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By Bridget DykePublished 4 months ago 10 min read

The Cab Driver

Esther has been away at school, abroad—it’s been five years since she last set foot onto the soil of Nigeria. And this time, it was due to the fact her mom unceremoniously announced her engagement to some bloke as she’d call him.

Her mom has been alone for years ever since her Dad passed away when she was but 17, she was attached to her mom and still is, which would explain why she didn’t take the news quite well, even though she feigned resignation, she knew couldn’t keep the charade for long and thus, decided to meet this man that’s trying to steal her mom from her.

Esther was one at first glance you’d call a good girl, but then her sexual demeanor would always betray her… from her voluptuous form to a pretty face to cap it all up, she was known to turn heads… well, sexually of course once any roving eye caught sight of her goods.

But then, being all quiet doesn’t mean she’s all bark and no bite, but then her wild side is one she kept private and different from her everyday routine.

At the MMI airport arrivals, the driver was already waiting to take her bags and unload them into the green Chevrolet SUV trunk.

“Where’s my Mom?” she said inquisitively after taking a look inside the vehicle turned out to be empty.

“Oh, She said she wouldn’t make it as she had to get some items and meet the event planner for your welcoming party.”

“Hmph” she scoffed as she reached for her phone to call her mom, it was then she found herself staring… the driver; who seemed quite fit as he lift each bag which made him flex his biceps as he did.

Muscles looking all toned and sculptured looked like they were going to rip the sleeves off the shirt that fit him like a second skin.

“How did my mom get this…” her thoughts trailed off as he turned and locked eyes with her for a moment which caused her to blush and look away shyly.

“Luscious hunk of a man as a driver…” she continued as she stared at him again dreamily. Man, she has never felt like this in a long time as lustful thoughts now began to invade her mind.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure she has her reasons, but why don’t you go have fun? It’d take your mind off things, at least, you’d have sights to see.” he said, smiling at Esther who for some reason seemed distracted.

“Hello!! Hello?! Did you hear what I just said?” he repeatedly said as he snapped his finger in front of her face.

“Hmmm… what? Yes… sure.” she quickly said, rushing into the vehicle, and taking the backseat. She didn’t want him to notice he was the distraction and notice the trail of love juice that’s just slid down her thighs. She was thoroughly soaked, cause even her panties felt too wet on her.

The man exhaled in relief as he watched her rush into the car… he couldn’t help but control himself as not only was she the spitting image of her mother, she had the goods too, even bigger.

Her breasts, which hung like big watermelons sent sexual images to his head, and the sundress she wore didn’t help matters at all, and he could swear he saw something trickle down her legs… But then, it could probably be sweat. Looking at her as she stared at him just made him want to just kiss her passionately whilst he lifted her and thrusted her from below…

He had to stop because thoughts like this could get him in trouble, since his job was to take her wherever she wanted that day.

“A man can dream”, he thought as he went to the driver’s seat and started the engine.

He drove her to an eatery where they had a snack, it seemed awkward at first, but then as they began talking, she started to warm up to him.

Even hitting him playfully as he told a joke or two… next was the cinema where they saw a movie together, an action flick that was forgotten as they both slyly stared at each other; his eyes on her huge bosom, her eyes on his crotch that always spotted a little tent whenever they’re this close.

She could tell he wore something tight underneath that prevented his boner from being too obvious—which to her, meant he was packing and she wanted to have a taste. But then, she always noticed the man tried keeping a calm composure when they got close, which just increased her craving as she pondered his reasons for doing that.

She could feel her wild side trying to cut loose as she suddenly thought of a plan to get him to want her. Squirming slightly, she undid something which she passed to him, dropping it with a clenched fist in his palm as she seductively whispered;

“Meet me outside, there’s something I wanna show you.”

Taking slow steps, and turning back to catch his surprised face as he saw the gift and back at her as she winked at him, walking away out of the room.

He didn’t expect it, didn’t think it’d escalate this far as he had tried being composed around her that prevented the earlier awkward moment.

But then, this situation was clearly an invitation… because how else could he explain what a piece of black lounge panties was doing in his hands, which he swiftly stuffed into his pocket. He had to stop it, he had to be the responsible adult here to avoid any further incidents.

As he left, his mind kept painting a mental picture of said panties clinging to her ass, as he spanked and thrusted deep into her. These thoughts were already getting out of hand and were already straining his pants as his dick fought to break free from its confines.

It was getting late as she was supposed to be home by 8 pm for her party which would begin an hour later. The parking lot was dark, save for a few lights that flickered meters apart. The SUV was there, but she was nowhere in sight, now trying to search for her, he feels a grip that pulls him towards awaiting lips that locked with his.

It was sudden, it was… sweet as her tongue dove into his mouth exploring. For a while, this kiss lingered until he breaks free…

“No… we shouldn’t, we would get in trouble. Especially with your mom,” he said worriedly.

“I know… that’s what makes it more desirable… sides—I won’t tell her if you don’t,” she said, running her index finger down his muscle chest.

“Oh, God…no….” he said, stopping as she pulled him in for another dose of her enchanting kiss. His defenses were already gone as lust took the better of him. At first, he resisted a little, but his hands moving slowly like that of a possessed man, reached forth and grabbed her ass.

It was big, soft and jiggled from beneath the dress. He had to feel the real thing and slowly lifted up the dress to cup a feel of her exquisite backside.

Esther was glad, she had won, as she always does when she wanted something badly. His touch was fire and his tongue was to die for as she licked and sucked on it. Slowly she felt his hands lift her dress to grab her ass, spanking them slightly as well.

She wanted him badly, just as she knew he wanted her as well, as slowly pulled down a strap to free her right mounds of flesh with nipples that pointed at him longingly.

Seeing this beckoning to him, he quickly begins sucking; licking around the nipple before teasing it by flicking his tongue rapidly. He could tell she was loving it, as she moaned and didn’t need a further invitation to set the other breast free as he too gave it the same treatment, causing her to moan again.

But then, logic reared its ugly head in his mind as this was a public place and getting caught was a huge risk altogether. Swiftly, he reached for his fly, and was amazed when she beat him to it…

“You work fast,” he said looking at her lustfully.

“You have no idea,” she said as she pulled his pants down to reveal a huge cock pointed upwards at her. Seeing this, she smiled as she leaned on him to whisper the words…

“Fuck my brains out, big boy.”

Needing no other initiative, he lifts her, quickly, sliding easily into her wetness. They both moaned as her pussy tightened around his shaft like a vice—slowly, he begins to thrust, gradually picking up speed as he bucked relentlessly.

Esther couldn’t keep back the moans as he ploughed her ferociously, which quickly prompted him to kiss her, muffling her moans in his mouth. Her tightness made it all sweeter as he held her tight, legs wrapped around him as the clapping sound of flesh hitting each other echoed through the area.

His dick was in heaven as he kept going, her boobs bouncing crazily as she also urged him to suck on them, which he obliged.

He sucked, like a hungry baby, licking and teasing each breast as she moaned with ecstasy. She knew she was getting close as she started to cream all over his dick. Her heart pounded, her mind went black as she felt it going rapidly inside her…

“I’m almost there…” he said as he quickened his thrusts, which only seemed to drive her crazier.

“Oh, God… fill me up!! Fill me with sweet cum!!!” she said as her vaginal walls tightened around his dick, wanting to milk it dry for all its cum. “Oh!! God!! I’m cumming!!!” she said as her body convulsed.

She could feel it, the hot spunk of his dick shot inside her like a loaded gun. She was thoroughly satisfied as she held him, slowly trying to catch her breath.

Slowly, he reached for the door, still carrying her, before placing her down at the passenger side. This was great sex as he gave her a quick look before pulling up his pants and adjusting her dress.

Looking at his watch, he’s left astonished;

“Shit, 8:45 pm, I gotta get you home,” he said as he went round to get in the driver’s seat. Esther sat there smiling like a fool, as she watched him drive her home. This was not only a mind-blowing experience, it had also reset her senses. At intervals, she would reach out to grab his dick which he’d always rebuff her for, and even though she still wanted more, she doubt he would comply easily this time.

At least he was a gentleman that not only set her dress straight but took the time to clean her up and wear back her lingerie.

Getting home, there was a small crowd already there as the party was in full swing… It was 9:45 pm when they arrived at the Lekki phase 2 axis. Her mom, standing in the midst of some friends, excused herself as she went to meet her daughter with hugs.

“Heeey, my Baby!!! Welcome home” she said as she hugged and kissed both her cheeks.

“Yes… it’s good to be home,” she said, now excitedly as her mother dragged her inside. Looking back to get one last glance at the uber driver before she went in. She didn’t even ask his name or number, she thought.

“Mom, where did you find the driver?” she said coyly to get info out off her.

“Driver? Oh, you mean Frank? I guess you were having so much fun you barely asked him anything. Come, I’ll introduce you.” she said as she led her outside to the party.

Frank stood there talking to some people as they edged closer. Spying them, he comes to them, then smiles as he plants a kiss on her mother’s lips.

“Hi, sweetie. Hope you didn’t miss me too much?” He said as she caresses his chin.

Esther stood frozen at this development as her mom returned the affection.

“What?!” she said, shocked as she looked back and forth at both of them.

“Esther, meet Frank, the man I was telling you about. My fiancé…”

Esther felt her jaw drop as she stared on in shock…

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