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Crazy Erotic Memories

By Bridget DykePublished 6 months ago 8 min read


The muscles in my hole contracted involuntarily as I felt a wave of pleasure course through me, but the tightened passage only made me yearn for penetration more feverishly. I sat down heavily on the remaining few inches and this time a gasp escaped as his full length drove inside me.

To my left, Ray turned to look at me.

“Alright?” He asked softly. I just smiled, and he went back to looking out of the window.

Full to bursting with Basil’s cock planted firmly in my pussy, I continued to lean forward, allowing the motion of the car to rock me back and forth on his hard shaft. Occasionally I would adjust my position and use the ruse to allow me to ride up on his cock and then sink back down, renewing the sensation of a stiff prick filling me to my very depths.

The sensations of pleasure that had ebbed around my clitoris now shuddered through my body as my climax approached. A few more adjustments to feel his cock gliding through my hole and gratification would be mine. I closed my eyes, savoring the experience.

I would never have imagined that fucking my husband’s friend before his very eyes would have turned me on so much, yet here I was, impaled to the hilt, Basil’s sack pressed against my bare ass cheeks, and my cunt juices flowing over them like a tide because I wanted him to make me cum so bad.

Behind me, Basil groaned. In an instant, my eyes were wide open, and I threw a furtive glance behind me. It was all I needed for him to wake up.

Briefly, I was relieved as his head lolled sideways onto Lanre’s head, which still rested on his shoulder. But then, I felt his cock swell inside me and the pulsations which followed told me that he was filling my hole full of his cum.

At the same time, I glanced over at Ray. He had turned from the window and was looking at me. At that moment, I experienced a myriad of sensations.

On the one hand, the car’s motion continued to jog Basil’s now engorged prick into my desperate pussy, and yet even as the crescendo neared, I felt his erection lessen and wane. Within a few seconds, his limp member would slip from my sodden lips and lie uselessly under my ass.

Then there was Ray. I wondered how long he had been looking for. Had he noticed anything whilst I was sitting with my eyes closed, reveling in the pleasure of a hard cock teasing me to orgasm? Or had he seen the overwhelming look of ecstasy that crossed my face fleetingly before the disappointed realization that I wouldn’t get to cum. I smiled at him again.

This time, hesitantly, he smiled back and then turned for the second time back to the window. He hadn’t noticed anything after all.

Leaning forward casually, I slipped Basil’s flaccid cock back into his trousers and zipped up his trousers. I’m not sure why; perhaps it was the aftermath of my unfulfilled desire, but as I clasped Basil’s button back into place, I glanced across the car, allowing my gaze to fall on Eze’s crotch.

I couldn’t be sure, it was dark, and he has twisted slightly away from me, but it seemed that he had a bulge in his trousers, and that could only mean one thing…maybe he hadn’t seen anything, but he might well have suspected something. And if he did, it aroused him.

I looked out of the window ahead. We were on Ogunlana Drive, a dark stretch of road about twenty miles from home. Parallel to Ogunlana Drive ran a main road with a twenty-four-hour petrol station. The only adjoining road was a narrow little lane, and the most direct route from there to home was a fifteen-mile stretch of bumpy street.

I considered my position. We were a half hour from home. When we got home, my husband and his friends would most likely smoke pot whilst I sat burning with desire for a good fucking that would certainly not come that night.

My pussy was dripping another man’s cum, but it still ached for an orgasm of its own.Ray didn’t appear to have seen what had taken place. However, he may have suspected – and that may have turned him on. There were far too many ‘maybes’ for my liking, but I had to know.

A plan had already formed in my mind, and all that was required now was to put it into action.

“Honey, would you mind stopping at the petrol station on the way?” I smiled sweetly at Jones as he looked back at me in the rearview mirror.

“It’s hardly on the way babe.”

“I know, but since we are heading over to the guys, I would like some smokes…besides, you can head home over the waste ground track. It’ll take the same time.”

A few hundred yards ahead, Jones turned onto the lane. And shortly after that, we pulled into the petrol station.

I jumped out of the car and headed into the shop, bought some cigarettes and then made a brief visit to the ladies’ room. After cleaning as much of Basil’s cum out as possible, I removed my bra, slipped out of my panties and dropped both into the sanitary unit.

Stage one is complete.

Heading back to the car, I opened the door on Ray’s side and, without waiting for an invitation, squeezed in onto his lap, closing the door behind me. As Jones pulled out of the garage, I asked him to turn up the music a little louder and then leaned back against Ray,

“Hope you don’t mind me coming over this side, its just Basil snores in my ear.” Then I wriggled back until my ass was settled firmly over his cock.

“Er…no, it’s fine,” he mumbled, glancing briefly at the back of his wife’s head before turning his head back to the window.

Stage two is complete.

Beneath my ass, I could feel the outline of Ray’s cock pressing the material of my dress into the crack of my now-naked cheeks. I could swear I had felt him grow a little when I settled onto his lap, but before I could progress, I needed something more substantial.

I reached across the car to the opposite side where I had left my bottle of wine, pressing my bum harder into his crotch as I did so. When I settled back, I twisted slightly, placing one arm around his shoulders so that my braless breasts were inches from his face, and offered him the bottle.

He took a small drink and offered the bottle back…nervously, it seemed.

I took a deep drink, tipping my head back so that I couldn’t see him. I pushed my chest out so that my tits, pressed hard against the fabric of my dress, would have no choice but to bulge out of the top. I could feel his eyes on them. Beneath me, I felt his cock pulse slightly.

Seventy per cent certain, I wanted just one more indication that I could safely proceed to fucking him.

“I need to get these damn shoes off,” I muttered, bending forward whilst surreptitiously slipping the back of my dress up so that my hairless pussy, naked in all its glory, now pressed directly down onto his crotch.

I removed my shoes and then, sitting back upright, I lifted myself from his lap and made a show of attempting to pull my dress back down, repeatedly brushing his cock through his trousers as I did so.

“Damn it.” I slurred, plopping down firmly in his lap and taking another deep swig of wine. “Damn dress is snagged now.” And I wriggled back and forth, grinding my pussy against his readily hardening cock as though to emphasize the point.

“Er…You want me to try?” He asked.

“Ok.” I hiccupped and lifted my ass from his groin, shifting so that my weight pinned the dress to his thigh.

I waited, ass raised invitingly into the air until his fingers clasped the hem, which lay directly beneath my moist pussy, and he attempted to pull it free.

A few moments later, I knew we would turn onto the road, which would lead us home. It was already dark, but once the main road was behind us, it would be pitch black. It was now or never.

If I had been excited before, I was beyond myself now. Here I was, pussy open and dripping – desperate to be fucked like never before, and the man in question was not my husband, but my next-door neighbour.

His wife sat in the front seat, with my husband, both blissfully unaware that Ray was about to be confronted with the dilemma of his life.

I knew from the bulge beneath me that Ray was aroused, but how far would he take it? I had taken it this far, and in the next few moments would take it as far as I could without appearing anything other than drunk.

Ray, however, would be far from certain that I was offering him my pussy on a plate.


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As a passionate writer of fiction and general articles, I invite you to embark on an extraordinary literary journey with me. With immersive stories and thought-provoking articles that will captivate your mind and touch your soul.

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  • Silent Scarlett6 months ago

    You go boss babe! I'm seeing you produce stories at an exciting rate!!!

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