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The Catholic Church The Worlds Largest Pedophilia Ring is Leading Protests in Africa Against Homosexuality Not Polygamy, Femicide or Rape

Catholic Priests are even still being arrested in African countries for having sex with children

By IwriteMywrongsPublished 5 months ago 6 min read
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Saturday, 8 July 2023

By: TB Obwoge

We're all supposed to be blind, deaf and dumb, to think that while priests all over the world were molesting children, they weren't touching one African child. Not one country or citizen in Africa has filed suit against the Catholic Church for abuses towards children.

Growing up in Kenya, Godffrey last name withheld, told me how he was an alter boy for many years in the church. He even went onto attempt to join the priesthood. He says laughing, that he left because he wanted to join university, though he thinks he was going to be kicked out. In seminary he said that he asked too many questions, something which annoyed those in leadership.

Godffrey grew up in poverty, as the 4th oldest in his family of 12 children. His father abandoned the family, to take on another wife, leaving them alone. Later he came to collect Godffrey, living his siblings with his mother.

One day, while naked from a shower, Godffrey pranced around my small one room flat in Nairobi West. He walked on his tip toes, asking how men could ever wear those high heels. He touched his rear end a lot, rubbing his naked but.

He continued, saying he'd been to a bar in the city, known to be frequented by homosexual men. He said he went there only to watch as he had a few drinks.

Godffrey spoke about how the "other boys" were often offered and took biscuits or as 1 Kenyan shilling to allow the priests to "do things" to them. I didn't though, I never took anything, I didn't...he stuttered but others did and they let them do "stuff" to them.

Authors Photo Godffrey and other boys as Alter boys

Weeks later his common law wife reported to me that when he was in university he let a mzungu (white) man give him money for doing things with him. She (Godffrey's wife) said he did it because he needed money while in university.

Godffrey always seemed as if he had a story he wanted to release but he thought about it and would change his mind. Stories of sexual rape and abuse. They were always stories that happened to others not to him.

From Facebook Post

Malawians are sticking by and heavily supporting a Christian missionary who was arrested in Ireland on charges of pedophilia. There was a post asking Malawians if they were ever sexually abused by brother Aidan Closhessy.

Aidan worked within a Malawian church between 1993 and 2012. He picked children with special needs or physical handicaps. Most of those that took to defending Aidan claimed he was nearly a saint. Without even reading the article to see the charges from those who filed charges against the man.

A Catholic priest in Moshi, Sostenes Soka who was being held by the police has been arraigned today, September 26, at the Resident Magistrate’s Court for allegedly raping and sexually assaulting 3 children.

The children are pupils whose identity has been protected are in Standard Six and Form One who were attending the teachings for the first communion and confirmation.

Source: The Citizen

This happened in September of 2022 in Tanzania.

By Brandon Morgan on Unsplash

Johannesburg - A German Catholic priest on trial for child abuse in South Africa could face extradition over 36 more counts of sexual offences against children in his country, The New Age reported on Tuesday.

Georg Kerkhoff appeared in the Brits Magistrate's Court on Monday in connection with the German offences, after Interpol arrested him at the same court last week.

Kerkoff's lawyer Graham Kerr-Phillips said his client's arrest on the German charges was "unnecessary and arbitrary", according to the report.

A German newspaper reported earlier that Kerkhoff allegedly shared beds, saunas, and showers with young men and boys.

Source: News24

South Africa, in 2023.

Catholic priest‚ 84‚ apologizes to Limpopo man who accused him of sexual assault. A South African man who accused a Catholic priest of sexual abuse has received the apology he has sought for 27 years. On Thursday‚ the now 84-year-old former Catholic priest issued an apology.

Source: TimesLive

From October 2018, for sexual abuses that happened in the 1980's, in South Africa.

Kenyan Catholic Priest Arrested for Sodomy

NAIROBI — A Kenyan police report says a Roman Catholic priest is in custody for allegedly sodomizing a man.

Police said Tuesday that villagers in Muranga County in central Kenya had been monitoring the priest whom they suspected of being gay and alerted local authorities when an 18-year-old man went into the priest's quarters Monday.

Police said they found the two in the priest's bedroom and after interrogation they admitted to sexual relations.

Homosexual relations are illegal in most African countries. Gays in many parts of Africa face severe harassment, physical threats and judicial punishment. Kenya has a law banning sodomy. Neighboring Uganda passed legislation that calls for life in prison for some gay acts, but the country's constitutional court ruled that the law was invalid, on procedural grounds.

Source: VOA

Homosexual relations are illegal in most African countries. Gays in many parts of Africa face severe harassment, physical threats and judicial punishment.

Because homosexuality is criminalized in most African countries, with renewed laws coming into the making in 2022 & 2023, African men and even some women are reluctant to report cases.

There is a long standing secret of African girls raped by priests, some of the fair skin (lighter skin) Africans are a direct result of either United Nations peace keepers, Asians impregnating and abandoning their children and Catholic priests having sex with children.

Not withstanding the fact that there are interracial Africans that are not the product of rape or defilement. But there are thousands that are, or the women were fooled into having sex, then abandoned when impregnated.

To this day the Catholic Church has paid out $3 billion in sexual assualt cases. Africans because of homosexuality, with an immense love for Christianity sexual abuse is ignored all over Africa. Especially when it's by the hands of a religious leader.

$3 billion

To date, Catholic dioceses in the U.S. have paid over $3 billion in compensation to sexual abuse victims. In many cases, a group of sexual abuse cases are consolidated, and then the church agrees to some global settlement.

Another source claims it's been $ 4 billion USD, these numbers however are as old as 2018.

The Catholic Church Has Paid Nearly $4 Billion Over Sexual Abuse Claims, Group says

Source: Newsweek

Thank you for reading, Please consider buying a coffee for Lacey's House efforts in Gender Equality & Children's Rights.

©️TB Obwoge 2023 All Rights Reserved

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