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Late night coffee

By: Inkmouse

By V-Ink StoriesPublished 28 days ago 6 min read
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Syuri glanced at the clock on the wall, noting the late hour. She turned to Lucifer, engrossed in his paperwork, and said softly, "I'm going to make us some coffee."

Lucifer nodded absentmindedly, not even looking up from his work. With a small sigh, she left the room, her footsteps echoing faintly in the quiet hallway. She made her way to the kitchen, the weight of Lucifer's indifference pressing heavily on her heart.

As Syuri makes her way to the kitchen, she is lost in her thoughts about Lucifer. His indifference tonight stings a bit more than usual. She's been tirelessly assisting him with his paperwork, hoping for a moment of acknowledgment or appreciation. Instead, his nod without a glance feels like a cold dismissal.

Entering the kitchen, Syuri is greeted by the familiar, comforting presence of Beelzebub. The sight of him rummaging through the cupboards and fridge for a midnight snack is a welcome distraction. Beelzebub, ever the observant brother, notices the furrowed brow and the slight downturn of her lips.

"Syuri," he says, his voice deep but gentle, "What's got you so down?"

She sighs and shrugs, trying to brush off her emotions. "It's nothing, Beel. Just... Lucifer."

Beelzebub nods, understanding immediately. He's witnessed this scene before, knowing how his older brother can sometimes be oblivious to the feelings of those around him, especially when buried in work. Wanting to lift her spirits, Beelzebub steps closer, his towering frame casting a protective shadow over her.

"You deserve better than that," he says softly, his large hand coming to rest reassuringly on her shoulder. "Come here."

He pulls her into a warm embrace, his body heat providing a comfort she didn't realize she needed. She relaxes against him, allowing herself a moment of vulnerability. Beelzebub tilts her chin up, his eyes searching hers for permission before leaning in to kiss her. It's a gentle, reassuring kiss at first, growing more passionate as he feels her respond.

Beelzebub is mindful of their size difference. At 6'9", he towers over Syuri, and he makes sure to handle her with care. His hands caress her body, his touch both firm and tender as he explores the softness of her curves. He lifts her effortlessly onto the kitchen counter, giving him better access and making sure she's comfortable. She responded eagerly, her fingers tangling in his hair. Beelzebub's hands roamed over her body, his touch igniting a fire within her.

“Let me take care of you now,” He gently whispered, quickly sliding off her underwear and lifting one of your legs by hooking his hand under your knee. “Open your mouth,” He rasped. She did as told and he inserted two digits, his eyes glued to your mouth.

“Suck on them.”

She gazed into his eyes with desire and wrapped her mouth around his fingers and pressed her tongue flatly against his fingers and fervently sucked on them. His breath briefly hitched as he found himself not being able to look away. She twirled her tongue before slowly going down and deep-throating his fingers with ease.

Beelzebub suddenly took his fingers out of her mouth and pressed them against her dripping pussy. She gasps, grabbing a hold of his arm as he stimulates her clit without warning. “Mhmp!” She cries out, letting her head fall back enjoying his touch. “Yeah,” He moaned into your ear as he took out his large member and started stroking himself. She trembled underneath his touch as her breathing became ragged. “Feels good doesn't it, baby?” He cooed next to you. She attempted to grind her hips against his hand but he only pushed up her leg stopping her from doing so. “Yes, you do,” she whines as the position he puts you in exposes your clit to him.

“I’m so close,” She moaned with a quick breath, looking at him as she dug her nails into his forearm as he tirelessly stimulated her pussy. He licked his lips as he watched you underneath him writhing in pleasure from his fingers.

“You look so pretty right now,” He groaned as he felt his cock twitch. Her sounds of pleasure got louder as she was nearing her high, she squeezed her eyes shut feeling it surfacing like a wave in the sea. His name spilled out of her mouth countlessly as he made a mess of her. “Beel-” She was cut off as he stopped taking away his fingers. You unconsciously whined as your raised heartbeat began to die down and the feeling in your stomach slowly retracted within.

“Shh, I’ll make you feel even better now, Princess,” He reassured her as he grabbed her other leg, lifting it up while holding her in place with both of his hands holding the back of her thighs against her body. He shifted his hips to position his cock on top of her pussy. He slowly drew his hips back and forth, his length sliding on your swollen clit as his shaft got soaked in her juices.

"Please... don't tease me..." she moaned throwing her head back as her body trembled in pleasure.

He let out a deep growl from his chest as he listened to her and moved his hips back and quickly pushed his cock past her hot slick walls. She whimpered as he stretched her tight cunt out nicely. “Ohh... fuck,” He dragged out lowly as he felt her pussy envelop his cock. She moaned loudly as he began thrusting into her slowly, but aggressively.

She bit her lip feeling him stretch her out as he buries himself deep inside. "Oh... God..." She leaned back slightly allowing him to go deeper wanting to take him in completely. He rocked his hips in a forceful rhythm, slamming his hips against hers with every grunt. He was so deep inside her, almost in her guts. “Yes- yes-” she cried out, he made you feel good, so good.

He bit down on the side of her shoulder earning a loud cry from her lips. He harshly sucked on the skin leaving a noticeable hickey below her shirt collar. He lifts you off the counter as your legs instinctively wrap around his waist. His hands grip your ass and he repeatedly thrusts into her making her body bounce off him in sync with his movements. Her fingers dug into his shoulders from the waves of pleasure that coursed through her body. She cried and whimpered next to his ear as his tip began to hit her cervix repeatedly.

Her legs spasmed as her heartbeat quickened and her breathing became uneven. “Beel! I’m coming,” She cries as she digs her nails into his back and loses herself in the heat of the moment hitting her peak.

“That’s it,” He encouraged you, maintaining the same pace. You spasm around his cock as your legs quivered. For a moment you had felt him swell inside you and in an instant, he moved expeditiously, so rapidly it was borderline demonic and animalistic. This sudden change was too much for you, you screamed as your pussy was brutally being rammed into repeatedly.

He hits one final stroke before spilling his hot thick fluid inside her filling her completely. He continued to rock his hips with soft groans and grunts until he finished emptying his load into her.

He eventually slowly pulled his length out of her leaving her with an empty feeling as his thick seed spilled out of her and onto the kitchen floor."Feeling better?" he asked with a small, satisfied smile.

She nodded, a genuine smile playing on her lips. "Yes, much better. Thank you, Beel."

"Anytime," he replied, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. "You deserve to be happy."

With a final kiss, he helped her down from the counter and cleaned them both up. Together, they made the coffee she had originally come for. She walked back to Lucifer's office blushing with two coffee cups trying to act as if the previous events with Beel didn't happen.

As she handed Lucifer his cup she noticed his eyes lingering on her. "Is there something wrong?" She asked hesitantly. His eyes scanned her body up and down before looking back at his paperwork.

"No... nothing Syuri..."


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