Shaven Havens Part Two

A Close Shave

Shaven Havens Part Two

I came home after a long day at work, wondering what I should write about. Before writing I needed a shower, my girlfriend said she would join me in the shower, but only if I undressed her first. As I pulled down her trousers and knickers, I saw that she had shaved her pussy again. So, here’s part two of shaven havens, as we both are freshly shaved. I shaved fully yesterday for the second time. In fact, I am getting used to being shaved and think might stay that way for the foreseeable future. My partner is non-committal on whether I should stay shaved or not as happy either way.

The whole shaved area is quite sensitive since the shaves but doesn’t irritate, much to my girlfriend’s annoyance as her area irritates as soon as it starts growing. She knows she must suffer the growing till the hairs get longer or keep shaving. She’s shaving at the moment and hopes that keeps being her solution to the itch, all sex is better done while shaven in my opinion. Oral sex with bare flesh is great, masturbation and full sex is great as well with skin on skin. Though if we have sex after a small amount of growth there is almost a Velcro effect between us.

We tend to wash each other in the shower, so an accidental finger slipping in her pussy mid wash is quite easy. As she will read this after I post it I would like to repeat the word accidental. With me, the area that’s shaved is sensitive so the wash is a great sensation. I also will use after shave balm for both of us for when we do get irritation. I don’t expect it was meant for the area we use it on but it seems to work quite well.

We have started doing more intimate pictures of each other, these are extra close up and detailed without hair. I have pictures of her from many angles, she has some of me once shaved as well. We have talked more about doing outdoor intimate shots but not till it’s a bit sunnier. I can’t wait to expand our photo collection of each other. I am sure the pictures will still be great whichever way they are done and how much covering there is for either of us. Also, we hope to do more pictures in the bedroom, maybe including some action shots next time we have sex.

I would be happy if this was just a short phase and she decided to let all grow back or to go for short back and sides. I love her and all we do together so just give my opinion on hair. In fact, she has asked my opinion on cutting her waist length hair, I gave my opinion but again it’s up to her on hair length. We always try and give each other our opinions on what the other one does, then let the person decide and support them either way. We support each other even when we don’t fully agree, the odd “I told you so” might creep in from time to time though.

If you watch any porn then nearly all people involved are shaved, this isn’t the reason we did it but it can’t hurt to look similar. I just need to try and maintain the performance of the average porn star. We know it’s usually faked but it doesn’t hurt to dream a bit. It can seem a bit drastic to fully shave, but I think it’s been good for both of us. I feel quite comfortable after doing it though once the weather gets hotter it might get a bit sweaty. I will have to review growth then if does become uncomfortable.

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