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The Dragoness' Flame (Official Stories)

by Castiela Estarossa about a month ago in erotic / relationships / nsfw / lingerie / fiction / fetishes / comedy / beauty
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This story is rated "M+" for 18+ readers as it does have heavy sexual scenes, violence, and strong language. Viewer discretion is advised!

"For most people, turning eighteen is no big deal. But in my world, turning that crucial age is everything.

It's a ritual that has been upheld since the Goddess, herself, created us. Dragons. Strong, powerful creatures that could take down a city within hours.

We were all blessed with incredible gifts. Flight. Fire. Hearing. Vision. The list goes on. However, there is always a catch.

Our rate of procreating is very low. It takes very special circumstances for a dragoness to become with child. And, it all starts with the Flame."


A sizzling, popping noise arouses me from my deep sleep. With my eyes still shut, I use my right hand to gently rub over my flushed face.

It must be my birthday. My entire body feels like it's on fire. I feel like I need to find someone who can throw a bucket of ice-cold water over me to put it out. The popping noise goes off again. It seems to be coming from... my stomach?

With a grimace, I slowly open my eyes. The room looks... hazy.

What's wrong with me? I know people said the Flaming was intense, but it's only been a few hours since my birthday started.... right?

I sit up on my bed, the sheets falling away from my mostly nude body, save for my dark purple satin bra and underwear. I get up off my bed to look around the room, trying to locate my phone. I turn my head and through my bed-tangled jet black hair, I notice there is sunlight streaming in through my window.

Uh oh, not good. I've been asleep much longer than I intended.

My bed is a solid queen size with a very comfortable down mattress. To my immediate left is my wooden bedside table where my phone is supposed to sit. I frown, trying to remember where I last saw it.

Around my room is a desk with an alarm clock that reads 7:57 AM, a 42" Ultra HD television, a few gaming consoles, my own personal built-in library bookshelf, and my closet, which surprisingly, doesn't have as many clothes as some people might think.

A sharp buzz with a muted jingle interrupts my thoughts. Looking down, I hear my phone buzzing in my bed, lost in the depths of my soft lavender bed sheets.

Hmmm, I must have fallen asleep reading those romance stories I always obsess about. I mean, what girl doesn't want to be whisked away in some fairytale adventure where the heroine meets her Prince Charming and, together, they save the day?

With a roll of my eyes knowing where my daydreams are headed, I swiftly rip the sheets off my bed, grab my phone and answer it, already knowing the caller based on the ringtone of the O-Zone's "Ma Ya Hi (Dragostea Din Tei)" song.

...I will paint my words of love, with your name on every wall! When you leave my colors fade to gray-

I quickly click the "answer" button, grimacing.

Why did he have to choose this song out of the billion out there as his ring tone? It's way too early for this kind of energy right now.

"What do you want?" I say in a rough, just-woken-up voice.

A moment of silence greets me. Then a barking laugh rings out over the receiver, causing me to jump and hold the offensive item away from my ear. I glare at it, hating being startled by loud noises.

"My, my beautiful. Clearly, someone's woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."

I grimace. He's not wrong...

"Shut it, Tahoi. I'm not-"

The slow, burning flame that was settled in my gut suddenly explodes, turning my entire body into a human torch from the inside out. Paralyzed, my body just sinks to the floor, my back against my bed. Sweat starts to pool on the back of my neck and covers rest of my body in a thin layer, causing me to shiver from the intense heat inside and the cool air hitting my skin in my bedroom.

"It's... starting..." I whimper, somehow still holding the phone up to my ear.

"Okay, beautiful! Just breathe through it. I'll be there in two minutes. Stay in your room."

The line disconnects.

In a blind, now painful haze, I somehow hoist myself up onto my bed and lay spread eagle on my back, hoping that the more open my body is, the quicker I'd cool off.

But I know I am just kidding myself.

There is only one way to make the pain stop.


That short, three-letter word is the key to surviving this nightmare.

Another wave of molten fire courses through my body, making me convulse.

In the far off distance, I hear my front door open and close.


"Ta... ho ... i..." I whisper his name like a plea.

Within seconds I hear his heavy thudding as he runs up the stairs, taking three at a time. He makes it to my room in record time.

"Hey, beautiful." he coos.

"Help... me..." I whimper.

Without pause, Tahoi's long strides bring him to the foot of my bed. He quickly strips off his shirt and pants, standing just in his boxers. I stare into molten golden orbs that slowly take in every detail of what's going on.

"It's going to be okay, babe. I'm here to take away your pain. Do you trust me?" he asks, gently.

All I can do is nod, the burning pain now reaching up to my throat.

Without another second of hesitation. Tahoi bends down and grabs my underwear. With a sharp tug, they slide down my legs and off my body, leaving me basically completely exposed.

I hear Tahoi take in a deep breath of appreciation and then pause.

A low hum reverberates around the room. At first, I'm not sure where it's coming from, but the noise calms my body down a little, the pain getting to a more tolerable level. I quickly realize it's an unintentional noise coming from Tahoi's throat. It's the sound of appreciation and anticipation from male who is ready to lie with a female.

I look up at Tahoi and I notice his pupils have turned into cat-like slits. His dragon now coming towards the surface.

My body reacts to the noise, warm moisture pooling between my legs.

I see his nostrils flare and Tahoi licks his lips in excited anticipation as he can scent my need.

However, as ever the perfect gentleman, before he begins, his gaze searches my own.

"Sex?" he whispers, barely controlling himself.

I look up at him. Our eyes meet. I know he wants me. I've known it for a long time.

I look down, guilt clouding my eyes, knowing this but not ready to hand over my virginity to a male who's not my mate, "No..." I barely whisper.

He gently takes my chin in his hand and lifts my face back up to him.

"It's okay, beautiful. There's no pressure. I'm strong enough to resist. You can go ahead and bite me." he whispers and gives me a gentle kiss on my lips as his body is positioned over me with his weight resting on his hands and knees.

I whimper as the contact ignites the fire inside me to a whole other level.

"A-are you sure?" I whisper against his lips.

The dragon-fire. It's a dangerous source of power that dragoness' are granted on their eighteenth birthday.

Slowly, Tahoi moves his hand down my side, past my thighs and sinks a finger inside me. My body writhes in pleasure and I close my eyes, absorbing the feeling.

He gently moves his finger in and out, but it's not enough.

I need... "More..." I gasp.

"Bite me, and I'll give you more..." he whispers, and I can hear the grin in his voice. He's greatly enjoying this and if I had the energy to wrestle that smug expression off his face, he'd be pinned in an instant!

I open my eyes, and for the first time, my vision is sharper and I can see a deeper range of colors than I ever have before. Its... breathtaking.

I look to my best friend's face and I can see the few beads of sweat gathering on Tahoi's forehead.

He meets my eyes and gasps, seeing my eyes fully transformed into that of my other half, my dragoness.

So, he's not as immune to this as I thought. It's affecting him, too-

While I'm in mid thought, he slowly sinks two digits inside me, causing me to lose my train of thought in the haze of pleasure that wraps my brain around those two fingers of his working his magic.

"Come on, beautiful. Bite me, and the real fun can begin." he whispers, gently alternating between nibbling, licking, and sucking on my neck.

I hiss out a throaty moan as his fingers continue their movement inside me, but are way too slow. I need more. It's by far not enough stimulation to make me finish, but it sure does feel good.

With Tahoi's neck so close, I open my mouth. Instantly, my teeth sharpen to needle-like points.

Instinct drives me to bite down, but a sliver of reason causes me to stop right before I make contact. "Not... your neck..." I pant out, barely holding myself back.

Tahoi stops his ministrations and pulls his body back. He smirks but offers his left wrist, his right still slowly moving inside me. Stroking me. Pulling sensations that I didn't even know were possible. And, this was with only two fingers.

I slowly run my tongue up and down the inside of his wrist, using my tongue to feel for his pulse. I take a deep breath and then...


I strike, hard and fast.

I hear him grunt in slight pain, but I'm too far gone to stop now.

With my fangs firmly embedded in his wrist, I blow my dragon-fire into his bloodstream. His left wrist starts to light up, showing me his veins and I see the light quickly flow up his arm and into his body.

His breathing soon becomes heavy, wanton pants. His eyes have dilated, proof that he also is starting to feel the natural pull. After a few seconds more, I release him and lick the wound in a sensual way.

I grin, feeling a slight relief from the heated pleasure I was feeling. I use my tongue to coat the wound, where it heals in seconds. The only proof of a bite are two pinprick black dots left, where my fangs made impact. That will fade in a day or so, once my dragon-fire has fully left his system.

Tahoi takes his left arm and pins me down. He uses his right to continue pumping into my body, now moving harder and faster.

I scream at the sudden movement, my pleasure levels skyrocketing.

But... I still need more.

"T-tahoi... please..." I whimper.

"Oh, babe. The fun has just begun." he says in a deep voice. My eyes open and I stare, mesmerized, into his own bright golden ones. The eyes of a male dragon, now in flames, because of me.

A/N: Thank you so much for reading the first chapter of The Dragoness' Flame! I certainly hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to leave a comment. I always love hearing feedback, both negative and positive!



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