Sexual Overload

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Sexual Overload
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I am a woman of the world sexually, (at least I like to think I am) I have been with several men (and a couple of woman) and because of this I feel that every experience has taught me something new, not only about myself, but how to please others as well. There have been times where I felt that because of how many partners I have had I was looked down upon, but then I thought who would really know, who really cares? No one. While some of my experiences have been mundane, even boring, there have been some worth mentioning. This is one of them…

I’ve never been known as a “squirter” and for those who don’t know what that is, it is; “when a girl literally shoots out her vaginal fluid from her vagina as she climaxes; when a girl shoots cum from her pussy” (urban dictionary) Now that we all are up to speed, it hasn’t been until recently that I have learned that I am a squirter. My first ever time, not going to lie, I was scared as I didn’t know what was going on, thought I had peed, but the guy was very sweet and told me what I had done. I told him that had never happened to me before (boy was he pleased with himself). It was not like a river though; it was not that much as I will later learn.

I must confess that I have had maybe five men in my life that have really made me cum and feel good. All the others, I would like to think I made them feel good and that made me feel good, but they really did not make me “feel” good.

I have been out of a relationship for over four years, and with the advantage of online dating, I figured it would not take long to find someone else right? Wrong, men on these dating sites want one thing, (at least with me) and that is you guessed it…sex. You really must weed through these men even to find one that you want to have sex with. As I have gotten older, I have found myself and what I need from sex and if a man can do what I like, I just say NO. Which leads me to my latest encounter and what I must say has been the best so far.

I personally like chocolate men (I am white). So, swiping left mostly I came upon this gorgeous (to me) chocolate dream man. He is bearded (love, love, love) is muscular, tall (I am 6’ so this is a big deal) and just dreamy. A picture says a thousand words. We get to chatting and have discussed ground rules etc., then plan on a meet up. He works and lives about three hours away, so just for him to make that trip shows me a lot. He comes to my place, because let us be real, it is only for sex. We make small talk at first, watch some television, drink a little and then the sparks fly. I have never had a man take so much attention to detail with me. He started things on the outside of my clothes to get things heated, then proceeds to undress me while kissing my body all over, (I should say that I am not a small figured gal). I love to be eaten out and this man knew what he was doing, oh my lord he knew how to use his tongue. After he made me cum that way, he slowly entered me. Before I continue, I should note that size does not really matter as he was not hung or even really thick, but he knows how to use what he has, not to small but not gigantic either. So, as he began to move within me, I could feel it, that sensation you get when you know your about to cum, but this time it was slightly different, when I say the water’s flowed…the waters flowed and they continued to flow with every stroke. I soaked the bed and have never done this before. He is also the only man who could keep this up for hours at a time. He made me feel like he was making ‘love’ to me and not just having sex. He held on tight to me while he stroked. I’m trying to ‘run away’ (as the men would say) because I did not know I could all of this, also my body was not built for this, I do not exercise on a regular basis and felt weak. He laughed at me for trying to get some air in my lungs to get my body not to hurt so much. This was a workout. I had to tell him that when he kept his dick in and did not let me squirt it out it started to hurt, so he finally pulled out and OMG waterfall. Let us just say that this man, if he so chooses, will be in my life forever.

Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson
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