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Principles, or how my friend Anastasia fucked me.

From "The Sexual Adventures of Amelia"

By Amelia PalmerPublished 3 months ago 8 min read

Winter. On cold snowy evenings, probably, every girl wants to be near the person she loves, in his arms, drowning in his kisses. That winter I was just such a 23-year-old, red-haired, naive girl with the second size of breasts. However, I wasn't so lucky. There was no favorite person by my side on those frosty evenings, nor on the previous 120 evenings. The company surrounding me was made up only of my classmates and friends, especially my best friend Anastasia, with whom I could make a crazy drunken party, go to a club, as well as visit the theater or discuss the philosophy of Nietzsche. In general, I was fine with her, but only as a friend. I never allowed the thought of close contact with a girl; in this respect I am principled. I could not even for a second imagine sex with the use of an artificial penis, for me it seemed disgusting. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I didn't have to imagine it...

It all started at a guy's birthday party in the country. I was invited there by Anastasia, and I didn't want to, and I couldn't refuse. This party was a great opportunity to start a new relationship. And so, in principle, it turned out, but my expectations were completely different.

After a long drink and a lot of molestations from guys I didn't like, I was sitting on the couch alone with my third or fourth glass of wine in my hand.

Anastasia came up to me and asked me about my progress, which I wasn't really making. To my complaints, she threw out a few lesbian jokes about how I should have found a girl and had some real fun. Of course, I reacted negatively to these jokes, although after three or four glasses of wine, I reacted with more irony than denial. She called me to the second floor of the house in a cozy room. I didn't understand what she wanted, but I didn't think much of it. When we got up and entered the room, Anastasia put me on the bed and sat next to me. She put her arm around me and told me that she would find me a worthy candidate and bring him here. However, at that moment my heart had already found a better candidate, or rather a candidate...

I looked at her and noticed how beautiful she was. I liked everything about her: the smell of her perfume, her long blond hair, her beautiful taut body and her large breasts covered with a snow-white dress with a wide neckline. At that moment I wanted what I had always despised and considered unacceptable, I wanted a girl. Apparently the alcohol was playing heavily in my head. I asked Anastasia to be quiet and hugged her. With one hand I started stroking her beautiful knee, with the other I tried to take out the lace that blocked the delightful view of her cleavage. She sat still and silent, enjoying what I was doing. Pulling the lace out, I started stroking her breasts. Then I kissed her neck and then touched her lips. We sat there and kissed. I pulled her down and kissed her more passionately, tongues going into action. Anastasia didn't stay too passive either; her hands walked on my dress and then went straight to my panties. I pulled away from her lips, a moan escaping me. Anastasia continued to masturbate me and kissed my neck. She was giving me what I wanted.

But I was suddenly jerked awake. I was horrified at what was happening, abruptly pulled Anastasia's hand away from my crotch and jumped up from the bed. I lowered my dress and Anastasia, smiling, tried to calm me down and bring me back to bed. I instantly objected and said we shouldn't do that. I left the room and went back to the first floor with the rest of the guys, Anastasia and I never spoke again that night, but that was not the end of our "relationship".


When I got home, I thought about what had happened for a long time, I couldn't sleep, I panicked. Principles were always important to me, and I myself had violated one of the intimate ones, it scared me even more than the fact of sex with my friend.

With Anastasia I did not talk and did not correspond the whole next day, I tried at first to forget what had happened, but soon I realized that hush-hush would not change anything and I had to discuss this issue with her and close it forever. We agreed to meet at her place tomorrow afternoon, it suited me fine and I began to think over my words and actions, not to be too rude, but to get the desired result.

Tomorrow came. It was a very frosty winter day and I put on a white sweater, jeans and a warm bard jacket. It was going to be a very important day and I was determined. I went to Anastasia's place even before the appointed time, which was surprising because even for exams I was late.

When I arrived, I rang the doorbell. From behind the door, I heard Anastasia's voice, she shouted that the door was unlocked and I could enter. Entering the apartment, I took off my jacket and sneakers and went to the sound of my friend's voice. She was in the bedroom waiting for me. The sight of her startled and pleased me at the same time. She was sitting with one leg tucked under her in just panties and a pink tank top. Her athletic body looked very seductive in those clothes. I was numb as I didn't expect to see her like that. She looked at me with a hungry look and smiling; she stood up and walked towards me.

She hugged me like she had the other night, but much tighter. I didn't know what to say and tried to pull away, but I couldn't. Anastasia pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. I was very scared, but I couldn't scream. She started unbuttoning my jeans. After undoing the button and fly, she started pulling down my jeans, but I tried to resist and prevented her from doing so. Anastasia instantly went to my face and kissed me passionately on the lips. Trying to push her away from me, I let her take hold of my jeans again and she pulled them off of me. I was left in my sweater and red panties. She complimented my legs and started kissing them.

I kept trying to get her off me, but her fitness routine was taking its toll. Anastasia held me tight. She pulled me further onto the bed and flipped me onto my stomach, then started spanking my ass, punishing me for resisting. I started begging her to let me go, but she only smiled and continued to spank me. After a short spanking, Anastasia, despite my pleas, pulled down my panties and put me on my knees, lifting my ass up and pressing my body against the bed. I couldn't even imagine what she wanted to do to me. I was terrified of the position alone, for I was still in my sweater, but with my bare ass.

Anastasia took off her panties, and pinning me to the bed with one hand, with the other she opened the bedside table and took something out of there. She took her hand off my back and I was able to turn around and see Anastasia putting on a huge rubber strapon. I was terrified and tried to jump off the bed, but at the very edge Anastasia grabbed me and brought me back to my previous position. I started to scream but she was not scared, Anastasia put two fingers in my mouth and moved them all over my mouth for a long time. When she pulled her fingers out her ran them along my anus. I tearfully begged her not to do that, but she just kept smiling. After the warm wet fingers, I felt a cold, slippery rubber cock entering my asshole. The searing pain from the first few minutes gradually faded away and I could only feel the fast pace at which my best friend was fucking me.

After about ten minutes of violence, Anastasia took off her pink top exposing her beautiful breasts. She slowed down the pace and was now fucking me slower. I stopped resisting and just tolerated it. Anastasia got under my sweater and stroked my back, going up to my bra strap. She quickly undid it and continued stroking my back. Later Anastasia's hands moved down to my breasts, finally freeing them from the bra. Her warm hands gently caressed my breasts. I began to moan. Hearing my moans, Anastasia quickened the pace again and began to pound me even harder than before. At my moans, she took off my sweater and threw it on the floor. We were finally naked.

For about twenty or thirty minutes Anastasia still had my ass. After that she pulled the strapon out of me and removed it. Turning me back on my back, she put her lips on my breasts and licked my nipples.

Toward the end, Anastasia crawled up to my face and sat on top of me, affectionately asking me to please her. I no longer had any strength and desire to resist her, and I started licking her clit and kissing her labia. While I was giving Anastasia cunnilingus, she started to masturbate me like she did that night. We cum at the same time. She lay down next to me, and breathing heavily, thanked me. I didn't answer; I just stared at the ceiling, realizing that I had paid a high price for my broken principles.

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