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The Backseat

Third part following The Dance Floor

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 10 months ago 9 min read

Joel must have had a car waiting because he sent one text off and within three minutes, he was informing the group that the car was waiting for them outside. Madi and Connie held hands as they walked ahead of Joel and Carson, heading out of the club. Connie’s already super short dress had ridden up which gave the two men a tasty view of the bottom of her ass as they walked behind the girls.

Waiting outside was a driver standing in front of a beautiful black Mercedes GLB with tinted windows. The second the driver saw Joel and his party, he opened the back door and offered a hand to help the two girls into the back seat.

The car had three rows of seats, so Connie climbed into the very back, accidentally sticking her ass in Madi’s face along the way, which Madi took the opportunity to give a quick bite to. Madi sat in the middle row of seats where Carson joined her and Joel climbed in the back with Connie.

In the time it took the driver to shut the back door and run around to the driver’s seat, Connie had already started sucking on Joel’s neck and Madi had undone the belt around Carson’s pants and her hand was working its way into his boxers

“To the penthouse?” the driver asked.

“Yes please,” Joel shouted from the back, immediately turning his attention to Connie after answering.

They had barely pulled away from the curb before the couples were hard making out with one another again. Joel had his hand on Connie’s tit and squeezed it as their lips pressed into one another. Madi had her hand all the way in Carson’s boxers and was fondling his hard cock while he dove his tongue into her mouth.

Connie desperately wanted to be on top of Joel but her tight dress wouldn’t allow it. So, despite the fact that she still had no panties on, she hiked the dress up so it sat around her hips, completely exposing everything below the belt, and straddled Joel. Joel stared at her in amazement as she did this and was able to get a quick glimpse of her pussy before she sat herself on his lap and continued making out with him.

As they kissed, Joel felt the zipper on the back of Connie’s dress and was extremely tempted to undo it and finally see Connie’s tits that he had been craving all night long. But he didn’t want to remove the dress completely and have her struggle to get back into it when they arrived at the penthouse. He also wanted to see them in full display in the bright lighting of his home rather than the dimly lit back seat of his car. So, as much as it pained him, he ignored the zipper and continued to just make out with her while grinding his covered erection into her exposed pussy.

Madi was a whole different story though. She didn’t know for how long, but at some point during the hottest make out sessions she had ever experienced, one of her tits came out of her dress. She only noticed when she pulled away from Carson for a moment to breathe and saw the town car driver grinning into the rear view mirror. She looked down at herself to see her right boob on full display. She wasn’t even embarrassed. Just winked at him as she slowly put it back into her dress. Not that putting it away did much considering they were both out again within the next few minutes.

“Hey Joel,” Carson called into the back seat.

Joel pulled away from Connie for a moment to look towards Carson. “What?”

“In the club, I threatened to bend Madi over the bar and spank her for being such a slut and she thought that sounded hot,” he told his step-brother. “You think I should follow through?”

“Of course you should!” Joel encouraged.

“Well,” Carson said, looking towards Madi, “you heard the man. Get over my lap.”

“Wait?” Madi said, fixing her tits for the second time. “Right here?”

“Umm, yeah!” Connie exclaimed from the back seat. “You’re a slut and need to be treated so,” she joked.

Both Joel and Connie were leaning forward and watching as Madi laid across Carson’s lap. Carson pulled the bottom of her dress up, exposing her ass to everyone. At first, Carson rubbed his hand along it gently, even stopped for a quick tease on her pussy. Madi thought for a moment he was going to be tender with her, until, without warning, Carson lifted his hand and spanked her ass hard.

“AHH!” Madi moaned in pain and pleasure.

Connie was jumping up and down in the backseat, absolutely giddy. “Spank her again!” she cried. Carson complied and smacked Madi again. "Come on," she said, egging Carson on. "Harder! Put some muscle into it." The next time Carson's hand connected with Madi's ass, it was so hard, it caused her to jump up a bit and when his hand pulled away, there was a clear red hand print on her pale cheeks.

There was no way Carson could have known this, but Connie definitely knew, Madi had a hot fascination with forms of BDSM and loved the idea of getting spanked or tied up. So Connie shouting at Carson, encouraging him to continue and spank harder only made Madi love her best friend even more. Next time they were alone, she would fuck Connie with her strap-on (something she knew Connie loved) to say thank you.

Joel and Connie watched from the backseat, loving the show. Connie’s dress was still pulled up around her hips, so Joel took the opportunity to run his fingers through her wet folds as she bounced around, watching her friend get punished.

Between crying out for Carson to spank Madi again and again, Connie also began moaning in pleasure as Joel’s fingers rubbed her pussy, teased her clit and eventually, he stuck two fingers inside of her.

“Oh God!” Connie cried out as Joel’s fingers prodded her. He twisted his fingers inside her and used his thumb to press on her clit turning her moans into cries of pleasure.

Between watching Madi get her ass spanked over and over again and Joel finger fucking her, Connie didn’t notice when Joel used his free hand to undo the fly of his jeans and pull his extremely hard cock out. He skillfully maneuvered Connie without her being the wiser and lined up her wet snatch to his erection. Taking his fingers out of her, he took her waist in his hands and lowered her down onto him.

It only took Connie a second to realize Joel’s fingers had been replaced with something a lot longer and thicker as his cock inched itself inside her.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned loudly as he pulled her further down onto his lap and went deeper into her.

Joel pulled her down until all 10 inches of his length were completely inside her and then held her on top of him for a moment, allowing her to just enjoy the feeling of him inside her. He held her close to him and whispered in her ear, "I know you've wanted my cock for a long time, baby. How does it feel to finally have it inside you?" Connie could only moan out her answer. She was gripping onto the top of the seat in front of her so tight, Joel was almost worried her long nails might puncture holes into the leather.

After a moment of just sitting on his lap, his cock buried deep inside her, Connie began moving herself up and down, riding him. “Mmmm,” Joel moaned, feeling her wet pussy glide along his length. “Oh yeah, fuck me, beautiful.”

“Oh God,” Connie cried, “your so fucking huge. It feels so good.”

The commotion coming from the back seat caught Madi and Carson’s attention and Madi sat up off Carson’s lap to look at what was going on. The two of them looked back and grinned ear to ear as they saw Connie bouncing up and down on Joel’s cock.

“Yeah girl!” Madi exclaimed. “Ride him so hard! Milk him dry!” Madi cheered her friend on, knowing how badly Connie had been crushing on Joel for months and being so happy for her that she was finally getting her man.

Between spanking Madi until her ass was red and now watching Connie get fucked, Carson was happy Madi had already undone his pants and had them opened to take some pressure on his erection.

Having made Connie cum herself many times before, Madi could see in Connie’s face that she was super close as she rode Joel harder and faster. She grunted louder every time Joel’s cock filled her and Madi continued cheering her on and encouraging her. “Come on, hon,” she cheered, “you’re so close.”

As Connie climaxed, she threw her head back and moaned loudly. Joel pulled her down, holding his entire length inside her as he felt her contract around him and after a moment, he also came, shooting his load deep into her.

“Fuck!” he cried, as her tight pussy drained him.

Connie stayed on Joel’s lap as she slowly came down and once she felt Joel soften inside her, she pulled off him and leaned forward towards Madi and kissed her friend again. Madi kissed her back, holding onto her head.

When they pulled away after a moment, Connie whispered into Madi’s ear, “there, now we’ve both been fucked.”

“Oh,” Madi said, teasingly. “Is it a race, now?”

Connie grinned and shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe.”

“As long as I get to fuck you, too,” Madi whispered before plunging her tongue back into Connie mouth.

Connie still in the back seat and Madi in the middle, the two girls leaned over the back of the middle seat and made out, their tongues going in and out of each other's mouths and playing.

By now, Carson had pulled his erection out of his boxers and both him and Joel began stroking their own cocks as they watched the two girls make out with each other. Madi’s dress had fallen down and covered her red ass, but the tight fabric of Connie’s kept it around her waist where it had been for almost the entire drive. Joel stared at her ass and could see his cum dripping down her leg from where he had ejaculated inside her.

With their free hands, both men began touching their dates' pussy's, Carson going underneath Madi’s dress and Joel touching her naked snatch which was pretty much on display in front of him. The girls moaned into each other's mouths as they were touched, teased and fingered.

As the driver pulled over to the curb of Joel’s building, he looked in the rear view mirror and saw the two girls holding onto each other as they kissed. He couldn’t see all the way in the back to Joel, but he saw that Carson had his dick out and his hand up his date's dress and could figure what he was doing based on her cries.

He hated to be the bearer of bad news, but he cleared his throat, hoping to get someone's attention. Both men looked towards him, the girls did not. “We’ve arrived,” he informed the group.

Joel looked out the window and saw the front entrance to his apartment building. The ride had gone a lot faster than expected. He thought to himself, he should have told the driver to take the long way home, but then, also, he didn’t think things would go as far as they did in the car.

“Great,” Joel said to his driver. “Thank you.” This indicated to the driver for him to get out to go around and help them out of the car. He put the car into ‘park’ and got out.

Both Joel and Carson pulled their fingers out of the girls and Joel began to fix Connie’s dress, pulling it back down to cover her ass. When the girls noticed the lack of touching on their pussy’s, they stopped kissing and looked at their dates with a tiny bit of disappointment in their eyes.

“We’re at my place,” Joel told them.

The sadness on their faces melted away quickly as the back door opened up for them all. Carson was first to get out, holding out his hand to help Madi, followed by Joel then Connie. As they headed to the front door of the building, Joel shook his driver's hand, handing him a few 50 dollar bills in the process.

The large double doors were opened by a door man and the group walked inside, Carson linked with Madi and Joel linked with Connie.

“Mr. Pattison,” the doorman said, acknowledging Joel in a friendly voice.

Joel nodded and smiled towards him, then walked into the building, Carson leading the way to the elevator that would take them up to the penthouse.


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