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Talking with the Stars: September Reign

A Fun Conversation with an Adult Film Sensation

By Winners OnlyPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
September Reign

Our vault of interviews in "Talking with the Stars" once again takes us back to the early part of 2018 at the AVN Expo in Las Vegas. September Reign's bubbly spirit is drawing a lot of attention.

The slim-figured California girl is dancing her heart out and fans are eating it up. She kindly took a minute from her supporters to grant me an interview. What I found was a fun woman who is in love with who she is, and has intelligence that matches her sex appeal.

One fun note: This was before the boob job that she got last year, so we decided to use a post-boob job photo because we know she'd like it that way.

Winners Only: We know you're busy and everybody loves you, so we're gonna ask you these questions real quick. What was the first job you ever had?

September Reign: (Laughs.)

You didn't expect that.

The first job I ever had was this Mediterranean food place. No, actually the first job I had was as a sign holder. Yeah, I was a sign holder. Outside dancing around.

For the tax place?

No, actually for a motorcycle gear company. I used to ride.

What's your favorite cartoon?

Power Puff Girls.

What's your favorite book?

52 Thoughts.

Not 52 THOTS, but 52 Thoughts?

52 Thoughts, okay. And it's a very profound book. One of the best books.

I was just having fun with you. I'm gonna check it out.

Please do.

What's your favorite video game?

Mortal Kombat.

The first one?

The first one.

Yo, I was the first person in my neighborhood to finish that game. They were jealous of me.What's your favorite fruit?


Booty or breasts?

(Turns around and shows her backside.)

Do you sleep in pajamas or nude?


The place you would like to get nude most.

I like to be nude everywhere is the problem, and I probably have gotten nude everywhere, whether it was legal or not. I don't give a shit. My favorite place probably being nude I guess is in my home. It's so weird. I like looking at myself. I think I'm hot.

What's your favorite part to show off?

You're making me do it again. (Turns around and shows her backside again.)

Favorite toy as a kid?

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots and tether ball.

If you like Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, you got a little G in you.

(Shrugs shoulders.)

Calm or crazy?

Fantastically crazy.

Sex with the ex or no?

If the ex was a girl, no. If the ex was a guy, yes.

Favorite holiday?


What's a hidden talent that no one knows about?

It's not really known, but I'm really flexible.

Where are you from originally?

Sacramento, California.

What does sexual power mean to you?

Sexual power is knowing who you are. Knowing what you like and knowing how to show that in a way that looks fucking fantastic. That truly is sexual power. When you can tap into who you are aesthetically and work with what you've been given, or what you've given yourself and master that. When it not only feels good, but it looks good, that's when you've tapped into it.

If you weren't making movies, how would you express yourself sexually?

Body language is a language that's been around forever and it won't go anywhere. Body language is very clear and it has nothing to do with sex, or intimacy or vice versa or altogether. Your energy, your aura, your spirit gives off a vibe. If that vibe goes with someone else then it vibes. If it doesn't then it does not. So if you wanna show that, again it goes back to sexual power. You have to have sexual power to show sexual expression.

I've heard of "November Rain," but why the name September Reign?

September because that's the month I was born and I show my birthday suit, and Reign because I reign. I am queen.


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