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My sweet friend's new toy.

From "The Sexual Adventures of Amelia"

By Amelia PalmerPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Hi! My name is Amelia and I love sexual variety, I love fisting and toys, female caress and male hardness. And I want to tell a story that happened to me a couple weeks ago.

We sat in the evening with my favorite friend, drinking wine, as always shared secrets and impressions of their adventures. Slightly relaxed and knowing about my love for big sizes, she began to brag that she bought a new toy - titanmen ass servant, to train with it to prepare for a deep dive into the world of exciting sensations... Of course I was curious to take a look. Opening the drawer, she pulled it out...

And then I lit up, a smooth, black glossy plug, about 10 cm in diameter, and about 20 high from expansion. About the size of a two-liter Coke bottle. But so soft and tantalizing.

I felt everything inside me getting heavier; a fire between my legs, my sponges getting poured and soon my dress would stop hiding my desire with a big wet spot.

There was nothing left but to ask her to try it out with me first. She put on leather underwear, gloves, put the plug on a chair and brought lubricant. I almost ran out of the bathroom, eager to feel the tip of this monster begin to spread me.

Full of confidence in my skill, I began to sit on it. But no such luck... It went in just past the halfway point and that's it... It's either a little tight or just her size. But I know I can do it. And then my friend sat on her knees in front of me and started caressing me with her tongue, and a little more lube on the toy with her fingers, and suddenly I felt how one of her fingers began to move on the toy into me, simultaneously lubricating the toy. She sharply pulled it out, and I moaned from how open my ass was and from the tongue on my pussy, fell a couple of centimeters lower... We pushed a chair to the bed and tied my hands to the shelf, above my head, and tied two ribbons to my legs and threw them over the backs of the bed.

The fire of passion flashed in my friend's eyes. And then my beloved began to pull the ribbons with force, and my legs began to come off the floor. I completely hung my ass on the cork, like on a torture pole. My ass opened up with all my might as I pressed the toy with all my weight. And the moans were replaced by screams of passion. I started pushing, screaming and trying to move the giant stake with my buttocks, I was rocking and falling deeper and deeper. At that moment, my ass touched the chair, and the wide part of the cork disappeared inside with a squelch. It seemed to me that I couldn't breathe and my eyes began to darken, and inside I felt that there was a huge hot barrel inside me, and my ass was about to burst in half up to my navel....

But my beloved decided not to lose the moment, holding the ribbons in her hands she started to play with my pussy with her tongue. I remember that from my pussy poured like from an overturned bucket, I remember that inside everything squeezed as never before, and that my whole body stopped listening to me in a convulsive orgasm. I jumped off the plug, started jumping on the spot to somehow relieve the feeling that the hole in my ass is now more like a volcano crater and realized that it hurts me without the plug inside, grabbed from the bedside table a rubber cock, which seemed before to be of impressive size, shoved in one movement into myself, fell on my stomach on the bed and passed out...

I woke up the next morning in a completely wet bed, with tapes on my arms and legs and a huge rubber dildo in my sore ass, and only tried to get up, but realized that desire was taking over again, I pumped the toy inside a few times and through the slight pain I felt as if I was ready to cum again. After pulling everything out of me I felt everything inside with my fingers and after playing a little I cum quietly. After taking a shower, I put on my lace thong and leaning in front of the mirror I saw how their strip was sinking between the rings of my hole. After getting dressed and kissing my sweetie, I went to work, where, burning with desire, I squeezed and opened my ass for a long time until no one sees.

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