray comes out of the car speakers mid way through the song, exactly where I left off when I cut off the car earlier today.

Sometimes, I escape to the car to think. Sometimes, I just need to be alone, and Lana seems to be the only one who understands that. The car pulled out of the drive way and set off into the cool primavera, the wind catching my hair as we sped away. I cannot wait to get this night over with. He can't know that of course. Being the extrovert that he is, times like this are important to him in a way that I can't quite understand. As we stop at a red light, he puts his hand on my thigh and I think to myself, "Thank you", as he gently squeezes and then puts his hand back on the steering wheel. I love when he does that. It literally sends endorphins to my brain. I get tingles all over my body from head to toe. My heart starts to beat a little faster. My face gets warm and flushed. It feels so good. He has the best hands on earth.

"Bae,.." I hear him say this as he is looking at me. This which I can see from my peripheral vision as I look straight ahead trying my best to avoid his gaze. I know he will be able to see his effect on me if I look at him right now. The traffic light turns green and we make our way through the East Baker neighborhood, barely speaking a word until we arrive in Montclair, the longest 15 minutes of my life. As the car slows to park in front of a large old fashioned double bricked house, I feel a wave of anxiety come over me. "Are you sure you're good?" he asks as the roof of the car begins to cover our heads again. "Darius, I'm fine. Stop asking." I responded. I'm not though, but I take off my seat belt, and mentally prepare myself to suck it up and have fun as he jogs around to the passenger door, opens it, and extends his hand to help me out of the car.

I can hear the sound of trap music coming from the house as we walk toward the door which is wide open. I see the commotion of the buzzing party guests as we get closer to the entrance. "Dee!", exclaims a male voice through the loud music as Darius steps inside ahead of me. When I walk in, I can see that Leo, Darius' long time friend and business partner, is standing in front of a large entertainment system in a humongous living room. The house was much bigger on the inside than it looked from the outside, and there were far less people at this party than I expected which was a relief. Leo, walking around a large white sectional sofa full of people, grabs a red cup out of the hand of one of the female party guests. "You don't need it.", he says as he walks over and stretches out his arm to give the cup to Darius. "I don't need it either." Darius says. "You're finally here, I've been expecting your for hours, I haven't seen you in weeks, the very least you can do is have a drink with me." Says Leo. Darius grabs the cup and takes a sip. "Hiii, Nicki." Leo drunkenly says as he walks over and puts his arm around my shoulder. "It's nice to see you too, Leo." I responded.

"Welcome to my humble abode." Leo says as he stands in front of us arms spread as if he were intentionally trying to be a caricature of the cliche jock in a teenage movie. I looked around to see the large living room adorned with modern furniture and art work which I assumed was brand new, as I did not recognize any of it from the things he'd had when he moved out of Darius' guest house three weeks ago. Though as tasteful and stylish as the pieces were, they seemed to clash with the classic architectural structure of the home. He clearly needed to hire a decorator.

"It's lovely." I stated, feeling genuinely impressed with his effort. "Yeah, man. This is dope. Congratulations." Said Darius. He sounded less enthused. "Thank you, thank you." said Leo as his gaze landed on something or someone behind us. "I'll be right back, I think the food just got here." He said as he broke through the middle of Darius and I, heading straight into the large enclave to greet a man who appeared to be a caterer, at the front door.

Darius looks at me and we make eye contact for the first time in several hours. I wondered if he were feeling as relieved by this as I was, considering we hadn't been speaking to each other very much since our argument this afternoon. I sensed that he was over it, as was I. I felt an uncontrollable grin stretch across my mouth as I looked up at him. He put his hand behind my head, pulled me in and kissed my forehead. It makes so much sense that we would choose to make up in a social setting like this. As outgoing as he is, he still seemed to have some level of social anxiety whenever we were around groups of people. And I am more than happy to be a source of relief for him. I clearly need the relief too.

I looked around the room as we walked through little clusters of party goers whom I didn't recognize. I was hoping to see someone I actually knew, or at the very least, find a quiet place to sit and scroll through my phone while Darius made his rounds, but everywhere I looked there were people I didn't recognize chatting, laughing, and drinking. I suddenly remembered how much I really didn't want to be here when Darius grabbed my hand, his pull accelerating my movement as we headed toward a large open patio door. This was more like it. There were far less people scattered around on the large patio, and I spotted several large empty patio chairs placed around an unlit fire pit in the big open space of the back yard. "You want some?" He asked as he looked down at me and extended his arm to hand me the red cup of whatever he was drinking. "No, I probably shouldn't. Just in case you need a designated driver." I responded. "I'm not really drinking tonight either." He said as he and I both, walking toward the chairs, let go of each other's hands. It's like we were reading each other's minds as we got further away from the party and closer to the fire pit which seemed to be so far away from the house, that the loud music sounded more distant.

"Thank you for coming with me. I know how much you hate stuff like this." said Darius as we sat down in the chairs which felt way more comfortable than they looked. "Sure thing, and I don't mind coming to big parties as long as I'm told well in advance." I said, remembering my frustration with him earlier. "I'm sorry, Nick." He said. The look on his face was so adorable. He genuinely looked remorseful as if he suddenly seemed to understand why I had gotten angry with him. It's not that I don't like parties by the way. It's just that Leo's parties tend to get out of control. They always seemed to be overcrowded, and never did there seem to be any of the same people from the last party he'd had. For me, it took too much energy to meet dozens of new people each time, and when he stayed with us, these parties would happen without warning several times a week.

"It's okay. I mean, it's Leo's house warming party. We couldn't not come to Leo's house warming party." I said trying to assure him that the silent war between us was over. "It's just things have been rough between the boys lately. Troy moved half way around the world, Wes doesn't even have time for us since he and Jasmine had their baby, so I'm the only one that Leo really has left." He said. I didn't respond. These were the same points he'd made earlier, and I didn't even feel that he needed to explain himself again. I was being selfish, and I knew it.

He stared at me without breaking eye contact, and I felt butterflies flood my stomach. I looked away, unable to hide his effect on me. I felt my panties getting wet. So corny, I know. I hate the concept of make up sex, but he always knows how to turn me from that stubborn head strong woman I pride myself on being, into the cliched girlfriend melting in the hands of the man that owned her. I hated this about myself. I'm supposed to be stronger than that. He shouldn't be able to control my emotions or my body so easily but I guess I'm weak.

It's not my fault. It's unfair how charming he is. He has this way of making me feel like I am the only person in the room. The only person on the earth. Like right now for example, for a moment there I forgot where we were. "Come here." I heard him say as I continued to stare at the recently used fire pit. I shook my head no. He chuckled as if he knew what I was trying to hide. He stood up and moved his patio chair so close to mine that I could've stretched my legs out onto his lap. Suddenly I felt his breath on my right ear, and at a low volume he said, "What was the point of coming here anyway? We're not even in there with the rest of the people." I turned to look at him and he said, "We should've stayed home."

"No way you're saying this right now." I said, smiling uncontrollably. This is humorous to me and he knows it. He is such a goofball. Using irony to make me laugh. We had to be at this party. Leo would never forgive him, and we had run out of good excuses to stay home and cuddle all day. Darius' friends were becoming impatient with us, and he was already on thin ice as it was. I guess I'm to blame for this. Before I moved here, he was always out with his friends doing God knows what. I remember that even before I came here they were concerned about how often he called me whenever they were hanging out. He told me they hated how often he began to make lame excuses to stay home and talk on the phone with me.

"It's true." He said. "We're going to have to go in there and be social eventually, Darius." I responded. I feel guilty for wanting him all to myself. I know it's not healthy or fair to him.

This reminded me of our first of many late night phone calls. I had only met him a few days earlier at Ronald Reagan airport where he stopped me and used the corny "I think I've seen you somewhere before" pick-up line as I was waiting for my luggage to come around at the baggage claim. I had zero interest in him and I found this so irritating until he said, "Can I get an autograph?" I couldn't help but laugh obnoxiously through the airport as he followed me to my Uber claiming that I was some random actress from a movie that I had never even heard of. He literally pulled out a piece of paper and a pen (Who still carries this stuff like that around in their pocket?), and with my signature, I also wrote down my phone number.

He called me like 4 days later. We literally talked until the sun came up, and we could've kept going had we not both needed to work that day. We've been inseparable ever since. Not a day has gone by that I have not talked to him.

I looked up at the party going on inside of the house, which was starting to actually look fun, and said, "Let just go in there." He moved in close to my ear again and said, "No, I wanna go home." I looked at him and we started kissing. He is such a good kisser. I melted like ice cream. "We just got here." I said when we stopped. "I don't care." He said. "I already gave him his housewarming gift."

"What? I don't remember that." I said unable to recall him even having a gift in his hand when we walked into the house. "I sent it to him days ago." He said pecking my lips again. I looked at his eyes and they were talking. I knew what he wanted but I continued to resist. "We can't be rude, though. Let's at least chat a little bit before we leave." I said. Again, he moved his face close to my right ear and said, "I don't want to talk to anyone but you." My heart sank and my butterflies started fluttering like crazy. I began to feel nervous. In a good way. He put his left hand on my neck and stroked my right cheek with his thumb as he looked at me. "Where is this coming from all of a sudden?" I asked. "You have been complaining about needing to get out more all week long. I'm confused, Darius."

He continued to look me straight in the eye as he said, "I was just letting my boys get in my head. Half of them aren't even here. I don't know all these people." I giggled when he said this, but it was so true. Usually, the three of them would be standing here by now forcing him to get a way from me for a few minutes and actually party with them. The night was still young, but lately it seems like he and his core group of friends were starting to grow apart. I don't know if that is my fault or not, but I feel responsible for it. "All I need is you. I don't need anyone else." He said. This was insane. My baby, the social butterfly, and life of the party, was telling me exactly what I wanted to hear, and as much as I had always wanted that, all I could feel was nerves and guilt. "I feel bad. I feel like I changed you." I said. "It's not your fault." said Darius. But I know it is. I know he's only saying this to make me feel better. We have a serious problem.

"I just wanna go home, get in bed, and hold you right now." he said. We started kissing again. That is all that we do these days. We both work from home. We never have to leave the house. I sit in bed sending emails and then the rest of the day consists of me laying there waiting for him to finish his Zoom meetings. All we do is cuddle, fuck, eat, sleep, repeat, and I love it, but I also know that it's toxic. It can't be good for either of us, but I'm so addicted to him that I don't know how to get out of it. Lately, he's been pointing out how bad it's gotten and he's been forcing me to get out of the house with him even though he can't seem to keep track of his social schedule. He even forgot about this party until Leo texted him about this afternoon, which is why we argued earlier. I felt like he did this on purpose so that I could not come up with any excuses. I couldn't blame my period, or work calls, or the sudden bug I had been getting on and off since moving in with him last year. But now I'm realizing that he probably just forgot, the same way that he forgot about his older sister's birthday a couple of weeks ago.

"Let's go." He said. He put the cup down on the edge of the fire pit, grabbed my hand and led me through the back yard to the side of the house as if he was trying to sneak away without Leo noticing. When we got to the side of the house, suddenly he stopped. I noticed that we were hidden between the brick wall of the house, and a row of tall emerald arborvitae bushes that appeared to act as a fence separating Leo's house from his neighbor's. Darius turned around, looked down at me, and started kissing me. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him as we kissed. The cool air hitting the panties under my dress made my wetness cold and more noticeable to me now. I was soaking and dripping through them. "How on earth does he do this to me?" I thought. He pushed my back up against the brick wall, and I felt his right hand travel from my waist to my stomach, his knuckles gently stroking my belly through the thin fabric of my dress. He kept sliding his knuckles up and down my tummy slowly as we kissed. It was making me weaker and weaker. "Shhhh." He said. That's when I realized that I must've been moaning. He slid his knuckles down my stomach to my pubic area gently. He stroked me there up and down slowly and gently with the knuckles of his fingers as we kissed slowly. Then he slid his hand on to my thigh which was still wrapped around him. He took his hand off of my thigh, and put his hand under my dress. I felt the tip of his middle finger slide under my panties. I felt myself begin to lose self control. "Shhh, be quiet." He said. I made an effort to regain myself, as he slid his finger inside me. "Oh my god, you are the best, bae." He whispered. I held in my moaning as best as I could as we kissed. Suddenly he slid his finger out of me, and stopped kissing as he put me back on my feet. He grabbed my hand and we continued towards the car. When we approached the car, he did not walk over to the driver's side as I expected. Instead he unlocked the doors, walked over to the back right passenger door and opened it, signaling for me to get in. I realized as he closed the door, and walked around to the left back passenger door that we were not going to be waiting until we got home to start fucking. I actually couldn't believe he was doing this. It was dark outside, and the roof of his car provided a decent shadow which concealed us in the backseat, but that did not stop anyone from walking over to the window and being able to see us. He didn't even care. He got in the back left seat. I could she that he had an erection. "Take 'em off." He said. I loved it whenever he flat out told me what to do. Thinking to myself that I did not want to bring attention to us in the event that someone was outside and able to see me, I quickly lifted my butt off of the seat and slid my underwear to my thighs. I sat down and slid my panties down my legs and over my high heels without actually taking them off. "Give 'em to me." He said holding out his right hand. I gave him the black lace panties, and he smelled them. He took in a deep whiff and said, "Oh my god. I'm keeping these." I made eye contact with him as I reached over and unbuckled his jeans. I could see the horniness in his face now which really set me off. I unzipped him and he quickly pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles. I started to bend down to suck him when he stopped me and said, "No, come sit on it." I straddled him, my thighs against his waist as we kissed slowly. "Don't moan too loud, baby." He said. I looked at him and nodded in obedience as I put my pussy hole on the warm head of his dick not allowing him to penetrate me yet. I rubbed myself all over it and it felt so good I thought I could cum from that alone but I held back. He gently started to moan and breathe heavily as we kissed. I slowly pushed his head inside of me. I stopped kissing him and looked at him. I could tell that it felt very good to him. He looked like he was struggling to keep his eyes open. I pushed my pussy further down on his dick and he opened his eyes. I started to eskimo kiss him with my nose as I slowly rode him not allowing his dick to go all the way inside of me yet. "That feels good, baby." He said kind of slowly as if he was struggling to talk through moaning. I felt blood rushing through the veins of his dick as I sat all the way down allowing all of him to be inside of me. "AHHH." He exclaimed. I didn't care that he was a little loud. At this point I didn't even care if anyone could see us. I wanted him to cum. I started to ride him harder. "Yeah, just like that. Right there." He said as he grabbed my ass with both of his hands. I notice that he still had my lace panties wrapped around his right hand as he squeezed me. He slid his hands up to my waist and forced himself even deeper into me. I felt him getting even harder, and I knew he was going to cum soon. I slid my pussy up to his head again, making circles with my hips slowly. "Baby." He said as if he wanted to tell me something but he couldn't. He slid his hands under my dress, grabbed my breasts and started to squeeze them hard until it hurt. He knows that I love the pain. "Take all of it." He said as he looked me in my eyes. I slid all the way down on his dick allowing all of him to be inside me. I made circles with my hips and the feeling of his skin rubbing up against my walls was starting to make me feel like I was going to cum. The head of his dick felt so fat and hard inside of me it almost didn't feel real. I loved the feeling of it rubbing against my G spot on the inside and I started to moan. Obviously he didn't care anymore about how loud I was. I was never a screamer anyway. "I love the way you sound, baby." He spoke into my left ear. He started to kiss my neck and I closed my eyes as I started to cum. I was shaking. "Yeahhh." He said sounding satisfied with the fact that I was coming. He put his hands back on my waist and began to force me down onto his dick even harder and faster. I felt his warm cum fill up my pussy as we kissed weakly. I could feel that he was just as weak as I was and at this very moment, I came to remember that we were in his car, 20 minutes away from home, and away from our bed. All I wanted to do now was to sink into the soft sheets and pillows and fall asleep.


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