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To Fuck Outside of Our Relationship!


Not too long ago, I worked with a woman who confided in me a very personal part of her life. She and I became friendly because not only did we live in the same neighborhood, she also got wind of my writing ability; she purchased and read my erotic mystery novel You Just Don't Know! as well as my romance novelThat One Voice! After reading these two, our conversations became way more interesting. One day in particular, she revealed that even though she'd been married for over fifteen years and loved her husband very much, they made a mutual decision to fuck other people... to be more specific... her husband was allowing her to fuck other men because he could no longer get it up. She didn't directly tell me what was wrong with her husband but she made it clear to me that it was a permanent problem and for her, staying faithful and using toys was not going to keep her legs closed.

In her words: "I love dick and I need to get fucked on a regular basis. I cannot go without it and I let him know that if he wants to keep me, he's going to have to let me pick up a fuck! Simple as that, I made it clear to him that he had no choice in this."

After hearing this, my first thought was "wow." Part of me loved and cheered the thought of a woman taking full control of her sexual relationship, like on some YOU GO GIRL shit. Another part of me was like... "Is that what he's willing to do to keep you?" Is that really his way of showing how much he loved her and wanted to do anything to make her happy? Even to the point of allowing her to step out of the relationship and not feel any jealousy over what she was doing with whoever? Wow. My crazy and vivid imagination tried to picture it without actually asking any her any questions about it.

I wanted her to just spill it.

I wanted it to... cum... natural.

She walked up to me during a lunch break and shared a Facebook profile picture of a rather handsome black man. She told me his name, that he introduced him to her husband, and that she planned to have dinner with him after work. After dinner, their plans were to head to her house where she and her husband lived, mind you.... Apparently the house had a basement apartment where she and her date would be spending the whole night in.

Her words: "He's going to fuck the shit out of me and I cannot wait!"

My mind immediately pictured it: Her husband upstairs, watching porn, wishing his dick could rise and pretending that his wife wasn't right downstairs getting deep chocolate strokes from someone she just met. I mean, if you're okay with it then it shouldn't be a problem. Maybe the house is old and sounds travel so you can hear the strokes, the moans, and creaks from the bed. Maybe you go down to the basement apartment and watch... to see for himself what he can no longer do to his wife... which is make her cum. Maybe watching another man fuck the shit out of his wife, knowing she is happy, makes him happy.

Part of me was like "YOU ARE TRULY THE BADDEST BITCH." Part of me wondered how long he would allow this to happen.

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