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Same Time Next Year

Long Awaited Next Story Of Azalea And Jacob

By LiciaPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Taken My Yours Truly

Christmas Morning feels like it just came and went. It was like the magic was gone. As hard as it was we separated for the day to spend time with our loved ones. Me with my mom, dad, married siblings, nieces and nephews and Jacob with his fiancé and her family. I tried not to be sick to my stomach but knowing he was with her creating memories was a lot to handle. I was just settling in my chair to watch all my married brothers and sisters join my parents in singing around the piano. I always sit back, drink in hand, smiling never really wishing for what they have until well not until tonight. I hated Jacob for what he did to me. Yes, from time to time I allowed myself to think about what would happen if I see him more than 2 weeks out of the year. But I just thought about maybe a summer vacation or a fall excursion. Now I’m thinking about long term; marriage… I never wanted to get married before. Now I’m wondering what if things were different. I threw my coat on and stepped out onto the porch. As I’m standing there shivering a bit, I look down at my phone there was a missed call from Jacob. I wanted to call him back but for the first time I was jealous at the possibilities of what he might doing and didn’t . It was the first time in 7 years that I didn’t end the night with Jacob. I went to bed alone.
The week went by, and I didn’t call Jacob and he didn’t call me. I had lunch with our mutual friend a couple times to pass the days away. I would always clear the days away to make room for our love making. New Years Eve and I’m curled up watching tv. I was waiting for the fireworks at the end of the count down. I had the perfect view from my loft window. Right at the steamy part of the movie, my phone dinged. It was a text from Jacob asking me to meet me at his studio. I felt relieved to hear from him, but so conflicted and a text that read ‘come outside’ instead. I was convinced he would break tradition and not call me but as usual the night was ours.
I threw on my strapless fuzzy soft pink dress (I bought it to wear for New Years),some diamonds and stilettos. I did my make up and hair. I sprayed myself down from head to toe on vanilla. I grabbed my purse, keys and coat and turned off the lights. I walked down the nervous for the 1st time since we met. I was going to meet with an engaged man. I opened the door to my building and Jacob was standing there, waiting. But instead of an Azalea he held a single white rose. Jacob smiled and kissed my cheek. I missed him. He grabbed my hand and opened the car door for me. We never said a word.
I noticed we weren’t headed to his place, because no doubt his new fiancé had taking residence there. I typically don't like to ask questions I don’t want the answers too, so I stayed quiet. To my surprise we ended up at a swanky downtown hotel. There’s a rooftop event for new years. How could he possibly know I’d be dress for this. That I did asked, and his only reply was “you’re always so beautiful. I had no doubts”. I melted. I hated him for knowing me so well.
He gave our things to the concierge to take to his suite, with specific instructions to have champagne and an assortment of delectable waiting for us. We got on the elevator and headed for the rooftop.
With 20mins to spare till midnight, Jacob arranged for us to have the best view. Cut off from the rest of party, we danced slowly. My body to his feeling his erection with almost every movement. Being closed off Jacob got this look on his face. I knew he wanted me under the stars. I was so wet and knew I couldn’t resist. He lifted my dress, pulled my panties to the side and stuck his fingers inside me. The force nearly took my breathe away.. Kissing my lips, he wouldn't stop until I came. He put his fingers in mouth so I can taste what I had done. He sat down on the sofa and unzipped himself. He was fully erected and motioned for me to sit on top. Again, my breath was swept away with his thrust and to make matter worse or better.. he grabbed my throat and forced me to look into his eyes. With his free hands he directed my hips and watched me with amusement as I came all over him. He wouldn't let me stop.. I begged to be released but that just made him want me more. He whispered, “cum one more time baby and I'll let you go…” I had no ch0ice but to obey… 10,9,8…. 3,2,1 He let go inside me. I didn’t care…Happy New Year Jacob.


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