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The Gift That Keeps Giving Part 2... Enjoy...

By LiciaPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 5 min read
Taking By Yours Truly

My head nestled on his chest near his heart, we lay in silence as he held on to me tight. All the while staring up at the skylight; it had started to snow again. I couldn’t place why this time felt so different. It was wonderful. Usually, it’s just mind-blowing sex we were after. And unlike any of other time before, Jacob released inside of me and even more he revealed he love me. These things could not be ignored. What was a girl to do? I loved him. This evening forced me to face the facts, I was head over heels in love with this man… WHAT WAS A GIRL SUPPOSED TO DO?

My body tenses up and he undoubtedly notices because he kissed my forehead and then tilted my head up to kiss my lips. Without addressing the huge elephant in the room, he slides me over to grab a blanket and his phone off the couch. We were still naked on the floor, and now very hungry; over an hour had gone by. As promised Jacob begins ordering my favorite meal from Le Flav, which included a dessert and wine. He’s acting as though he doesn’t want to waste a second of spending alone time with me. Not even to go out to have dinner as we usually do. For extra good measure he planned to order groceries in the morning. I remind him that when morning comes it will be Christmas day, which means we usually part ways (for a little while). Seemingly disappointed, he agreed.

I lay quietly a little more, listening to crackling of flames, working up the courage to ask him what’s changed. Do I really want to know? I don’t think the answer will be anything I want to hear. But I asked him anyways, and I was right. I didn’t not like the response. Jacob is engaged to be married to his childhood sweetheart Elizabeth. He’s mentioned her from time to time. I’m not a jealous person but I would change the conversation after a while. They rekindled their “love” shortly after New Year’s and he felt this was his shot at a family. I was shocked. I’ve known this man for 10 years, been intimate for 7 and he has always stood firm in not wanting to get married let alone having a family. I told him so, and he began to apologize profusely. He just assumed those were things I would never want and bringing it back up was something he didn’t consider. The revelations don’t stop there. Still naked, he comes back to me on the floor, the fire still blazing on. In this moment I realized I really did love this man, and it wasn’t until the thought of losing him did the truth grab hold of me and wouldn’t let go.

Jacob grabs my face and wipes a small tear from my eye, kisses my nose and smiles. He knew. He knew I loved him. So how could he do this to us? “Azalea, you’re one of the most beautiful women I have ever met” he whispers. I feel guilty because I knows he means it but what about his fiancé? … Jacob could see the hurt in my face. Love quickly became anger. We have a good thing, and he was ruining it by choosing her over me. How long has he felt this way? Why did it take another woman for him to make this kind of commitment? I honestly don’t want the answers to why her and why now. My doorbell camera ringing brings us out of our silent trance. The food had arrived. Throwing his clothes on quickly, he went to get our meal and chit chat with the person who brought it.

Chocolate covered strawberries, my favorite. It was the little things like this that made me secretly fall for him over the years. I kept it to myself because I just KNEW he never wanted to hear it. While Jacob was downstairs, I threw my robe back on and pulled out the wine glasses in the kitchen. I went straight for the strawberries when he came back up. When nervous, I go for sweets. As I’m biting into the strawberry, Jacob joins me. I giggle a bit and push him away. No way you get to make me love you, hate you, all in 30mins and get a piece of my chocolate strawberry. Jacob smiles, gets the whipped cream container out the bag and walks back towards me. He gestures to me as if asking permission to proceed and I smile.

He fills his mouth with whipped cream and gives me a strawberry to bite into; he kisses the hell outta me. It was the sweetest kiss I’ve ever had. Mid passionate kiss he lifts me up on the island. Whipped cream still in hand he opens my robe for the second time tonight, squirts the topping on my nipples, in between my thighs, and on the tips of my fingers. Starting at my fingertips he begins to nibble. Once he’s finished there, he starts at my breast grabbing my throat so he can not only hear but feel the moans I make. However, no moan can rival the one I make when he starts at my thighs. It seems we won’t ever get to the dinner because we’re too busy enjoying one another. His tongue rough and long, my second favorite thing on his body, licks me up/down, round and round, in and out. Holding unto my hips, I cum all over his face. I can barely stand it, but he keeps going and I keep cumming. I started to cry because I never wanted it to end. He finishes his “meal” and without ever taking his pants off he starts fucking me like there was no tomorrow for us. Perhaps there wasn’t, but not to enjoy this ride would be a crime. He's thrusting hard inside me; kissing all over my bare body. He says, “Cum for daddy baby,” and I do what he says. Why is he ruining a good thing? I started to cry again. Only this time he notices; he tells me not to cry, he’ll always be mine. Liar. At least for the moment he was telling the truth. He warns me he’s about to release all over my stomach, but I find myself begging to be filled up. This sends him over the edge and as hard as he could… he lets go. “I love you” … We are in trouble….


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