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The Couch

Fourth part following The Backseat

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 7 months ago 11 min read

The group was able to keep their composure on the elevator ride up to Joel’s penthouse. Mostly because after they got into the elevator, an older couple that lived in the same building also stepped into the elevator cab with them. They didn’t want to show too much PDA in front of them, but both men did grab their dates ass underneath their dresses.

Even after the couple got off on the 40th floor, the only thing further they did was Joel moved his hand to the back of Connie’s dress and slowly began pulling the zipper down.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened as they arrived on the 50th floor, the penthouse. The doors opened right away into Joel’s massive apartment. It had an open concept layout, and you could see the kitchen, dining room and living room altogether. The walls were made up completely by floor to ceiling windows, showing off the lights of the city surrounding them.

Pulling free of their dates, the girls walked into the apartment, immediately entranced by the size of the space and designs of the modern decor.

Joel and Carson allowed the girls a moment to explore. Joel went to his kitchen and grabbed a bottle of vodka and tequila from his liquor cabinet, then went and sat on the couch with Carson who was sitting and watching the girls as they stared out the window, pointing out different landmarks.

After a few minutes, the girls turned around and walked towards Joel and Carson on the couch.

Holding hands and standing in front of the men, Connie asked in the most seductive voice she had, “truth or dare?”

“Dare,” both men said, at the same time.

“Get naked,” Madi ordered both of them.

Without hesitation, both men stood up and began undressing. Connie and Madi sat on the coffee table and watched, Connie opening the bottle of vodka and taking a swig of it, then handing it to Madi, who did the same.

Both Joel and Carson took off their shirts, undid their pants and at the same time, they pushed them down their legs along with their boxers and their hard cocks sprung free, right into the girls faces.

The girls didn’t waste any time. They both leaned forward and Connie took Joel’s cock into her mouth, Madi taking Carson’s.

“Oh God,” Joel cried out while Carson moaned loudly. The girls sucked hard and bobbed their heads back and forth. Connie took her lips off Joel’s length and took one of his balls into her mouth which caused another audible moan to come from him. She rolled his testicle around in her mouth while her hand stroked up and down his veiny member.

Madi’s lips were fully over Carson’s hard dick so she used her free hands to untie the tie of the wrap dress she had been wearing all night. She skillfully undid the knot then let the fabric on her shoulders fall down. Carson bit his lip and stared at Madi, now completely naked in front of him. Though he had seen her tits a few times already this evening, they were still just as lovely as the first time he had his mouth on it when they were back at the club.

With her lips still wrapped around Carson’s member, Madi looked over at Connie. Connie had her hand stroking Joel while her tongue made circles around his tip. Their eyes met for a moment and the two friends stared at each other while they each gave head to a different man.

Madi looked up at the boys then took her lips off of Carson’s dick for a moment to declare, “first one to cum gets to pick the next dare.” Then she put her mouth back around Carson’s length and continued to go to town fucking him with her mouth.

Wanting the next dare, Joel grabbed onto Connie’s head and held it in place, then began to face fuck her hard. Carson caught on and started to do the same to Madi.

“Fuck,” Joel groaned listening to the sound his dick was making going in and out of Connie’s mouth and feeling her lips wrapped tightly against his rod.

Both girls sat there, their heads begin held onto while their mouths were probed over and over again. With Madi now totally exposed, Connie’s hand found its way over between Madi’s legs and began playing with Madi’s pussy. Madi moaned as best she could with a massive cock in her mouth then she did the same, her hand venturing over to her friend to find her sex. Connie was still in her dress, but knowing her friend wanted to play, Connie spread her legs wide, granting Madi easy access to her folds.

The boys continued face fucking the girls hard as the girls touched each others wet pussy’s and after a few minutes, Joel exploded into Connie’s mouth. Carson was only a few seconds behind him, but still finished second.

Connie and Madi opened their mouths wide and stuck out their tongues as they were filled with cum. There was so much, it spilled out of their mouths, dripping down their chins to their necks and between their tits.

Carson and Joel fell to the couch behind them, drained. Joel had won a dare, but he needed a quick minute to recover before claiming it.The girls, however, who had only begun teasing each other, did not need a break.

Shallowing as much as she could, Madi climbed onto the table, and crawled towards Connie. Grabbing her friend's face, Madi pulled her towards herself and planted her lips onto Connie’s. Connie had also tried to shallow as much of Joel’s seed as she could before Madi came over to her, but she was unable to get it all down, so both men’s cum mixed together in their mouths and dripped down combined with their own salvia.

Madi decided it was time for Connie to stop being the only one wearing clothes. Pulling her closer, her hand went to Connie’s back and found the zipper to her dress. Though the dress was tight, the zipper slid down Connie’s back and opened easily. Once the zipper was down as much as it could go, Madi slipped the straps down Connie’s shoulders pulling the dress off her torso, then Connie wiggled it down her hips and off her legs, finally completely naked like the rest of the group.

Joel stared at her chest, though her breasts were smaller than Madi’s, she had something Madi didn’t have that made his cock almost instantly harden.

“You have pierced nipples?” he asked her, having trouble taking his eyes off the circular diamonds that went around her entire nipple. It wasn’t just a silver barbell that went through and had little balls on either end, or even a plain hoop. No, Connie loved her extravagant collection of full and half circle nipple rings with different diamonds or gems and had worn her favorite pair this evening.

“Do you like pierced nipples?” Connie asked him, suggestively, taking one of her own nipples in her fingers and pinching it.

“I fucking love pierced nipples,” Joel admitted. He had honestly wondered a few times if she did or not. Sometimes at work, he would notice her nipples sticking out under the shirt she was wearing. He thought at first though, that they were just hard due to the temperature of the office. But then sometimes, when he found himself really checking her out and staring, he noticed shapes surrounding her nipples when she wore tight shirts. But again, he just assumed it to be maybe the pattern of the bra she was wearing. He never thought in his wildest dreams that this girl he had been so attracted to also had one of his fetishes.

“You should hear how she screams when you pull on them while you’re fucking her,” Madi told Joel.

The thought of that made Joel bite his lip and sent a pulse through his cock which had him up and ready to claim his next dare.

“Connie, lay on the table,” he ordered. She obliged, laying flat on her back across the large coffee table. “I dare you to eat out Madi while I fuck you.”

“Easy,” Connie said and Madi happily straddled Connie’s face. She held herself up, just out of Connie’s reach while Joel took one of her legs, lifted it up and held it against his chest, then he lined himself up with her dripping pussy. He teased her, rubbing the tip of his cock between her pussy lips but not entering her. Following him, Madi would lower herself down to give Connie a taste of her cunt, but never allow her more than just a quick lick.

“Fuck!” Connie whined. “Just fucking fuck me, already!” Without missing another beat, Joel pushed himself into her, slamming every inch of his cock as far as it would go. At the same time, Madi lowered herself to Connie’s mouth and allowed her full access to her pussy. Connie cried into Madi’s snatch as Joel’s cock filled her up and Madi moaned as the movements of Connie’s mouth sent vibrations through her sex.

As Joel began thrusting himself in and out of Connie, Connie began pleasuring Madi, first just licking her then sucking on her clit and even nibbling on her. Madi moaned loudly as Connie’s lips and tongue sucked her and fucked her. Juices started flowing from Madi’s pussy and Connie ate it up, hungrily.

Carson watched from his seat on the couch, slowly stroking his cock and biting his lip as he enjoyed the show. As soon as his member was hard again, he got up and stood behind Madi. Wrapping his arms around her, he helped hold her up and balance her while she sat on Connie’s face. This gave Madi the stability she needed to really grind her pussy into Connie’s face, giving Connie every bit of her sex to have her way with.

Carson massaged Madi’s large tits for a minute, then started pinching and tugging on her nipples, making Madi moan even louder than she already was. As he played with her nipples, he bent his head down and kissed and sucked on her neck. Hickies had already started forming all along her neck from all the making out they had been doing this evening and Carson was happy to continue adding more.

Holding Connie’s leg up, Joel was able to push his entire length deep into Connie’s pussy. She was so tight against him and he could feel her sex contracting and sucking him into her with each thrust. “Fuck, fuck fuck!” Joel grunted with every thrust he made into Connie’s wet snatch. “So fucking tight.”

“I’m going to cum!” Madi cried out. Though she announced this to no one in particular, Carson took it as an invitation and picked her up, removing her pussy from Connie’s mouth and bent her over against the arm of the couch. Madi barely had time to realize what was happening or figure out what Carson was doing before he shoved his hard cock into her from behind.

Madi was already very close so it only took Carson thrusting himself deep into Madi seven times before she was screaming and cumming all over his rod.

Connie and Joel weren’t far behind. Without Madi on her face anymore, Connie moaned loudly as Joel continued fucking her hard and just before they both climaxed, Joel reached his hand forward and did what Madi had suggested earlier and pulled hard on Connie’s nipple piercing. Connie screamed as the pain from the ring pulling on her sensitive nipple mixed with the pleasure of getting fucked. As she came, her pussy contracted around Joel’s hard cock and he emptied himself inside her, cuming hard.

Joel stared down at Connie as he breathed in and out, coming down from his intense climax. Her face and mouth were covered in Madi’s wet juices and her hard nipples stood at attention to him thanks to the piercing. The one he had pulled on was a little red from the assault. His own cum was leaking out of her now and dripping down her leg. She was so fucking sexy. Never did he think when she started working for him would it lead to this. But, not only him fucking Connie, but getting to be apart of a hot foursome between the two of them, her best friend, who was equally as sexy, and his step-brother. He looked over to them. Carson had Madi bent over the arm of his couch. Her tits were hanging down and her red ass was on full display after all the spanking she had received.

Joel thought back over the entire evening. According to Madi, her and Carson had fucked in the VIP Booth, then he fucked Connie in the car on the way to the apartment, and now here, on the couch and coffee table, they had all fucked again. Knowing the night was nowhere over, Joel wondered where they would fuck next as well as who would be fucking who.

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  • Andy Pullano7 months ago

    Nice story, good entertainment.

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