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Erotic romance

By Bridget DykePublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Aphrodisiac 3

Stage three would see me lay my bare pussy into his hands…but what then? He might assume that being blind drunk, I had no idea what I was doing. He would remove his hands and stare out of the window until we reached home. I was banking on the other option, where no man can resist a moist hole.

He will take a leap of faith, and I will take another load of cum.

Ray pulled again at the hem of my dress, and I felt it give. At that moment, the car turned off the main road and onto the dark gravel street; there was a lurch as the front wheels found the first of many potholes, and I let my backside drop heavily onto his hands.

His palms gripped my ass cheeks, and his fingers pressed into the soft wet flesh of my pussy.

“You know what…” I slurred…”It’s good how it is.” And I settled back against his body, holding his arms in place.

The next few moments seemed to hang in the air for an eternity. Ray neither pulled away nor delved in deep. Unsure of what to do, he just sat motionless. I dared not move in case he took it as a protest against his invasion of my privates. Still, I was desperate. Softly, I rested my head back against his shoulder and let a quiet moan escape from the back of my throat.

For a moment, there was nothing; then, his fingers twitched slightly. Tentatively he began to edge the fingers of one hand deeper into my folds. I opened my legs invitingly and felt the first finger slip inside to the knuckle.

He withdrew his other hand and slid it back, over my ass, and up until it slipped inside my dress and cupped my breast. He continued to finger fuck me as I moaned in his ear and urged him to make me cum.

My juices flowed with renewed vigor until I could feel them wetting his hand and running down my thighs. Beneath me, I could feel his cock straining for release, and slipping my hand between us, I freed it from its constraints. It felt shorter than Basil’s as I slid my hand from tip to sack.

But as I lifted myself from his lap and positioned myself above him, his prick penetrated my hole, spreading the wet folds until it seemed they would stretch no further. Still, I lowered my eager pussy onto his cock, exhaling sharply as the thick shaft relentlessly forced its way inside.

Unlike the relatively smooth ride that I had enjoyed whilst fucking Basil, the gravel track was a rollercoaster by comparison. Jolted and Jarred, I found myself bouncing around on Ray’s cock as it repeatedly fell from my gaping hole before plunging back inside.

My pussy was on fire and burned with a feverish intensity, anticipating each thrust that drove into my molten hole. Energetic spasms tore through my body until it felt like the swollen head of his rampant prick was slamming right through me, attempting to drive its way into my stomach.

Suddenly the car lurched more violently than before. For a moment, I found myself up in the air before dropping back down onto the thick shaft that was impaling me over and over, this time sinking it so deep into my pussy that I groaned uncontrollably.

“Are you Ok in the back there?” Jones asked.

“Yes.” I replied quickly, grinding my pussy over the cock inside and feeling the upsurge of my impending orgasm, not so much welling inside as erupting, as pent-up pleasures of the past hour came flooding through me, in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. “Oh fuck yes!”

We were nearing the end of the gravel, just several hundred yards from the guy’s house. Ahead, street lamps shone like beacons, marking the main road. Between here and there, I seemed to remember the road becoming exceptionally rough, and within seconds I knew I was right.

Violently, the car reared and heaved – throwing everyone inside about like rag dolls. Beside me, Lanre and Basil groaned as their heads collided, and they came awake with a painful start. Bella bounced in her seat, and I heard her mumble something about a rough ride. She had no idea. In the back seat, with her husband’s cock filling my hole to bursting, I was having the roughest ride of my life – and loving it.

Orgasm after orgasm racked my body until every nerve quivered with surge after surge of electrical energy rushing through them. In the darkness, I could hear Basil mumbling to Lanre. I was certain they would hear my breathing, but at this point, I couldn’t care less.

Deep inside my pussy, I could feel Ray’s cock swelling well beyond its limits, and as the lurching motion drove his shaft relentlessly into the soaking hole between my legs, his hands tore inside my dress and groped my breasts, kneading the flesh roughly.

I reached down and gripped his knees with my hands, grinding harder onto his pulsating shaft. A moment later, I felt his engorged head explode inside me, the warm spurt of his cum filling my hole. HiAgain, I felt my climax nearing, and I threw back my head and thrust my ass cheeks down as hard as they would go until every inch of him pounded into me.

“Oh fuck…” I groaned shamelessly as the flood of ecstasy swept through me.

A minute later, we pulled off the gravel street onto the main road and into the parking lot of Basil and Lanre flat. As Jones switched off the ignition and swiveled to look into the back seat, I noticed that he wasn’t the only glance to turn in my direction.

Four pairs of eyes were silently making what they could of the scene before them. Ray’s cock had already slipped from my now gaping hole, and I had quietly zipped it back into his trousers. But sitting there before them, barely able to control my heavy breathing, dress scattered, and face no doubt sweaty from the best fucking of my life…what could I say?

“So…how about that drink?” I smiled

The End

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