The Fine Art of Opposing Sensations and Triggering the Brain

Find subspace through sensations.

The Fine Art of Opposing Sensations and Triggering the Brain
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When you are thinking about sex, sensual, kink or the gambits in-between. Think of competing sensations and how you can use them to your advantage as a lover. You might surprise yourself or your partner.

There are two very valid reasons why you would use opposing sensations. The first is numbing. Ever wonder why that vibrator you bought was so exciting when you first got it home and now it just takes forever to achieve that orgasm?

I want you to stop reading for a moment and try it. Hold that vibrator in your hand firmly. Pay attention to how it feels. Then you notice; after a while the area tingles, all the nerves are alive, but subtlety, the feeling becomes less intense. This thing that happens, this numbing, is the body's response on a basic level to preserve itself.

The brain is programmed to respond to nerve centers. It’s the basic survival mode of self-preservation. The brain will ask, “Am I in danger? —No!” It then sends signals to the nerves to start ignoring the sensations. That is the simple reason for why we experience numbness from a feeling of the skin that is continuous. If you add to this, the use of this toy that you love so much over and over in the same way, your body is programmed via its main computer, the brain, to start ignoring the feeling altogether.

This is where opposing sensations start to become really effective. Did you know it takes approximately two minutes for the full cycle to happen? The sensation is placed on the body. Then the nerve feels the sensation. So the brain receives impulse and decides a response to then send a signal back to nerve and, we react. The whole cycle is complete in two minutes. Actually, its seconds, the two minutes comes in when the body chooses to ignore the stimuli and lessons the reaction and sensation. So you have two minutes to avoid numbness and loss of reaction. An opposing sensation introduced before that two-minute mark will allow the brain to keep firing and acknowledge the new feeling or sensation.

Let’s bring sensation to the next level. Why do you think BDSM participants use restraints? (Rope, cuffs or scarves)

Answer: Sense awareness.

The brain is programmed to live, to survive and receive surrounding indicators via our basic senses. If you remove or refrain the body from adjusting to its surroundings, it heightens other senses as a way to control its perception that allows us to discern proximity and space. So bondage, whether light or hard, silk or leather will bring up the sense of touch. Making everything more intense, whether gentle or forceful.

What are the senses that are at a high if you remove the sense sight?

Touch and sound. It is a natural reaction for the largest sexual organ, the skin, to try and solve the problem of perception. Your brain is trying to acclimate, so it triggers sound as well to gauge surrounding indicators to determine if there is danger in your environment.

Take away sound and your brain uses the last two senses.

Smell and taste.

The brain is uniquely designed to fire two senses at once in an attempt to ascertain sensations and the situation your body is in. What also happens through this process is brain training. Synapse pathways will form and you can retrain your brain to find pleasure from any sensation.

This unique ability can help with anything from depression to chronic pain. We can train our own brains to forgo a negative response for a positive one. A unique feature of the brain is that the same centers are active for both pain and pleasure. Once, I discovered that my own pain threshold increased in both negative pain situations and sexual ones (the good pain).

This is also the secret knowledge needed to train your brain to change habits, form routines, learn a new skill or cum on command. There are many things that can be accomplished, including and not just limited to subspace. This could impact a power dynamic, 24/7 lifestyle or just better your own self-awareness.

However, playing with sensations at this level requires considerable compassion, understanding, and trust. Please be very aware of your submissive and your surroundings as any play of this type should not be done to extremes unless you are very familiar with the submissive’s responses and triggers(negative ones). Playing with opposites can queue the body to release one of the many natural chemicals it needs in the situation and you can naturally induce intoxication.

Once intoxicated, a person can not consent. There is no question that a person intoxicated on their own body chemicals or within subspace cannot agree to any activity and the top or person in charge needs to recognize the signs and stop play.

Remember aftercare and further supervision is needed for bringing your submissive to that point. It is the tops duty to ensure their partner is safe after the fact as well.

In understanding the important role of the brain plays to release chemicals and how you can go from subtle fun play to the extreme. You now know you not only have a rainbow of ideas and things to try but you have a wide range of limits to push when it comes to opposing sensations.

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