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Sex Positions You Need to Try If He Orgasms too Fast

by Lizzie Boudoir 3 years ago in sexual wellness

It feels so good you want it to last forever, and then the volcano erupts! Disappointing indeed. Fortunately, there are sex positions you need to try if he orgasms too fast.

Every couple wishes for orgasmic nirvana, reaching climax together! Unfortunately, the reality is that, that hardly ever happens. In fact, the best you can usually wish for is that he lasts long enough for you to have at least one orgasm. If it’s your first time having sex together, he might be overly excited and it could be over shortly after it starts; but if it continues like that for more than a few dates, you both need some help. Here are the sex positions you need to try if he orgasms too fast.

Oral Sex for Her

If you don’t want him to beat you to the punch with his premature ejaculation, having him go down on you first can do the trick. Have him do it until you are close, and then have penetrative sex. This way, you can experience a moment of orgasmic delight before he ejaculates. By having oral sex first, it shortens the amount of time it might take for him to get you to climax during sex. Think of it as a win-win. Pretty much every person loves receiving oral sex, and you get to have an orgasm before he is finished. Over time, he might last longer, but try some of the best oral sex positions in the beginning of a relationship to get a good rhythm going.

Oral Sex for Him

By Phazed

Another way to extend the length of intercourse is to go down on him first and bring him to climax. It will take him longer to be ready to go again, but when he is, he will last a lot longer. Meanwhile, you get lots of foreplay and attention on you until he ready for intercourse. At first, it might be a good idea at this point to try the missionary position. You can use your thighs to control the level of penetration, thereby slowing down his orgasm. Try to go hands free as well, because the more you stimulate him the quicker he will climax. If he does orgasm too fast, just remember that not every person will experience orgasm every time they have sex. Just wait until next time!

Pre-Sex Hand Job

A hand job is another way to extend the length of intercourse. Just like oral sex, if you can get him to climax before penetrative sex, he will last a lot longer during sex. There’s not much to a hand job, and pretty much every person can learn to give a good handy. Listen to his cues as you stroke him. He may like a lighter touch or a tighter squeeze, or he may like it at varying speeds. As you read his body language, you can get into a good rhythm so as to get him off rather quickly. If you experience a moment where your arm begins to ache, switch hands, and remember to use lots of lube.

Leg Press

If you don’t get him to climax before sex, the leg press sex position is a great way to prevent premature ejaculation. This is a variation of the missionary position in which you bend and lift your legs, having him lay on the bottoms of your feet as he enters you. You can then control the level of penetration and the speed, giving you handsfree control. As you feel him getting close, slow it down and push him out so that just the head is inside. Hold him like that until he calms down and is in more control. Open communication is key. Every person will experience a better sexual experience when the other person is being listened to and having their needs met.

Kneeling Doggie Style

Doggie style is a universal favorite, and pretty much every person loves it. This variation makes the level of penetration more shallow than the standard doggie style position, which helps control his premature ejaculation. Start out on all fours, then walk your hands forward until your chest and head are flat on the bed. Then have him get on his knees behind you, and sit down on his feet. Once in this position, you are ready for penetrative sex. Have him enter you from behind, and have him go handsfree so you can control the speed. Try as he might, he will not be able to go too deep, which will extend the length of intercourse. In this position, every person will experience a much more fulfilling sexual experience.

Against the Wall

By Phazed

Standing sex positions are a great way to prevent him from having an orgasm too fast. Stand against a wall and have him bend his knees, entering you as he lifts your leg up over one arm. During sex in this position, he can’t go too deep. Once you get into a good rhythm you can control how fast, slow, deep, or shallow he goes. Pretty much every person finds standing sex to be strenuous, which is another factor that will make him last longer.

Get a Leg Up

Like many standing sex positions, this type of penetrative sex extends the length of time he can last. Instead of having your leg drape over his arm, lift your leg all the way up, resting your leg on his shoulder. This only works if you’re flexible enough; but if you are, it’s a great way to prevent premature ejaculation. By standing against a wall with your leg in this position, you will give him better access to penetrative sex, but you will control the level of penetration. This is a very satisfying position, with longer lasting intercourse. And don’t forget to throw in some oral sex before you start. This will get you primed and ready to climax before him.

Standing Up

We’ve seen this move in many movies. It’s like the missionary position, only standing, as he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his waist. He has to use his strength to hold you up and lift you up and down in a good rhythm during sex. This alone will slow down his orgasm, but if you experience a moment where he might be climaxing before you both want, slow things down or take a break. Every person will experience some type of fatigue if sex goes on too long, so when he does climax, it may be welcome, as long as you did first.


Maybe snakes got it right when it comes to sex. The sidewinder position is a revision of the missionary position which will give you control over the level of penetration and extend the length of intercourse. While laying on your back, bend one of your legs while keeping the other straight. As he climbs on top and gets between your legs, you can set a good rhythm by moving your bent leg faster or slower as he leans on it. If you experience a moment during sex where you feel him getting too close, you can prevent premature ejaculation by slowing down or stopping altogether until he regains his composure. This is a great position, and an easy one to perform for everyone.


By Phazed

When using the cowgirl position for penetrative sex, it’s girl on top, putting you in control. Pretty much every person loves the face to face connection and eye contact while pleasuring him handsfree. Unlike standing sex positions, it is not strenuous for the guy, but the fact that she controls the depth and speed, makes it easy for her to prevent any sudden ejaculation. If that doesn't work, try telling him the thoughts you have while in the cowgirl position—it might distract him long enough for you to cum.

Revised Missionary Position

The missionary position is a tried and true position that is like the starter kit for anyone having penetrative sex for the first time. Younger guys are prone to premature ejaculation, which is why using this position can help extend the length of intercourse. While he is on top and may think he controls the level of penetration, the woman can wrap her legs around him and set a good rhythm listening to his cues. Pretty much every person who has tried this position likes it, and most every person will experience satisfaction if both parties learn to read each other’s bodies. Unlike standing sex positions, this position is one of the easier ones because it allows both parties to experience a moment of ecstasy while they are laying down. Definitely a highly-rated sex position for lazy couples.

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